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    The best one I got so far...

    I got 2 White Crystallike last week , literally best drop I ever have so far.:crazy:
  2. I think next time I’ll screenshot the world name before I leave my magplant ;c

    Problem solved I think...

    - - - Updated - - -

    It’s like finding something under the ocean. Hopefully you found your stuff that been lost In one of those 600 worlds :sweatdrop:
  3. Oh I think I know now.

    Have you check inside trash mail, some of the mail might end up there.
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    What’s mbun stand for anyway?
  5. Never get bored of it

    Oh really , I never get bored at all in Minecraft. It’s like you need a main point if you want to play it, like defeating ender dragon , whatever. And I agreed on the point that people are playing...
  6. Maybe check your information?

    Maybe you put the wrong emails or wrong letters in it.:scratch:
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    Thank you!

    Very useful thanks for the information!
  8. I would said I could get worst

    I also can manage to lost a growscan and I used to freak out where did I put my magplats, I thought I got scammed but I found it early at my old farm world full of peppers :sweatdrop:

    - - -...
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    How do i get profit from opening BFG?

    So i have my magplant and farmable ready for the business, but i'm not sure how to start.

    I would love to see your comments so please, comment and let me know :)
  10. Growtopia VR

    i hope that will never be a thing. :rolleyes:
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    Ouch, that's really hurt

    Sorry to hear your father said that. i'm sure he didn't meant to said that c;
  12. I think that also used to happen to me?

    I used to have one of the farm world full of flats , then i woke up another day and the plat i place was gone. either its a glitch or a rollback??? i have no idea untill this day :confused:
  13. Well good to hear that!

    i guess it wasn't so bad after all.:cool:
  14. Ok.

    Not when you actually need it tho.

    i'll be like "wait i thought i have it, where did i put it" (also happen in real life) :panic:
  15. Phew feels good for you

    Can you imagine your ring of wind is gone and never be found again?
    Agh could gone wrong :crazy:

    - - - Updated - - -

    It’s gone like gone I can’t find it as well :nope:
  16. Em sorry to hear that

    Hopefully she cameback?:sweatdrop:

    - - - Updated - - -

    At that point I’ll probably quit honestly
  17. Sorry to hear that.

    Isn’t it so weird that we have no idea where it went
  18. Have you ever lost something and you don’t even remember where it went?

    I used to own one of my Cloud rabbit, one of my favorite pet that my bf gave it to me.
    Then i didn’t log in growtopia about a weeks (cause from exam and school).
    I came back like month ago. Then I...
  19. wow that’s sucks

    Yeah I also have another chand farm and still growing :c

    - - - Updated - - -

    I haven’t made anything so far
  20. That is a lot of Balance mooncake!

    Work hard pay off! Surely you can profit a lot this year!:hat:
  21. Yeah I know right

    Yeah i agree that. There’s not much of the items this year.

    Wish sucks honestly :/

    - - - Updated - - -

    Very well then! Good luck next year.:hat:
  22. Good for you

    Good to hear that:hat:
  23. Hey, at least you doing better than me!

    80% probably mean it's not ruined by a glitch right?
  24. Thread: RAYMAN?

    by DreamInside

    Well it's really hard to tell...

    Rayman Fist is very unstable.

    Last time it went from 18 to 21.

    still i have no idea what the actually price is, cause from the seller, they just say whatever price they wanted to.

    but if you...
  25. Epic indeed.

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