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Thread: START World Translations: New Rules!!

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    Default The arabic transaltion

    We do have an arabic translation for start, but it's not the only arabic way to write. There are two kinds of arabic writtings, and the one we have isn't both of them. I'm lebanese and it's even hard for me to understand what is written... because we aren't used to read that arabic kind with these letters. I suggest if i can try to make a transaltion world for the second arabic kind which a lot of arabics know and understand.

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    I submitted a start world like a year ago and the only answer i got is that you are busy. So i guess i'll just drop it here and see what you can do about it.

    Its a Bulgarian start world built and translated by me alone. I hope it gets accepted.

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    Are they still accepting these start worlds? because i saw one reply stating that he/she had submitted a world for over a year and all he got was a reply saying : "you are busy". I submitted mine which is STARTCAMBODIA, a South East Asian country located between Thailand and Vietnam with the official language of : KHMER and still haven't seen a reply or confirmation yet.

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    That's exactly what I thought when I first saw this.

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    StartFilipino Or Startpilipino that I'm from Phil We need a start world too
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeachMeHow View Post
    StartFilipino Or Startpilipino that I'm from Phil We need a start world too
    we already have one...

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    I am surprised there's still replies in that thread, does ubisoft even bother with START anymore?
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