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    Buy Aqua Cave Crystal

    Just write down your world name, i'll go and buy it.
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    Growtopia Email Change

    Erm, i don't really know whether this is the appropriate place to post this but, around 1week ago i tried to change my email that attached to my GrowID, and it said "403 Forbidden".

    This problem...
  3. Well, hope so xD, anyway thanks.!

    Well, hope so xD, anyway thanks.!
  4. Is it possible to solve this "Duplicate" problem without doing any RollBack?

    Erm, so you guys know, since valentine is close now, i spent many hours since 3days ago to do things such as farming etc, to gain DLS and Gems.

    And when i heard that there're duplicate glitchs...
  5. Question Realted to Growtopia Account Transactions.

    Erm, what's up, Growtopians.!

    I made this thread just to know whether buying/selling Growtopia Accounts for World Locks is legal/not.
    Well, if it is need for me to give some informations, me...
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    Buying Techno-Organic Engine

    Hi there, i'd like to know, where can i find this item?
    Tried several worlds, yet didn't get anything.

    Thanks before.!
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