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Thread: QUIZ BOWL. The most amazing four-man team quiz

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    Default QUIZ BOWL. The most amazing four-man team quiz

    Original world was QUIZBOWL, dragonflies stole it
    No big deal, the new world is QuizzyBowl.
    If you have played quiz bowl / academic bowl in real life, please take a look

    For those who haven't, it's a pretty fun quiz game with complicated rules, You can read all about it in the world QuizzyBowl.

    I'm trying to start a mini-revolution, lol, because quiz bowl is fun.
    Also, it doesn't look very pretty, donations would be awesome

    Remember, if you like quizzes, and you're smart, try your quiz smarts!

    P.S. quiz questions will come from all categories

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    I wanna play I'm 13 but I'm smart!

    This is becoming quite popular so can you click on it NOWW!!!!! Unless you want the innocent thing to die? What does it even do LOL?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iChuckNorris View Post
    I wanna play I'm 13 but I'm smart!
    Lol, same with me i'm 12!
    Thank you CoolDrew for this siggy!

    My username in Growtopia is above. My worlds are ZOMBIERUNNERS, XD3SFARM, and SPIKEPARKOUR.


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    Default 11

    Lol I'm smart I'm 11 NEXT PERSON SAY THAY ARE 10
    My YouTube, TriceGt .
    Tis I, Trice.
    I will work so hard that one day, my signature will be an autograph.
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    Default lolz

    im something....

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