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  1. Ikr! Depending on when you look, the amount...


    Depending on when you look, the amount of players online varies. You can't base a statement with such poor ****ysis.

    To really compare you need a statistical chart with amount logged...
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    Ikr! I was hoping too for roots giving something
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    Instead of showing apreciation one week a year...

    I would rather the team showed it the whole year with accurate information. Even if it's just a game, it is demoralizing when one works and prepares for one thing and bam!
  4. Yes please fix this!

    After using tons of shampoo to finally get these, when trying them the hairs look weird when dyed. Bun works fine with green and all the nuances but blue gets too dark too soon, can't get a decent...
  5. Agree!!! +1

    Agree!!! +1
  6. I'm sure the team do care and that they have too...

    I'm sure the team do care and that they have too much to do and may end upp breaking promises because they had to prioritize other stuff... whatever is happening it's hurting the trust we players...
  7. How can an answer help?

    Starkos said we won't be fishing for hours... so I don't see how any answer of any sort can matter when words don't have any value... I'm really disappointed on this. And I'm pretty sure it's not...
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    Agree 100%

    It's like they really do a huge effort on the "never ever trust anything we say" sadly...
  9. Use the calendar it would be great if we could see when...

    It would be great if the calendar could be updated:
    Future events for planning reasons. Even if it's there one day before it helps!
    For historical research, when did a specific event take place and...
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    I have seeds in vending World: Breakchands

    I have seeds in vending World: Breakchands
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    Different internet connection or VPN dont affect my devices

    I get the same results. My ipad works fine and it has broad band fiber internet 30- 100 Mb/s.
    If I put my phone on flight mode and use my wifi (same as my ipad) I still get the issue on my phone,...
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    I have tried on different devices with different results. Here my findings

    Ok I have tested the plow on 3 devices. A samsung mobile, an iphone and an Ipad.

    On the ipad it's working fine. It's an old MD513LL/A model.

    One interesting thing, on the devices where it...
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    Please fix the plow... cant plant a few seeds without getting DC

    With harvest week soon arriving, we really need the plow to work.. cant use it now because It causes dc.

    Please fix this?

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    Any dev care to reply? When can this be fixed?

    Using the plow causes dc... please fix this?

    If possible do it without making something else worse 😅
  15. A challenge to whoever designs wearables!

    Nice looking
    100% female outfit (can't be mistaken for a bruh)
    Liked by many of the female community (cuz you can never please all)

    Can you make it?
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    Poll: +1 Awesome idea


    Awesome idea
  17. Try respecting other players points of view?

    You seem more focused on attacking the one posting about an issue than commenting the issue on a neutral level.

    You don't agree? Fine, all have the right to have an opinion. But you don't only...
  18. Agree!!! Best strategy work long-short than short-long ;)

    Any business knows that time is money, but still a lot of time is wasted because too little time is put into long-term strategies.

    So working short-long is what's happening here, if the routines,...
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    Server restart announcement 10 minutes prior to restart... what about ppl doing parc?

    Really, can you please show players consideration by announcing restarts earlier when in the middle of events!? have you any idea how this lack in communication make players feel. Many lost this...
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    Ooops they did it again...

    Great good gods... really? again? How hard is it to communicate with the community?...
  21. I don't think it's a matter of preference. It...

    I don't think it's a matter of preference. It could be just they missed those sbs or that they are focusing on one thing at a time, that's not necessarily bad, there isn't an unlimited amount of mods...
  22. Poll: Thank you for the clarifying text. For us BFG...

    Thank you for the clarifying text. For us BFG owners it's a big deal because it's a lot of months work to recover from losing a world with mags...
  23. Poll: Well yes that too, it's a witch hunt... the real...

    Well yes that too, it's a witch hunt... the real abusers have little to lose and the honest players lose months of work. I really lost my joy in playing this.

    Still waiting for clear rules on...
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    Weapon of mass destruction!

    ... zombies are immune
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    Ty for the constructive input! I hope they...

    Ty for the constructive input! I hope they listen.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I have had this since even before it was a rule... I'm more worried my world get banned because I'm not monitoring...
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