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Thread: I need some AUTO RUN EXPERTS\

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    Thumbs up I need some AUTO RUN EXPERTS\

    I am planning to build an auto run world, however i have no idea how. any ideas on ho0w to build it? p[lease share

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    You need a lot of water and slime, may i ask why you are making one?

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    Default i feel like doing this for the people

    its like u see auto run worlds they sell it for high price for a link, i plan to sell it lower or free, and since i dont earn tokens, its a good way to help growtopians improve their worlds without them thinking i m token scaming

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    Go on to collaboration requests and post it there. You may find a partner. There are plenty of easy accessible good auto run worlds out there that you can draw ideas from. Many WOTDs nowadays also have auto runs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xLATINx View Post
    You need a lot of water and slime, may i ask why you are making one?
    and pinballs and blocks and portals and crazy things.
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    Srsly -.-? Auto run world? Those are supposed to not get tokens and most people just leaves the world if its auto run.. Just don't make it.



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