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Thread: I'mma stay NEUTRAL. Who's with meh

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    Default I'mma stay NEUTRAL. Who's with meh

    So yeah now that everyone's getting their daily dose of drama,
    I just called it quits
    Since this day on, I won't be taking anyone's side.
    If you're a friend, sure I'll back you up
    But if matters evolve into a full on arguement
    I'm staying out of it
    "Neutral as Switzerland"

    "I feed on drama, get the popcorn guys" ~zombie1234

    Gah, all this drama is making the game soooo fun
    No offense to people who are involved

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    Yea I don't get any of this quiting stuff.I guess because of all the scamming that goes on.I got REALLY mad when I lost my mystery blocks seeds because I moved my lock so it wasn't in the way.Or it could be other issues family or whatever.Oh well, I don't plan on quiting anytime soon.

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