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  1. Someone is autoclicking in private world

    Report world name 7av2 there are autoclickers. i can't enter because you need lvl 124+ to enter in that world :D please punish
  2. "FULL" Guild is Recruiting! By JustinJake

    What do we need to join your guild?

    Min Personal contribution #20x2 (depends on event)
    Deposit 30
    24/50 Slots
    DM me insta JustinJake_GT
  3. This video is cool and i hope he will win for this week
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    New Autoban (Please Aware)

    New glitches with gravity well + waterfall + lava is new glitch my friend got banned with that and the guy like doing fake giveaway and he will open fissure with mushroom and last part is in the lava...
  5. Please Back The old World Lock System/Level Limit

    Ok Lets talk about the spammers but it rlly good but theres 2 ways to stop the spammers right. The Human Verification and World Time Limit

    But how about new players? Example Level Limit in...
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  7. Because of plumbing... if i put r u will see like...

    Because of plumbing... if i put r u will see like p letter
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    Rayman cant harvest anymore

    Fix that bug. Rayman is very expensive and rayman cant harvest...
  9. I wish my world is next WOTD GrowtopiaStPatrick

    Goodluck to me its just for fun i like to make arts :wave:
  10. I CONTRIBUTE MY WORLD TO WOTD (GrowtopiaStPatrick)

    I WISH IM IN WOTD WORLD :) I'll do my best :)
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