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  1. Recruiting For Gula. Im not Indo just got this guild :v

    Hello, here's a short description of our guild Gula.

    Guild Mascot: Sugar Cube No Background

    Current Level: 8

    We ain't Contribution just a chill guild I guess. Free to join just looking for...
  2. Buying Manor Sandstone Stair and block.

    Hello if you sell Manor Sandstone block or stair please reply with vend world buying block 3-5/1 stairs 2-4/1.

    Discord- ConnectApp#1789
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    Open guild for you :]

    Hello, our guild Bulletin just need Players Like you our guild does guild events but just aiming for #20 Prize for all. Only rule Contribute #15 Personal. Our rules isnt too strict its all obv ones....
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    Guild Bulletin

    Your PERFECT for our Guild, we just need Active People That does #15 personal prize and no depo so if you need any help with joining the guild visit Bulletinese or DM me ConnectApp#1789
  5. Click for info about how to join Bulletin :)

    Guild requirement is in bulletinese go up to the portal go to left. And you can see the rules. But I will say it here if you don't want to read it. So the rules are contributing the rest of the rules...
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