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Thread: START World Translations: New Rules!!

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    Angry startpolish isnt completed

    Our polish transalation isnt ready now. I want to someone start new transalation world for Poland. Reason I have typed is: nobody finished our start world. I am polish, and some polish people is bad at english language. Dont ignore that apelation
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    Create parcour world.
    Create home world (asetia)
    Create farm world (polfarmindiepolska)
    Create minigame world
    Create shop world
    Get all blocks
    Have WOTD
    Get 1.000 gems at the moment
    Complete one legendary quest
    Create five another blast world
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    Default LuciusZen was here

    Sorry for this irratating message.

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    Thumbs down How the rules being set are stupid and unreasonable


    * Building your START world is entirely your responsibility. You will not be given free items. Mods and developers will not be able to help you build it.

    If you're telling all our fellow GT players that the moderators don't care about our hard efforts to promote different language groups to play this game in foreign language, attract new players from running away and aid the game by alleviating the stress of the English START world server, then who the hell will be so stupid to do it for nothing?

    * Your START world must be an ***EXACT*** (Yes, that means everything) copy of our START, only written in your own language. It may not have any extra doors to your other worlds. It may not have additional signs discussing your worlds or other players. It must be an EXACT copy.

    If everything must be an exact copy, then there is nothing for the creator! How is this fair?

    * Your START world will not receive honors or WOTD or any other special prize.

    If there is no reward for our effort, why should we do so?

    * There is only one (1) START translation needed for each language. The first person to submit a translation world that meets all the requirements will be chosen.

    If another person want to do the same thing then they should collaborate. Your Growtopia needs it, not us. So you should beg us to do that and not sit there being judgmental.

    * We will be checking your translations, so make sure that you are using appropriate language at all times.

    If you can understand the languages well enough, why would you need us? Why don't the game designers just create a profanities filter for the sign also? Isn't that way easier? Would you rather use leather to cover your feet from being hurt or would you lay the whole path with leather? Besides, I don't think anyone kindhearted enough to help translate would use inappropriate languages.

    * If we receive complaints about something in your START world - such as inappropriate language, bullying, or misinforming or cheating other players in some way - it will be removed and your account will be temporarily banned.

    Why would they cheat other players? Because they spent all efforts creating this world for no reward! If they were kindhearted enough to create such a world they won't do such things. So don't be ridiculous.

    * If your world is chosen, we will remove your lock and place our own lock. This is because there have been too many people who have edited their worlds to scam other players after receiving a START link. We will give you a world lock and we will place a sign telling everyone that you are the translator.

    We as individuals worked hard for the locks and our locks shouldn't be removed. If you remove it would you give it back to us? NO!!! Besides, we're the world creator not a freaking translator without pay. You guys deserve access but no taking over the world unless we become moderators, since we're so responsible.

    If you are still interested in making a START world translation, please let us know when it is completely done. Send an email including:
    - the name of the world
    - the name of the player who created it (no more than 3 names)

    How is that being efficient at all? Since you have the time and the luxury why not let all potential START world creators follow this thread instead and you don't need to flip to your email again?

    Please, do not send us this information until your world is 100% ready!

    Why? We must reserve the place early! Otherwise you're just giving unfair advantage to rich players because before we finished construction they may steal ideas and they will build faster with more materials. It's like going to McDonalds yet you cannot find a seat first before you finish ordering your food. So what if we bought our food but have no seats because they're occupied by people not eating?

    Thanks again for being willing to donate your time, energy and supplies to help other players! We look forward to seeing your START world translation!

    Not only that, we're helping the Growtopia team also.

    We already have START worlds in:
    Dutch - INHETBEGIN
    Estonian - ALGUS2
    Indonesian - STARTBAHASA
    Italian - PARTENZA
    Korean - STARTHANGUK
    Lithuanian - LTSTART
    Malay - PEMULAAN
    Romanian - INCEPUTUL
    Russian - RUSSKIYSTART
    Turkish - BASLADI[/QUOTE]

    There is also a Chinese START world called STARTCHiNESE. Please go check. Now you see how your email application process is useless?

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    Rckzhao, stop saying that it's "stupid" or "unreasonable". It's reasonable because:

    1. The owner is not completely trusted by the staff, and therefore, they suspect this owner could misuse the world to get honor, popularity, and even use it to intimidate and bully someone in some way. There is a reason they do this, and that is because they don't trust this person. I mean, do you expect someone who gives you free stuff trustable? They're just someone you don't know, especially if they're a stranger.

    2. It has to be an exact copy in order to be understandable. It would be unfair and even unlogical if the owner gives bad tips of their own. Solorien wants it to be an exact copy, and that reason is to avoid misuse, again, as said above.

    3. She never asked YOU to do it. She gave you an option, and that option was if you wanted to build a world translation of START. If you don't want to, that's fine.

    4. They would need it because they don't have enough time to do the translations on their own. They're making sure it's appropriate for all the players to do. Plus, there are other matters in START, for example the blocks and trees used.

    5. It's just a possibility.

    6. Again, someone could breach your account and ruin your START world. In order to improve security and ensure the best START without targeting someone, they use their own lock. They probably give your lock back, I'm sure. This is a VOLUNTARY thing; if you don't want to do it then don't.

    7. Too many people are replying to this thread, and it is too hard to sort through eight pages of 20 replies each. Most are scams or troll reports, probably (like most stickies are full of).

    8. I understand that notion, but they need to get it up ASAP. The person creating it could suddenly stop and be inactive, and that place of START translation would be there with nobody else to take it.

    9. In order for it to be official, then the owner should email the support. They will take a look at it and the process would begin. But since you're continuing to be persistent on this, they want to make sure if it is accurate.

    With all those matters "reasoned" out and explained, you should have thought better of your post. If you came here just to criticize Solorien's thread, then think about it first. If you don't want to even make a START world, then don't. You don't have to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shumentheny View Post
    I will be willing to make one in Chinese however I can't type Chinese on signs.
    I would like to help ya, but my chinese is not really good.
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    List of current start worlds has been updated in the original post.

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    Hey solorien, would it be possible for me to make a START world with nothing written on the signs so someone could translate and build faster?

    All my dragons, I have retired from

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shumentheny View Post
    I will be willing to make one in Chinese however I can't type Chinese on signs.
    Use transliteration maybe?

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    Latvian translation world has been created. Check out LVSTARTLV!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thegamer381 View Post
    Hey solorien, would it be possible for me to make a START world with nothing written on the signs so someone could translate and build faster?
    This would be something you would have to work out with someone who is wanting to translate. Sounds like some teamwork to me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solorien View Post
    This would be something you would have to work out with someone who is wanting to translate. Sounds like some teamwork to me!
    Alright, i might do that when im a bit richer...i dont have all the holiday stuff yet...

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