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    So for those that don't know what Onsies are, they are practically really cuddly pjs that once piece.
    The one I bought FINALLY came, and its.... *DRUM ROLL* A PENGUIN!
    It's a bit big but I mean, When I grow up, I'm gonna wear it in the shopping centre with my bowtie and sonic screwdriver (11th)!!

    Anyone have a onsie? :3
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    Heh Heh yes I have one and they're awesome Lol. I hardly ever wear it but I wore it when my class was doing the"HARLEM SHAKE"
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    My sister ordered me a cat onesie but they sent me a blue polka dot onesie instead.
    They look so stupid but they are actually surprisingly comfortable..would have much rathered the cat one though.. :/

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