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Thread: L.O.R.D 2002

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    I asked for a new remade lord and got shotdown because rtsoft wants to move on to 3d.
    But whos with me on wanting a flash webpage lord?
    Finaly we could see in color pictures the wonderful world that exists in seths head

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    Hehe im finaly a member and not unregistered!!
    But i like that on the ikon board, where you dont have to sign up if you jsut want to make a quick post and then no more.

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    Seth doesn't own the rights to LORD anymore. You'd have to talk to GamePort ( about that, and they've never been much help with ANYTHING.
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    I thought I would check up on L.O.R.D. a few days ago and see what's been done, but apparently that would be nothing. The last news post was from December 2001, and the last update of the game was from February of that year. I figured Gameport probably wouldn't do anything with it themselves, but I thought that dude they let work on it might try to keep it going. Looks like he was swept up in the excitement of being the new author of the game without thinking about whether he would have the time or still want to work on it.

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    Smile How about a new version of funerlaquest called dragonquest..That would be cool ...what do you say seth how about a d+d version of funeralquets? would be like lord but not like can do it.....I know that you can...and I am sure that it would be as big if not bigger then funeral quest...
    > Nieveseri`s Castle or
    > play funeral quest or
    > or

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    I was thinking it would be fun to have a FuneralQuest set during the Black Plague. All sorts of outré fun could be had. Also, FQ set 1000 years in the future presents interesting possibilities. Instead of burials, probably most people would be looking for cryogenic suspension tanks. The more FQ is made to resemble LORD, the happier I am.

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    I like the sounds of that Dragon Quest idea. Perhaps though with a little more options and interactivity than Funeral Quest. I know it's still in the Beta stage, but there is so many endless possibilities that can be done with a great idea like that. If you'll consider it Seth, give me a shout on any help needed.

    P.S. Somehow being able to bring back optional IGM's would be an awesome bonus!

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    Hey! I am now registered as well. Don't know why it matters...heh. READ ABOVE!
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    I am new and stuff, but a huge LORD fan. I would love to see Gameport make a LORD game that is kinda like Everquest. A massive game where we can all interact with each other just as the current two, but instead of text and ASCII characters, there are actual player models.

    That would be spiffy!



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