Hi again! If you don't read my previous How to: Build episodes, then use this link below, it's How to Make a Good Trade World:
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Your gem wallet is full of flies? Does one of your world scatters and crowded with stuffs? Need a comfortable place to store or break blocks in?No worries! Simply create the best Farm World you ever saw with my guides! Here are the steps:

1. Any name will do

It doesn't matter what name you will choose. You can use any rare or common Farm World name but remember, don't add numbers to your Farm World except when you want to store more items if your original Farm World is overloaded. Or you can use personal Farm World name with your GrowID name plus FARM (Example: If GrowID name is CoolCatz, then Farm World name: COOLCATZFARM.)

2. Clear the world

I know this step is useless for you but, you will need it for your Farm World! The purpose to did this is to have enough space for you to store items, plant trees on it and place and break blocks on it. You want to avoid your world to be sloppy or messy due to Dirts, Cave Backgrounds, Rocks and Lava. If you did clear the world, you will end up having a spacious farm that you can build on.

3. Use a door mover after clearing the world

After you had clear the world, you will need is to adjust your spawn point. You don't want your starting spawn point will be messy and full of confusion when someone comes in your Farm World.

4. Good layout

This step is the most important for you to make the best Farm World ever. It was used to plant seeds, splice trees, put and break blocks on it. The suggested layout is using block or platforms. I recommend you to use Wooden Platforms as your farm layout. Don't buy Wooden Platforms using your World Locks, don't be lazy! Just splice Grass seeds and Wooden Block seeds, wait, break the trees, put the blocks, break it, collect seeds, gems and re-plant the seeds until you get enough Wooden Platforms. Easy! See my picture below for the suggested layout:

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Me in my Farm World, (World Name, JAMMED!)

5. Add a storage room

You will need this to store your unused rares, farming blocks, seeds, etc. This will make your Farm World clean and organize like a genius student in school. Don't forget to block your dropped items with blocks or House Entrances. Also add Wooden Platforms for easier dropping and storing.

6. Decide what you want to farm

Time to celebrate for your grand opening of your new Farm World! Before you celebrate, you will need to plan what you are farming to get gems. For Newbie Players, Sugar Canes is recommended, you can buy its seeds for just 50 per a World Lock. For Experienced Players (which is my current level), I recommend you Pinball Bumpers(10-15 seeds per a World Lock) and Venus Guytraps(20-30 seeds per a World Lock). Be sure to buy seeds rather than blocks, the reason is the production of the blocks in the tree.

7. Decorate it

The last step is to add decorations on your farm, add weather machines or anything you want to motivate you. And the possibilities of the decorations are endless!

That's it for How to Make a Good Farm World! I hope my tips are useful and you can do it yourself with this. Next episode will be How to Build a Good Shop World. So, bye guys, have a nice day!