Hey I'm one of the oldest players on growtopia from hammerkraz_987 to Hammerkraz I'm not really noticed so I want to put myself out there need any help just ask me also

Sub to me YouTube growtopia hammerkraz I won't be doing videos until I get a better laptop so yeah

I'm very friendly when I'm in a good mood and players don't put me down

My life in growtopia was HETIC I quit about 5 times I've been cursed for being in a drop game world about 10 times(I'm not a scammer though)

I'm gonna be honest when I first started growtopia feb-may I was a scammer but I have changed my ways for good and try to stop drop games by saying its not worth it

That's all I have to say if you hate me for being a ex-scammer I'm ok with it the past is In the past