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  1. Sticky: NOMINATING "YESMYLOVE2018" By ScarletKing5

    Note to clarify: I know that im supposed to have the lates render of the word, however the game won't let me so this is the lates i have for now.

    Map name; "YESMYLOVE2018"
    ID; ScarletKing5

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    Ok so i was making a world for WOTD when i was half way on the world making (this was on may 1, the 5 de mayo update) i said, ok there are the glitches of the blocks, well however, let's do a...
  3. Sticky: RUNETRADERS By ScarletKing5

    Ever wanted to relax on a world? Relax maybe charge a Geiger or doing surgeries or just simply relax socially. Either that or you are looking to buy a legendary quest? If your answer were yes and...
  4. RUNETRADERS by runicmage15

    Kind of a bit late but still there's hope
    Growid: runicmage15
    world: RUNETRADERS

    Looking to buy? sell? or just spend some time? well, this world is just for you. It serves as a...
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