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    I would love to know what nonsense you're talking...

    I would love to know what nonsense you're talking about and please let me know what was wrong and how is it a bad idea then just busting out that this is a plain nonsense idea, any thoughts of how...
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    Introducing new Growtopia currency "Grow-Ticket" You get a Grow-Ticket by buying It on the store for 1,000 gems per Grow-Ticket
    Grow-Ticket information: "wow you have a...
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    Weapon Wednesday
    - I introduce you to new weapons obtained by different Villains

    1. Jimmy snow- weapon: FreezaRay (shoots icicles)

    2. Generic thug #17- clothing: Dangerous belt

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    I think winter fest should be more like the kids...

    I think winter fest should be more like the kids friendly festive spirit type of event, frosty doesn't necessarily have to relate to winter fest, that's like making me think no other update can have...
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    Paw week: Frosty Festival

    I have came up with a one day event which I wish would appear on this year's "Player Appreciation Week" on this day there will be new frosty items of course, I have thought for frosty items because...
  6. Tunic of mystery glitch in a certain world

    I have found a glitch that I don't think is really important or game breaking but I think I should just post about it. So recently I was hanging out in the world known as "seeds" I was punching...
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    Growtopian profile idea

    Look... All Growtopians have certain items, players are so questionative if that's even a word. Back to my idea, yeah there is items players have such as I do and I get players from every where I go...
  8. Idk if this was added before, or in this new update

    I'm so happy they added this, Growtopia screen is now flippable, it use to be so difficult for my charger since Growtopia never flipped but now IT DOES and I'm so grateful ubisoft fixed this
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    Glitch on logging on?

    Okay so this has been going for a month, I had no problem with it, thinking it's just a glitch and they'll fix it soon but it's been a month and it has already gotten on my nerves it takes me at...
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    Please release IOTM preview tomorrow

    I'm always hyped to see what's the new IOTM is, I hope they can release a teaser tomorrow :crazy:
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    Idea for use of the Onyx Block

    I really love the monochromatic colors to lava/dirt/cave background why not make other blocks monochromatic colors like bricks, wallpapers, maybe even clothes. We now can make that happen with the...
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    The perfect crabs?

    Are there such things as perfect crabs? And if there is are they trainable, I've never seen a perfect crab, does anyone know the recipe to a perfect crab? I have used a Secret of Growtopia, and it is...
  13. I really find this stupid of something for you to...

    I really find this stupid of something for you to do, 1. Anyone could have recreated the pixel art of the heart into more pixels like 8bit app same with the birds you have no evidence of where you...
  14. Frost items like Phoenix suggestion

    Okay I'm not sure you understood the title but I want the devs to make Frost items, similar to Phoenix for Winter fest the reason I want this to be a thing is because there's a lot of fire items and...
  15. Idea if the zombie pandemic is updated later on (PvE)

    I can't wait for an update for the zombie pandemic and I have an idea on how if it ever gets updated can attract more players to participate in it, some of us like the wolf world right It can be...
  16. Opinion about January-February IOTM + March IOTM question

    Okay so the recent Jan-Feb IOTM have been not so good, I really don't like the thing they're doing with different colors and people manipulate the most cooler color rises and is expensive while the...
  17. Alright thanks for sharing I'll work on it next...

    Alright thanks for sharing I'll work on it next time :wave:
  18. This honestly gets me so mad that you just write...

    This honestly gets me so mad that you just write and don't read anything what pictures is there to show I'm suggesting and asking what people think the next Phoenix item will be
  19. So you're just going to forget the thing I said...

    So you're just going to forget the thing I said about the vending machine because that really is a glitch..

    - - - Updated - - -

    Look at the vending machine my dude the both replies I got on...
  20. The next Phoenix item for (Summer fest)

    What do you guys think the next Phoenix item will be? I have a few ideas
    1. Phoenix spirit
    2. Phoenix blaster (New gun)
    3. Phoenix pendant (giant flying Phoenix bird)
    4. Phoenix cape
    5. Phoenix...
  21. Glitch with startopia gun and shield and the laser color

    I have found something weird I know it isn't serious, well at least I think it isn't but I thought it must have been a glitch, when you put a startopia gun and shield in the vending machine It...
  22. Glitch with Rollback block V

    When I rendered my world it didn't show the rollback blocks placed or it didn't show them dropped just an empty space, here's a pic
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    Question about subscription sponsor

    Will it be available next month because I was ready for it this month but it never happened and I don't want to waste my world locks for no reason
  24. Please revive pandemic zombie apocalypse with an update (items that should be added)

    I really like the zombie pandemic update, it's fun and I think the devs should add more to it. Sort of like Balloon-Warz. Each zombie kill count adds boundaries of points next to your name, and once...
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    Antarctic ice fish back spikes

    I just love fish and the special items you get once training them it just makes it unique and I love it, I have made an edit once again because first of all why not.. Back to the title subject, I...
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