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    Birth certificate.

    A very useful item called a 'Birth Certificate' that can be bought for 11-13 world locks which is currency in the game if you didn't know, in BUYBIRTH.
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    ok. ...

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    This idea will be really great for Growtopia and I feel like it would make the game way better to see what's going on in your guild. There should be a certain role that allows people to check the...
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    Mac Updates:

    Add the 'Scroll' feature to MacOS too. Window users have the option to use the scroller on a mouse to move the GUI up and down.

    Would be greatly appreciated if macOS users can get the same...
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    :) It wasn't really ideal to put it anywhere else...

    :) It wasn't really ideal to put it anywhere else so I just put it here so other players that are here to rant about it can see this..
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    Pull him

    Just pull him to another room and see if he still does the same thing, even for a couple of seconds, he will notice that you've noticed him being suspicious so then he will turn off his 'Auto...
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    Disappointed.. Here's why.

    These last couple of days in PAW have been a bit disappointing not going to lie.
    (Especially the first weather machine they introduced during PAW, 10,000 Buckazoids)
    Most of the items they've...
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    Put yourself in that position and think about it.

    Situation: You are spending over 4 days making an animation project for a VOTW award.
    Twist: It's untradable.
    Re-consideration: Would you still want to continue making the project for an item that...
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    I disagree but agree at the same time, here's...

    I disagree but agree at the same time, here's why:
    - Content creators put in effort and time into their videos to get a reward that they can exchange for currency
    - It is a sense of payment toward...
  10. Agreed.

    The Growtopia staff probably does notice the scams that are going on but I'm pretty sure they're gather more proof so they have a solid reason to ban the player(s). But I do agree most of the Ubisoft...
  11. Possible reasons:

    You might've been accessed in a casino world:
    - Involved in a casino world/game
    - Influenced illegal things before getting banned

    Might've been caught doing something you shouldn't be...
  12. Okay thanks for the feedback.

    Okay thanks for the feedback.
  13. I won't argue :)

    I won't argue :)
  14. Do you? If so, private message me all the detail...

    Do you? If so, private message me all the detail you've got. I'm actually close friends with Gertie and Leqend.. they both said that Zeh was indeed trying to lure moderators to a world that...
  15. I'm trying to prove a point ;):hug:

    I'm trying to prove a point ;):hug:
  16. Just because YOU don't know the reason or their...

    Just because YOU don't know the reason or their reason is prevented from being told so that the moderators don't leak Growtopia's game files and invade Growtopia's TOS (Terms of Service) doesn't mean...
  17. Thank you!

    Appreciate it!
  18. Moderators are trying to do their job..

    The moderators are trying their best to keep all the bad players away, we gotta be respectful no matter what they do aslong as they are putting the effort in to help save Growtopia.
  19. Timer in the world SUPERMODDANCEPARTY

    Hammumu should add a timer in the world: SuperModDanceParty (1-5) so that the other players who want to join in the fun don't have to wait hours to enter the world to find 0 moderators there in the...
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    My request to NekoRei - Please read!

    Hello! My name is Yahya, I am a 14 year old boy from Kuwait and I am willing to be one of your Growtopia Community Guardians or perhaps have experience in being a Community Specialist. I am a game...
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