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  1. But is it possible that the mod can change the...

    But is it possible that the mod can change the lost email of mine
  2. I can't secure my account because of the lost E mail

    Can mods help me change my email because i created my account since i was a child and i created it with a random email that i didn't knew before because i thought making random emails won't impact...
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    About the Glitch Seeds things happening...

    What will they do to those people who bought the seeds or to the people had it?

    And in my theory the Glitch seed occurs because try to fix problem about the lost of items.They tried to fixed the...
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    Worlds Are UNTRADEABLE!

    Is it me or all people noticed that the accept button is missing when you try to trade your worlds:confused:
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    Emerald Lock Duplication Glitch!

    Does anyone knows about the glitch?I heard that so many getting scammed by this glitch and they hoping for no rollback will occur.I almost got scammed luckily my friend warped on me and ask me what...
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    Poll: Hey Guys How about to those people that are now...

    Hey Guys How about to those people that are now sick with the command /fp. They say its not enough to do that so they will do the mirror thingy with fp so they could [DAB].But let me ask you is it...
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    Poll: New Command Suggestion-Dab

    Hey i suggest the command dab cause All of my friends would love to if you add the dab :D Because i ask alot of peeps if they would love the dab command and most of they say is YES and i will really...
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