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    Good Idea!!

    It will be Real intreasting if an administator would join.

    Just to ask questions and all but yeah I'd love to join in a few. :)
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    Feedbcak about our Moderators

    What is your feed backa baout Our fellow Moderators?

    Me personally They're doing a faboulos job.Keep up the work :) #PlaySafe
  3. Please Be Appropiate

    Keep things PG. There might be kids looking in the forums so please "Try to be Appropiate" Thanks!

    Also I wanna answer this question so yes it's true. People are socially akward but try to...
  4. You're Right!!

    Yes Growtopia is a fun game and all,but we need time with our families, and aswell for ourselves. If it's late sleep and ejoy your sleep. I'll be signing of now take care. #playsafe #useyourtimewisely
  5. What would you do if there is a newcomer to the game?

    Me, personally, I would teach them the basics to this game. Now that growtopia has a tuturiol in this game it is now easy for each and every single newcomer to understand this concept. To show some...
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    Spongebob Month

    This update is real intresting because I did not play this game within 3 years. Now it seems fun and I'm looking into the game to chat with some really cool people. As always play safe guys. Remember...
  7. Patience

    The developers of this game are working hard so we Growtopians can enjoy the game in peace.#PlaySafe #AppreaciateourModerators
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