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  1. Exactly!

    If it's illegal why does it even exist xD
  2. I ment like At least make it easier for the mods. Like get rid of most of it,

    Like at least make it less because all I see is portal world's for bots to enter when somebody get's banned

    - - - Updated - - -

    Don't forget if like I played with a Roulette Wheel I could...
  3. Nope!

    Mods are not on 24/7!!
  4. Casino Roulette Wheel Like this is serious, REMOVE IT COMPLETELY

    Suggesting to remove it! Ok this is so stupid, I've legit every day found a bot link world to a casino and reported every bot and every world and I've seen no difference, The Roulette Wheel needs to...
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    Yeet I've got a couple free ones if yah want em

    I've got a couple of free ones if yah want em. Only like 5-6
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