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  1. Dude, in the first place growtopia is an economy....

    Dude, in the first place growtopia is an economy. Is it wrong to buy items at a cheaper price? Seriously tho, you are being a hypocrite. It's not like you don't buy things cheaply.

    Besides I...
  2. I am looking for cheap SSP and RSP shop that are restocked regularly

    If you have a shop, please use this format;

    Restock Interval: Daily

    good day to all of you!
  3. Are there anybody willing to sell heart monitors, 6/wl?

    I am looking for heart monitor sellers. You can leave a message in TOMBOFDOOM.
    Also selling some rare named worlds there.
  4. (Urgent) Boastful Hair Punching Optimization

    I noticed some animation problems with boastful hair punching effects. It seems to be much slower than actual pickaxe punching and has problems with the animation itself.

    To be perfectly honest, I...
  5. Been having the same issues over and over again. Please do something.

    Whenever I trade, there's a chance that this window sticks. What to do? 234354
  6. I'm buying gut buster to complete my set, any sellers?

    The title says it all, I am open to some negotiation but I would like to buy one for 3wls.
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    Hi!!! Welcome to growtopia forums! I'm new as...

    Hi!!! Welcome to growtopia forums! I'm new as well, I just started today.

    - - - Updated - - -

    If you need any help, we'll figure things out together. If not, the community is pretty helpful.

    It is a bad idea. Not only because player would hate you, but also because of the nearly unpredictable nature of growtopia. At best, a rich player could potentially own a major share of items in the...
  9. I like this idea! This would solve the storage...

    I like this idea! This would solve the storage problem of GT and some players could reclaim their old worlds! Nice job! Great suggestion :D
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    How to Profit 101

    This is a crash course from what I've learned from playing GT in the past few years.

    Let me start by listing the possible and profitable ventures in Growtopia:


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    I would suggest that you mass produce neon lights (blocks and seeds)

    Currently, it still has a high trend and a lot of people uses it. I would probably check the current market before I mass produce though :o
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    Nice to Meet Everyone!

    Good luck to all of our new mods and guardians!!! I hope I meet one of you guys in game. Been playing gt for a long time and it's still a wish of mine. Anywayyyyy, I hope you enjoy! God bless <3
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    The prices for unplaced science stations vary...

    The prices for unplaced science stations vary from 4-5/wl and those that are placed in worlds are often based on the seller themselves, but to give you an estimate for the prices of placed science...
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    New Ideal Functions and Items

    Hi! I am Aphakia and this is my first ever post here in the forums after playing for over 3-4 years already.

    Let me get to the point.

    I had these ideas one day when I was buying ssp and rsp....
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