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  1. bumping thread

    bumping thread
  2. Buy lucky portals, cow skulls & prehistoric plants (DNA)

    10 wls each for the plants, 2/wl lucky portals and 5/wl cow skulls.
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    What will happen to Golden Jet Ski?


    So the Golden Jet Ski was supposed to be available for Max Guild Prize for last Balloon Warz and obviously nobody obtained them from what I've seen. Seriously, what could go wrong? Oh yeah,...
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    fp Mantis Shrimp for shrimp.

    fp Mantis Shrimp for shrimp.
  5. Selling porcelain mask, octopus head & mermaid tail

    Porcelain mask 60 wls, octopus & mermaid tail 1/wl at BOXLYFE
  6. Bumping thread

    Bumping thread
  7. Fishing Update (Changes to old aspects & new update idea)

    -Fish & crab training consistency changes
    Currently there's a number of fish & crabs which CAN'T be trained, for apparently no reason as well. This is the current list:
    ​orca, ghost fish,...
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    Buy atomic fireball 10-15 wls

    Need a bunch, reply if you sell
  9. Sell ghostking crown & spring bouquet

    Crown 780, bouquet 290 wls at BOXLYFE
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    Buy terrifying toothface

    Post below if you happen to sell one
  11. I tested before at STORE, aka deepest world to...

    I tested before at STORE, aka deepest world to exist. No luck.
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    Buy black crystals

    30 wls each, need 2 or so
  13. Another bump

    Another bump
  14. Bumping thread

    Bumping thread
  15. Buying ghosy in jar 4/wl, selling ghost dragon 310 wls

    Post below if you're interested!
  16. Bought all thanks

    Bought all thanks
  17. Buy ghost in jar 4/wl, sell ecto vials & stitchlips

    Buy tons of gij, sell ecto vials 20 ech, stitchlips 40 wls at BOXLYFE. Stitchlips has iron mask effect
  18. They messed up earlier and released it as a 1lb

    They messed up earlier and released it as a 1lb
  19. RNG to get malady from perf, RNG to get...

    RNG to get malady from perf, RNG to get clockwork, RNG to get perfect, RNG to get rare prize after 4-5 days of training. 5.2k fish chunks required to train. I'd assume 1/4 for malady, 1/10 for clock,...
  20. Massive Fish Update (Fixing consistency issues & such)

    -Crab fixes & training:
    Currently, perfect crabs are IMPOSSIBLE to obtain, as the maximum size is 199 lbs, not 200 at the moment. There should be a fix to allow 200 LB crabs to be obtainable &...
  21. Buy dangerous pineapple juice, sell stitches 200/125

    Selling around 600 stitches for 200/125, buying dangerous pineapple juice for a few wls.
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    Issues with new update:

    There are several issues with the update, rather disappointing update as well. Too much of it is tied to RNG and it obviously wasn't accounted for when creating the update it seems.

    #1: Some...
  23. Update is way too RNG based, please fix

    I'm so god damn pissed at all the fails I've had with maladies. Although I haven't gotten any skill fails, the fact that RNG can screw ANYONE over so badly makes the update far worse than imagined....
  24. Bumping thread

    Bumping thread
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    Bought guard towers and cheval ty

    Bought guard towers and cheval ty
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