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Thread: The Forum Manual!

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    Exclamation The complete, ultimate & comprehensive forum manual!

    Table of contents:

    Introduction to the forums/Registering to the forums!
    Where to put your post (sub-forums)!
    How to post, posting tools and posting tips!
    Different types of threads and how to make yours better!
    Reporting another player!
    Communicating with others on the forums!
    Profile settings!
    Account settings!
    All about polls!
    BBCode, and where you can find all the configurations!
    Why NOT to post about punishments and scams!
    Vulgarity and sexual obscenity; understand the ridiculousness!

    Introduction to the forums!

    Hi, all, and welcome to the Growtopia forums! Congratulations on your new membership here! This is a wonderful, diverse community where you’ll find lots of spirited discussion, advice, and debates, as well as places to voice your opinions, and places to write what you see fit (within reason).

    Firstly, what are forums? If you've never been on game forums before, you should read this over. The forums are a place in which you can discuss anything and everything related to what the specific forum is about.

    In this case, the Growtopia forums are a community center for everyone who plays one Growtopia. Here, you’ll find discussions about the game, questions about the game, and even ideas or suggestions for how to make a game better - everything gets discussed, even stuff not about the games, which is why we have the Growtopia Tavern, for off-topic threads and discussions!

    There are rules to follow when posting on this forum, and if you can't follow these rules, you will be punished accordingly by the moderators. Solorien, who is the head moderator here, has made some official rules for you to follow: (quoted version below within the spoiler).

    As mentioned on her thread, it's a case by case investigation, you will be punished if they see fit - and a moderators word is final, if you don't like what you were punished for, there is no need to publicly uproar about it, you can message the moderator themselves, or message Solorien - there is no need to post about punishments from the forums or the game here, as we, as players, have no power to help you. Side note: if your thread has been closed or deleted there is 99% of the time a good reason for it, and therefore it would be a foolish decision to past the same or a similar thread again.

    The punishments for violating any of these rules is a warning/infraction - the more you get, the bigger your punishment will be. After an amount stock up, your account will be banned, however, I believe they can fade after a few months. If your post breaks the rules in a severe manner, your account may be instantly banned - breaking the rules isn't tolerated here, so you should post accordingly.

    Registering to the Growtopia forums!

    Go to, and you will see the loading screen, click the "Register" button in the top right: Name:  Update1.PNG
Views: 5493
Size:  10.7 KB

    Then, you will have to enter your date of birth, once your details are entered, click "Proceed" (both the info boxes and the button are shown for you): Name:  Update2.PNG
Views: 5517
Size:  17.5 KB

    After you have entered your date of birth, you have to choose a (valid unused) username, enter your real name, email address and other required information (as well as some additional information for you to input if need be): Name:  Update3.PNG
Views: 5597
Size:  105.5 KB

    Below all of that information are the Growtopia Forum Rules (well, the vBulletin ones, at least, you can find the official Growtopia Forum Rules specifically for this forum here), you will then have to confirm to agree to those rules (as highlighted) and then you can complete your registration by clicking the shown button: Name:  Update4.PNG
Views: 5546
Size:  25.4 KB

    Congratulations on now registering to the forums!
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    HUGE sub-forum update has just happened, and this guide will tell you ALL you need to know about where to post what! Now, this new update has allowed every sub-forum to be more specific in content, so each description won't be as long - BONUS for you as it's less to read!

    Before I start, when posting within the specific sub-forum you're about to post in, check the specific thread by Solorien about information about that specific sub-forum!

    There is the first section known as "General" - this consists of: Name:  FMGuild.PNG
Views: 4842
Size:  68.0 KB

    Announcements - you CAN'T post here, but you can come here to view the awesome information right from the developer's themselves!

    Update Discussions - here you can post your opinions (hey, you're allowed those here?!) on ALL the updates, whether it was a recent one, a revealed one or one that happened in the past, discuss away (all forum rules still apply to every sub-forum, including ones heavily opinion oriented).

    Guidebook - this is where all of the guides (about Growtopia and the forums) are posted, this is also where you should post all of your questions if there isn't a guide answering your specific topic (USE THE SEARCH BAR FIRST).

    Meet & Greet - "Here's where new players introduce themselves and experienced players threaten to quit." - Want to leave? Do it here. Just started and want to introduce yourself? Do it here. Meeting new people is great, yo!

    Guild News - "Want to post the latest news of your guild? This the place for you!" - All of the news on your guild should be posted and updated here - note that this sub-forum has it's own specific guidelines when using it. You can view those here.

    Guild Recruitment - "Looking for more members to join your guild? This is the place for you!" - Initiate your guild recruitment drive here! Look for members for your guild, or look for a guild fit for your tastes and play-style!

    Next we have the Marketplace, was originally one sub-forum for all of your marketing needs, now there is a more condensed, specific system: Name:  Update6.PNG
Views: 5418
Size:  46.1 KB

    Buying & Selling - have an item you want to sell, or you're looking on purchasing that new amazing item that came out the other day? Do it here, the place for both buying AND selling!

    Value Discussions - have an item you want to sell, or want to buy one, but you're not sure on the price? Ask away within this sub-forum!

    Collaboration - here is where you will post to request for help, or offer it in areas such as: farming, quests, events, recipes, clearing a world and anything that requires help from other players!

    Next is the "Your Contributions" section, which is where you show your amazing Growtopia stuff, it consists of: Name:  Update7.PNG
Views: 5394
Size:  64.5 KB

    World Showcase - here you can show off your amazing worlds which you're proud of (I'm looking at you, Fredi!), who knows, you might even win WOTD if you post it here!

    Contests & Giveaways - want to host an epic contest, event or wish to host a simply giveaway? Do it here, you'll gain a crowd in no time!

    Fan Creations - here is where you post your amazing drawings, videos, stories or any form of art. "PLEASE NOTE: Pictures, videos and stories that include any sexual content (explicit or implied) will be deleted without warning and infractions will be given. Sexual content is NOT tolerated on these forums. Community members that cannot respect this will be permanently removed from the forums."

    Suggestion Box - have a cool new idea you would like in Growtopia? Or a new mechanic for an already existing item? Post it here, the developers will (occasionally) look for ideas here, and who knows, yours might make it in (most likely during a Player Appreciation Week).

    "Problems" is the next one, although only one sub-forum is actually for your use: Name:  Update8.PNG
Views: 5258
Size:  27.3 KB

    Bugs & Glitches - have a report of a bug or glitch that occurred to you during your gameplay of Growtopia? Post it here so it can be solved (although I normally send mine to the Support Desk by habit, but hey).

    I've been banned! - you can't post here, it's more of a formal reminder of what I, and many others have tried to tell the onslaught of forum members who post about their ban that we can't do anything and that they should email support; it consists of one thread by Solorien:!

    Lastly we have the "Other" section: Name:  Update9.PNG
Views: 5211
Size:  46.6 KB

    Everything Else - this can't be explained any better than how it already has been: "Appropriate topics for this forum include questions or discussions that do not fit in other forums.

    Growtopia Beta Server - Is the Beta server currently up, running and ready to go? Well, if it is, post bugs and glitches about what you're testing here. We all appreciate it so the updates can come out!

    Growtopia Korea - Are you Korean? If so, you can post here to converse with other Korean members of the community!

    Lastly, we have the Growtopia Tavern: Name:  Update10.PNG
Views: 5148
Size:  17.9 KB

    Growtopia Tavern - This is where you can post anything NOT related to Growtopia, however, the Forum Rules DO still apply.
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    Default How to post, posting tools and posting tips!

    Firstly, how to post.

    To post a thread, you simply have to click a button. That button is easy to find. Just go into the sub-forum you wish to post in, and look at the top left, there is a button saying "+ Post New Thread", here is an image: Name:  Update11.PNG
Views: 5221
Size:  8.2 KB

    You can also click "Forum Tools" and "Post a New Thread" which works all the same: Name:  Update12.PNG
Views: 5239
Size:  4.9 KB

    To reply to a thread, it is a similar process. You do the same, but go onto the thread you wish to post in, not the sub-forum. The button is in the same place and says "+ Reply to Thread", here is an image: Name:  Update13.PNG
Views: 5208
Size:  9.1 KB

    If you'd like to see who replied to a thread, and also how many times they did, you can click the "Replies: <Insert Number Here>" button next to a thread: Name:  Update14.PNG
Views: 5195
Size:  10.4 KB
    Then, you will be shown who has replied as well as how many times in a separate window: Attachment 88890

    You can also quote another player which allows you to post, but with a quote of another player will appear in your quote:
    Quote Originally Posted by <Insert Name Here>
    <Insert Quote Here>
    To do this, you simply click the "Reply With Quote" button below a players post: Name:  Update15.PNG
Views: 5200
Size:  17.2 KB

    The small button next to the "Reply With Quote" button is to "multi-quote", you can click this no numerous posts, then either "Reply With Quote" or "Reply to Thread" to have numerous quotes within your post, to further prove a point, or to reply to other people at a faster pace.

    To delete a post, you will have to go to the said post, and click "Edit Post" in the bottom right corner: Name:  Update16.PNG
Views: 5132
Size:  1.7 KB
    After you do that, you must click the "Delete" button: Name:  Update17.PNG
Views: 5084
Size:  2.3 KB
    After that, you must make sure to click the "Delete Message" button, if not, even if you click the "Delete" button shown in the next step, your post will remain: Name:  Update19.PNG
Views: 5065
Size:  4.1 KB
    (Note: adding a reason is optional, it doesn't really make a difference.)
    After you've gone through all of the above steps, click the final "Delete" button to remove your post: Name:  Update20.PNG
Views: 5053
Size:  7.3 KB

    Threads that you can’t reply will display an envelope with a lock sign over it in the sub-forum view. Here is an example of some locked threads: Name:  Update21.PNG
Views: 5012
Size:  21.9 KB

    Replying to a thread is easy enough, but you really want to focus on what you put in your reply. What you post makes a difference, and what you put in your posts is always more important than the number of posts you have. REMEMBER: quality over quantity!

    So when you’re typing your reply, make sure that you keep these guidelines in mind:

    • Is your post relevant to the topic being discussed in the thread?
    • Is your post necessary?
    • Does your post follow forum rules?
    • Is this helpful to the original poster (OP) of the thread?
    • Does your post contribute to the thread?
    • Does your post contain thoughtful, helpful, and constructive content?
    • Is your post respectful towards everyone and not derogatory in any way?
    • Does your post focus on the subject of the thread, and not the OP or the way the topic is being presented?

    All of these points, especially the last one, are crucial to making a good, well rounded post that contributes to the community and gives meaning to the thread. You will be judged by how you post, not by post count or having a cool avatar. The most important thing to remember is to stay on topic- post comments that are relevant to the thread. Remember, you are discussing the main topic of the thread. Not the person who posted the thread or the way they’re presenting it.

    Now, we shall move on to posting tools. There are many tools that you can use when posting. When you are writing a post, you will notice that there is a toolbar at the top of the text editor. The image shows them: Name:  PT.png
Views: 7126
Size:  44.0 KB

    Below is a table with numbers pointing to a specific tool, below the image are numbers which correspond to the numbers given to the tools, and each number will have a description of the corresponding tool.

    Name:  Number.png
Views: 7234
Size:  120.0 KB

    1. When posting, you can choose to enter a title to customize your post. On threads, you are required to enter a title when posting.

    2. The one on the left - This will paste everything that you have copied as "plain text". This means that things like email addresses, phone numbers, or URLs that you have copied will be pasted with no links attached to them - plain text. The one on the right - This allows you to paste into the text editor using microsoft word. Simply copy what you want from your word document, and paste it into the text box that appears when you click on the tool.

    3. This lets you change the font, or look, of the text when you’re typing. Experiment with different types of font to see which one you like. In order to change the font of something you've already typed, select the desired text and change the font.

    4. This allows you to change the size of the font. The sizes in the text editor range from 1-7, with the default size being 2. You cannot surpass the size limit by posting from Microsoft Word in, say, 70 size type. Once you make your post, the text size, and often the formatting, will be reset if you have copy/pasted from another source (i.e. Google Drive, Microsoft Word). If you want to change the size of existing text, select the desired text and change the size.

    5. This allows you to change the color of the text you’re typing. You can either set the color you want to type in before you start typing, or select and color certain areas of text. We recommend not using colored text for everything you write, as it is time consuming and can also be annoying to others.

    6. This allows you to insert emojis, also known as smilies, into the text editor. You can do this by using the toolbar, clicking on one of the smilies on the side of the editor, or typing a BB smiley code into the text editor.

    7. This allows you to put attachments into your post, and to undo or redo the attachment that you've put in. NOTE: there is a limit of 30 attachments per post.

    8. Click here to delete the formatting of all selected text. This will take away any indents, paragraph organization, font size, color etc.

    9. Wraps tags around selected text.

    10. A few formatting options, B means bold, I means italic and U means Underline.

    11. This line contains all the tools you need to make a table.

    12. Align text, left right or center.

    13. Make a list in numbers of bullet points. You also have the indent left and right buttons which when pressed give you an indent.

    14. 14 contains the tools for hyper-linking and inserting movies/images. Note that you can only have one video per post.

    15. This is the quote option which puts text/images etc in a quote box.

    16. By selecting one of these icons your thread title will have the chosen icon before the title of the thread.

    17. If selected your signature will show but if it isn't your signature won't.

    18. Links like will automatically become a click-able link if this is checked.

    19. If selected, : ) will not be replaced with the smile emoticon.

    20. Here you can upload and remove attachments to and from your post.

    21. If checked with an option from the drop-down you will be subscribed to any further replies made in this thread.

    22. With this you can rate the thread you are about to post on.

    Now, on to tips.

    These tips will help you to make meaningful, colorful, and descriptive posts that contributes to the conversation.

    Posting will take up the majority of your time on the forums. As a result, you need to know how to post in a good way. I've already given you good posting guidelines in the first segment, but now we’re going to show you some examples, as well as more things that you can do to ensure that your post will make a contribution.

    Have a unique posting style - posting with a unique style will allow you to be noticed. Your posts don't necessarily have to be long or contain funny meme pictures, but you'll create a posting style that’s unique to YOU, which will make you, as a member, stand out.

    Make your posts stand out - make your posts stand out by using a certain format, signature, or, as mentioned above, posting style. Sometimes making your posts stand out may not always be the right choice, but it’s certainly a way to let people see you’re contributing to the conversation. Some people choose to make their posts stand out by using pictures in every post, posting in poem format, or using another 'signature' posting style.

    Post with a purpose - always post with a purpose in mind. A better term for this is 'quality over quantity,' meaning you should always hold the content of your posts above the number of posts you have. Posting just for the sake of increasing your post count can be considered spamming, as you likely aren't posting in a way that contributes to the conversation. An example of NOT posting with a purpose is members who post "LOL first 10chars."

    Always think about what you're posting - think about your post - does it follow the guidelines provided at the beginning of this section? Your post should always be detailed, and relevant to the topic of the thread. It’s especially important when you're making a thread that your thread is relevant to the sub-forum that you're posting it in.

    Always try to make your post meaningful- after all, that’s what you’ll be judged by.

    Managing Attachments

    Within your post, you may update a render, but there is the old one, sitting at the bottom of your thread as an "attached image" and you want to get rid of it. You may want to add an image you've added into another thread with ease. I'll show you how to do just that.

    Simply click the "Edit Post" button, as shown: Name:  Update22.PNG
Views: 4758
Size:  2.3 KB

    Then go to advanced editing by clicking the "Go Advanced" button, as shown: Name:  Update23.PNG
Views: 4738
Size:  2.8 KB

    You should see a screen similar to this, but with the content of your post, not mine: Name:  Update24.PNG
Views: 4923
Size:  106.1 KB

    Once here, scroll down to what is known as "Additional Options" directly below the screen just shown: Name:  Update25.PNG
Views: 4719
Size:  60.2 KB

    As you can see, I have a ton of images in this post alone, chances are you won't have that many, but this makes it easy for me to manage them from different devices, they are circled in this image: Name:  Update26.PNG
Views: 4675
Size:  69.5 KB

    To manage your attachments, click the "Manage Attachments" button: Name:  Update27.PNG
Views: 4670
Size:  61.7 KB

    Once you click this, you will be given a File Upload Manager, which contains all of the images you've posted throughout the time on your account: Name:  Update28.PNG
Views: 4662
Size:  84.1 KB

    All of the files below on this screen are the ones within the current post that you're editing: Name:  Update29.PNG
Views: 4588
Size:  24.6 KB

    From here, you can drag previously used images into a new post, deleted attached images you don't want in your current post, and save images that you don't have on a device, which you'd like to have again. I find this feature incredibly useful!
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    Default Different types of thread and how to make yours better!

    Thread making tips:

    In order to be able to submit your thread, you need to give it a title, as well as at least 10 characters of text. Here are some things to keep in mind when making your thread:

    • Did you read the stickies, and does your thread conform to them?
    • Is your thread relevant to the topic(s) being discussed in the sub-forum you're posting the thread in?
    • Does your thread follow the forum rules?

    A yes answer to all of these guidelines is always good when creating a thread, especially as a new member. Here are a few tips for creating a new thread:

    Make your thread detailed - making a detailed thread will allow people to understand the idea you're trying to get across, and help prevent any confusion. Some members can be angry if threads contain little or no details, either because they can't understand the point of the thread or don't get the point you’re trying to make. It's important to provide details and explanations to avoid confusion or arguments ensuing from lack of content.

    Post with a creative title - giving your thread a unique, creative, and catchy title will make it stand out from the other threads, and help it be noticed. A creative title will get more members interested in posting on your thread.

    Make the thread itself unique - posting the same thing as several other threads is boring for other members, repetitive, and can be considered spam. Post about something that's unique and new, something that hasn't been discussed before or currently isn't being discussed.

    These tips are great for posters new and experienced alike! Always remember to follow the forum rules, and keep these tips in mind.

    Once you've typed what you want to be in your thread, click on the 'Submit New Thread' button in the bottom right- hand corner of the page: Name:  Update30.PNG
Views: 4545
Size:  14.1 KB

    Types of thread:

    Locked thread - already covered, however, to reimburse, it's a thread you cannot reply in, and has been closed to keep it specific to what's in the thread, or is a violation of the forum rules. Example: Name:  Update21.PNG
Views: 4536
Size:  21.9 KB

    A "hot" thread - it's red and it's a thread which has a lot of posts in, and is considered "popular" by the forum database. There are two types, one which contains posts you haven't read, and one that doesn't contain posts you haven't read:

    Contains posts you haven't read: Name:  Update31.PNG
Views: 4522
Size:  2.7 KB
    Doesn't contain posts you haven't read: Name:  Update32.PNG
Views: 4507
Size:  2.9 KB

    A "cold" thread - it's blue/grey and it's a thread which doesn't have many posts contained within it, and isn't considered "popular" by the forum database. There are, again, two types, one which contains posts you haven't read, and one that doesn't contain posts you haven't read:

    Contains posts you haven't read: Name:  Update33.PNG
Views: 4478
Size:  2.7 KB
    Doesn't contain posts you haven't read: Name:  Update34.PNG
Views: 4456
Size:  2.0 KB

    If there is a thread in which you have replied to it, whether it's hot, cold, or locked, it will have a green arrow symbol (there is only going to be one variant shown, all green arrows mean the same thing): Name:  Update35.PNG
Views: 4451
Size:  3.1 KB

    Polls, due to them being so detailed, different and dire, will be covered in another section further on in the thread.

    Tip: you can see all of the more recent posts in all sub-forums by clicking "New Posts" at the top of the screen (left side): Name:  Update36.PNG
Views: 4452
Size:  64.3 KB
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    Default Reporting another player!

    In this section I will cover reporting. Reporting is in place to alert moderators or administrators about something that violates the forum rules or could be considered inappropriate. This section will be split up into two main segments, reporting an in-game player, and reporting a forum member!

    Reporting a forum member!

    Reporting a post:
    1. Recognize an offensive post.
    2. Send a report to the staff using the report feature!
    3. Let them handle it from there.

    Ignorance is bliss when coming across an unfriendly member of the forums - do NOT add fuel to the fire and get involved.

    To report a post (you can report private messages in the exact same way), simply look to the left of it, and there will be a report button below the username of the poster: Name:  Update37.PNG
Views: 4407
Size:  21.7 KB

    Then write your report and click the "Send Report" button: Name:  Update38.PNG
Views: 4406
Size:  13.0 KB

    Only report a post when it is ABSOLUTELY necessary; do NOT report a post to spam the moderation team, try to get someone punished due to personal quarrels or abuse the feature by any means.

    If someone is harassing you, continuously causing trouble with you and is dragging you through the mud on the forums there IS a feature which allows you to ignore them on their profile: Name:  Update39.PNG
Views: 4362
Size:  20.1 KB

    Reporting an in-game player!

    When an in-game player is causing you any issues, it's best to remember that there ARE tools to help you avoid it, so we'll run through that first.

    /Ignore - this allows you to ignore a player, and any chat and/or msgs you receive from them. Thus, keeping their profane messages (if that's the case, or any other sort of harassment/spam) at bay.
    /Ban - this allows you to remove a player from your world, if they're causing any issues by spamming, being vulgar, accusing you of something or causing general, low-tier chaos.

    When you want to report a player, do /mods, and if there are any online, /msg them (only once!) and they can handle it. If there are none online, you can always email with images and a brief summary with the rudimentary aspects, and I'm sure they'll look into it.

    You have the power to make your own game play experience how you want it - you have been given the tools, use them!

    Additional information by Aimster: How to deal with bullies!
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    Default Communicating with others on the forums!

    In this section we’ll walk you through methods of communication. There is only one main type of communication Private Messages (PM). I will show you how to use this method of communication, and tell you why it should be used.

    So you want to talk to your forum friend/in-game friend who isn't online? Thinking that you can have a conversation in a thread, you start a new thread to talk to your friend about stuff. However, having a discussion within a thread is annoying to other members, disrespectful to the original poster if you are having the conversation in another member's thread, and also isn't private - anyone can get involved in your conversation when it's on a public forum.

    To send someone a private message from their profile, simply visit their profile page and click on the 'Send Private Message' button: Name:  Update40.PNG
Views: 4326
Size:  11.8 KB

    You can send someone a private message from a thread by clicking on the member's username and then clicking on the 'Private Message' button: Name:  Update41.PNG
Views: 4283
Size:  9.7 KB

    When you click on either of the buttons mentioned in the above methods, you will be directed to this screen: Name:  Update42.PNG
Views: 4309
Size:  71.2 KB

    You may send a private message to a maximum of five members at a time, and there is a 60 second cool down on sending private messages. After you have selected your recipients, type your message into the box below. You must also include a title in order to send your private message. After you have included a title and typed your message, send the message by clicking the 'Submit Message' button at the bottom of the screen shown in the image above.

    If you have gotten to the private message screen by clicking on the button on a member’s profile, the username of the recipient will already be entered in the 'Recipient Users' box at the top. If you would like to add more recipients, or if you did not select any recipients to begin with, you can enter recipients by typing in their username. Once you have typed enough letters into the box, a list of available recipients will come up. You can select the recipient you want and they will be added to the list of recipients:
    Name:  Update43.PNG
Views: 4266
Size:  22.2 KB

    NOTE: if you are adding recipients to a private message that already has a single, selected recipient, you will need to add a semicolon ( ; ) after the first recipients name in order to enter the next recipient. The 'Recipient Users' box already notifies users to separate members names with a semi-colon, but some users do not see this message, so I'll add it here to reiterate that.

    You can only store a maximum of 50 messages at a time, after this, nobody else will be able to send you any more messages, so you should clear your inbox every once in a while.

    Clearing your Private Message space:
    1. Go to your settings by clicking on "Notifications" at the top right of the page.
    2. Click on "Inbox."
    3. Select the items you want to delete by checking the box next to them.
    4. Scroll down to the "Selected Messages" button and click it.
    5. Select "Delete" and click "Proceed"

    Editing your Private Message settings:

    1. Go to the "Settings" section in the top right hand corner: Name:  Update44.PNG
Views: 4234
Size:  4.1 KB

    2. Then click "General Settings" under the "My Account" tab: Name:  Update45.PNG
Views: 4223
Size:  9.4 KB

    Now, there is a Private Messaging section in this, I will explain what each setting does.

    Name:  Update46.PNG
Views: 4211
Size:  35.8 KB

    The first setting in the private message section is the option to turn private messages on or off. This is a simple setting, you can either select on to receive and send private messages, or you can select off to not receive or send PMs.

    The second setting allows you to choose who can send you private messages. If you select 'from all members', anyone who is a member of the forums can send you a private message. If you select ‘only from contacts and moderators’, only forum members who you are friends with and site leaders can send you a PM.

    The third setting allows you to have private messages sent via email. If you select to turn this setting on, you will receive an email notification whenever you are sent a private message. You will always get an email notification when your PM inbox is full, regardless of whether or not you have this setting on or off.

    The fourth setting allows you to choose how new Private Message notifications are displayed to you on the forums. You can choose to be notified of a new message by a pop-up, which will notify you of a new message when you refresh the screen.

    The fifth and final private message setting helps you manage your private memory storage space. You can turn this setting on to automatically discard (not save) private messages that you have sent to others. This means that you can’t keep a record of sent PMs, but it also means that you have more storage space for your inbox and won’t have to clear your private message space as often.

    Your private message space can only hold 50 messages before you have to delete some. You can slow down how fast your private message space will fill up by using the fifth setting we discussed earlier.

    Note: you can only send three private messages per hour, so be careful who you choose to use them on.

    Note: there's a 5000 character limit when sending private messages, including BBCode!
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    Default Profile settings!

    First, to look at/edit any of your account settings, you need to click the "Settings" button at the top right of the page: Name:  Update44.PNG
Views: 4187
Size:  4.1 KB

    I will be going through this image section by section, as it's all of the directives in editing your profile: Name:  Update47.PNG
Views: 4188
Size:  8.6 KB

    Note: when I mean section by section, I mean there will be two separate posts, one for "My Profile" & one for "My Account."

    "Edit Profile"

    Here you can change your email and password - this will change the email and password in which you use to log into your forum account (not your game account): Name:  Update48.PNG
Views: 4179
Size:  6.5 KB

    The rest of the information here is on how you can edit your profile information and which of that information you would like forum members to see.

    You can add in your date of birth, however, it's not a necessity - you can also choose to hide this from other forum members, however the administrators will still be able to access your information: Name:  Update49.PNG
Views: 4166
Size:  11.4 KB

    You can also add a website URL, if you own your own website, or want to link it to your profile, or even a profile of another forum, and you can also provide any contact details in which other forum members can contact you through, which will appear under your avatar/location in every post: Name:  Update50.PNG
Views: 4158
Size:  11.9 KB

    Additionally, there is information which you can edit from your profile, but also here, such as your occupation, hobbies, and even a short biography: Name:  Update51.PNG
Views: 4128
Size:  9.1 KB

    "Edit Profile Picture"

    Name:  Update52.PNG
Views: 4131
Size:  26.0 KB

    Note: a profile picture is different from an avatar, it's not what will show up when you post, it's what shows up when people look at your profile.

    Here you can change your profile picture, it's simple, there are two options: to change it by file or to change it by website link. It also shows you your current profile picture, or specifies if you don't have one.

    Make sure your image fits the requirements before trying to add it in, or it won't work!

    "Edit Avatar"

    Name:  Update53.PNG
Views: 4121
Size:  25.4 KB

    This is the exact same as a profile picture, however, it's based on the picture that is shown after every post you make on the forums.

    Same as before, two options: to change it by file or by website link. And also shows your current avatar, and specifies if you don't have one.

    Again, make sure your image fits the requirement before trying to add it in, or it won't work!

    "Edit Signature"

    Here you can edit what is called a signature, it's something which appears below every post (unless you toggle it off below the post you're creating) and it can be used to provide links to other thread, images you enjoy or funny images, videos you want to advertise, and pretty much everything which conforms to the rules of the forum. There is a 500 character limit (including BB code), so make sure you're pretty concise if you're using text in your signature.

    Above it there is a preview of your signature.

    Mine, at the time this was made, looks like this: Name:  Update54.PNG
Views: 4193
Size:  67.2 KB

    "Profile Privacy"

    Name:  Update55.PNG
Views: 4105
Size:  15.9 KB

    This one is pretty self-explanatory, you can toggle certain things to:

    • Everyone (includes guests and blocked members)
    • Members only (includes everyone except guests and blocked members)
    • Your Contacts (only your contacts can see the information toggled)
    • Your Friends (only your friends can see the information toggled)

    By default, this is set to everyone, so if you want to keep things more private, you have to do it manually.
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    Default Account settings!

    First, to look at/edit any of your account settings, you need to click the 'Settings' button at the top right of the page: Name:  Update44.PNG
Views: 4085
Size:  4.1 KB

    "Edit Email & Password"

    Name:  Update56.PNG
Views: 4095
Size:  18.8 KB

    Here you can edit the email and password linked to your forum account - you must, however, enter your present password for any of your changes to be deemed viable. Pretty self-explanatory, if you ever change the email in which you use, I'd suggest changing it here, too, to receive notifications of private messages and such.

    "General Settings"

    Note: the "Private Messaging" section will not be covered in here, as it was covered in the previous "Communicating with others on the forums" section.

    Login & Privacy
    Name:  Update57.PNG
Views: 4108
Size:  11.9 KB

    Invisible mode allows you to login to the forums, but not appear at the bottom of the forums on the "online users" list, which would be classed as "lurking", you can toggle this on and off whenever you wish to do so.

    The "vCard" option is something you can allow, it's predominantly for business use and I don't see why anyone on Growtopia would need to use this.

    Google definition: vCard is a file format standard for electronic business cards. vCards are often attached to e-mail messages, but can be exchanged in other ways, such as on the World Wide Web or instant messaging. They can contain name and address information, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, URLs, logos, photographs, and audio clips.

    Messaging & Notification
    Name:  Update58.PNG
Views: 4079
Size:  13.9 KB

    The receive email option is for receiving automated emails from the forums when you get a private message or anything that the system feels like notifying you about - if this does not concern you, you don't check your emails for this kind of thing, or you don't want to receive these emails, you can disable them here.

    Default Thread Subscription Mode is when you reply to, or make a thread, you will receive a notification if somebody replies to that thread after you have, whether it be on your control panel, your email, daily or weekly, or not at all - you can toggle all of these options here. You can view all of your subscriptions here and revoke your subscription from certain threads here at your own leisure.

    Thread Display Options
    Name:  Update59.PNG
Views: 4101
Size:  22.3 KB

    Here you can edit the threads you see, and what you see in them. You can choose to see/not to see signatures, avatars, and images (if you have a slower computer, toggling these off is probably the better choice).

    You can choose the order you see threads, whether it be oldest-newest or the other way around - the default is "Linear - Oldest First".

    You can also choose how many posts you want to see per page (the default is 20) - you can choose 5, 10, 20, 30 or 40 per page.

    Threads will disappear after a certain period, if you choose for them to do so, you can choose numerous different time spans. I believe the default is none disappearing, and being able to see all the threads made since the beginning of the forums.

    Date & Time Options
    Name:  Update60.PNG
Views: 4058
Size:  16.3 KB

    On the date & time options you can choose your timezone (I believe the default is toggled specifically to your area), and all of the timestamps such as when a thread was made, or a reply was done, will be in that timezone, even though the other player may not be within the same timezone.

    DST (daylight saving time) is where, in the summer, the clocks move forward by one hour to account for the change in daylight - the forums will automatically move forward (well, their timestamps for your specific timezone) if you have this toggled to allow for a more accurate time-stamp alignment.

    If your country has a different starting day for the week (default is Sunday), you can select that here if you wish to do so, for the calendar to appear correctly.
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    Default Polls explained!

    This section will be covering all about polls & how YOU can create one!

    Firstly, what is a poll? A poll is a section of options which answer the question designated to it in order to gather information from other forum members - such as asking "Would you want to see this" with the answers "Yes", "No" and "It doesn't concern me." You can ask all sorts of questions and gain designated answers from the forum members which are accurate and easier than them writing a post.

    To create a poll, simply start a thread as shown in the "How to post, posting tools and posting tips" segment of this manual. Below, there are some additional options, one of which is "Post a Poll": Name:  Update61.PNG
Views: 4054
Size:  22.8 KB

    All you do is simply check the box, to confirm you're going to create a poll, and then choose the amount of options you're going to add. When you then submit your thread (still requires a title and a minimum of ten characters), you will be automatically redirected to the poll creation interface:
    Name:  Update62.PNG
Views: 4061
Size:  28.0 KB

    You then can enter your question, and the number of answers/options you previously selected when first submitting your thread. You also can choose how many days it will take for the poll to end/be inaccessible to other users, to choose how long of a period you want it to be until you gather your results. You can set it to 0 if you would like your thread to remain indefinitely.

    You can then "Allow Multiple Choice" - this would be for questions such as "Which of these do you like" and out of say, A, B, C, D, E and F, the player likes, A, D and F, they would select those three options within the poll.

    "Make Votes Public" allows everyone who selects "View Poll Results" to see which user voted for what.

    Automatically parse links in text is for links within your answers, which is very rarely done.

    Above your created thread, after submitting your poll, your poll will look like this (with your own question/answers):
    Name:  Update63.PNG
Views: 4017
Size:  6.3 KB

    When you click "Vote Now" it will submit your vote if you selected one. View poll results will show who voted for what/how many people voted for which answer (if not made public):
    Name:  Update64.PNG
Views: 4011
Size:  8.4 KB
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    Default BBCode!

    Note: all of the codes are of the same compiling, the only difference is the text between them, all of them are executed by putting [<insert text>] and then[/<insert text ]

    Rather than me explaining it, there is an official vBulletin BBCode guide, which is on this forums due to it being made by vBulletin! Here is a link which shows you all of the BBCode entries:

    When using BBCode, it will enhance the quality of your post, allow you to use spoilers to hide information people may not want to see, add images, videos and gifs to your post, and do pretty much anything that the tools allow you!

    Popular BBCode:
    [SPOILER] [ /SPOILER] - this creates a spoiler:

    [B] [ /B] - this makes your text bold: Like this!
    [I] [ /I] - this makes your text italic: Like this!
    [U] [ /U] - this underlines your text: Like this!
    [URL=(insert link here) [ /URL] - this makes your text a link, to make a post neater: Like this!
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    Default Why NOT to post about punishments and scams!

    There is a constant bombardment on the forums of "I got punished for no reason, help!" - that's not how you can gain help, this will hopefully help you out on how to get help, and why here isn't the place to do so.

    How to properly get help on the situation!

    Contact support - these are the people with the answers, and the ones who can help you - they normally respond in less than 24 hours, so I'm sure you can acquire a reason there.

    Why you shouldn't post about it on the forums!

    1) People here can't possible help you - we don't know why you were punished, as players, we have no clue - the people who read your thread don't have anymore of an insight to your punishment than you, or in fact have less of one as some people are just trying to get out of a punishment and know what they wrongfully did by violating the /rules of Growtopia.

    2) Moderators on the forum but they can't disclose and publicly discuss punishments, and calling one out on a public forum. But sometimes, if you really want the attention, you could be publicly humiliated by posting a thread and getting an answer to why you were punished, whether it be hacking or hosting a drop game.

    3) It clutters the forum - the forum are a place for discussion of the games within it in their designated sub-forums - and the fact that numerous threads are made per day about you being punished, simply evades that purpose. You could easily get a faster, more accurate response by simply contacting support. Spamming is against the forum rules, too, and if once isn't enough for you to ask, I've seen it where players spam threads until they get an answer - don't!

    4) You will be mislead; "Oh, I was farming and got banned!" No, that's not how it is - I cannot stress enough that you won't always be banned for what you were doing at that very moment.


    • Player gets bullied, witnesses a scam or a player hacking.
    • Player reports to the support desk and/or an online moderator.
    • The support desk and/or an online moderator look into it, maybe taking a day or two.
    • You're banned for something you previously did which was a violation of the rules, and not what you we're doing at that point.

    5) You will probably be told what you've been told here anyway, numerous times over. And eventually your thread will just be closed by a moderator telling you to email support, which you could have done and gained a response by at that point.

    Also, please note that posting about you've been scammed by somebody else is classed as publicly demeaning that player, and it will NOT be tolerated and will be treated the same as any other bullying scenario, to make this warning more official, in a sense, here's a post by Aimster from a while back warning you of the same thing:
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    Default Vulgarity and sexual obscenity - understand the ridiculousness!

    Okay, I see a lot of vulgarity and such here at the forums. This post will hopefully help you understand the ridiculousness of obscenity and why it shouldn't be used.

    This game has a variety of people within the community, all of different ages. This means that we have people of a lower age, teenagers and people even below that age group. These people don't need to see vulgarity or sexually-oriented language or phrases, it's the last thing we want for them. Sexually-oriented language is something children shouldn't see, as, most likely, they know nothing about it, and this could effect what they search and how they behave in and out of game. Children follow by example, so, by you using vulgarity, obscenity, profanity, innuendos and sexually-oriented language, they will most likely copy the language/phrase(s) you said to them, whether it be via Private Message, or they saw you say it in a thread. We don't want this. If you see someone blasting out vulgarity, report them.

    Bullying comes into this. This sort of language is most often used to offend someone, we don't want people being bullied here, we want to keep it family friendly, all content should meet the requirements of family friendly as this game has all age groups within a family. Bullying is wrong, it's violative, it's unethical, and it provides unbalance on the forums.

    The forum rules say, and I quote: "BE CIVIL" - it's all about context and connotation, if you mean for it to be sexual, vulgar, or use any form of innuendo, you aren't doing any help - you're contributing to the negative factor of the posts that contain obscene language, and that's exactly what isn't needed on the forum, and it's incongruous.

    Now, here is where you can help; every time you don't use vulgarity or sexually-oriented language, you make the game/forums have less profanity in all; you may not think it, but by not swearing you're actually being helpful.

    Forum Netiquette!

    Firstly, what is netiquette, you might ask. Well, simply, it's the "correct" or "acceptable" way of using the Internet. It's basically the common courtesy of communication and how not to be a detriment to other people's experience on the Internet.

    Parts of this were briefly covered in the "How to post, posting tools and posting tips" section of this manual, however, this is here as it links to the above section, and is an important thing to be reiterated.

    Stay on topic - many people use forums for knowledge gathering as well as social interactions. Forum posts and threads can be read by hundreds or thousands of users, and as such it's important to read the topic of a particular discussion and keep your posts related to that topic. If you are looking for a general chat, then use the Growtopia Tavern, and no other forum. Derailing threads is annoying and counterproductive.

    Don't be a troll - a "troll," as all of us know and have had the unfortunate experience of witnessing, is a person who breaks netiquette on a regular basis by posting inflammatory messages and/or pointless posts when responding to other users on the forums. It's not how to behave on the forums, if you want to troll, go in-game and hang out with your friends. I'm not saying you can't have a laugh, or make a joke here and there, but there's a line, don't cross it.

    Be respectful - remember that there is a human being on the other side of the screen, too. They deserve to be treated with respect and courtesy, just as you would like to be treated. There's no need to belittle, demean or bastardize anyone on the forum and there never will be. If you don't like someone, ignore them, this guide tells you exactly how to. And if someone is bashing another forum member, this does not mean you can bash them. PM a member of staff, let them deal with it. Being the bigger person is ALWAYS the better option. If you do respond to them, and by all means you can, BE RESPECTFUL.

    Don't double post and/or spam - this one is self-explanatory, doing things simply to up your post count isn't the way to go about posting on the forums. Quality over quantity, people!

    Don't type full messages in CAPS LOCK - this is EXTREMELY annoying and moreover, hard to read. Capitalizing one word or phrase is fine, that's emphasis, but typing a whole paragraph in capitals because you're having a rant is absurd. Just don't.

    Search before posting - chances are that most of the questions you have, have already been answered at some point or another by another Growtopia player or member of the forum, therefore you should ALWAYS use the search function before making you own thread to not annoy forum members with a question that has been asked and answered hundreds of times.

    Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in real life - it can be argued that the behavior in real life is different to that of online gaming, it certainly isn't and shouldn't be lower. General respect is widespread, and shouldn't only be used in certain places.

    Be accepting of mistakes - not everyone has the same amount of experience on the forums as you do, and not everyone knows the rules of netiquette. At some point, you will see a stupid question, read an unnecessary, irrelevant response, or encounter misspelled words; when this happens, practice kindness and forgiveness as you would hope someone would do if you had committed the same offense. If it's a minor "offense," you might want to let it slide. If you feel compelled to respond to a mistake, do so in a private message rather than publicly reply to their post.

    If you don't wish for arguments or disagreements, then don't post a thread/reply to one - the forums are a place for people to get their opinion across, whether you agree with their opinion or not, it's their personal opinion, you can disagree with it but you can also respect it, disrespectful posts aren't tolerated here. If you do not want disagreements, then don't post a thread nor reply to one. However, if they disagree with you and then start to be vulgar, offensive or sexually-oriented with their post, then you have a right to be mad, PM a moderator, they'll handle the situation for you, don't worry.

    Don't tell someone you didn't ask for their opinion or response - you are free to post a thread and reply to one as long as it abides by the rules, however, you are not allowed to tell who is allowed to view or reply, because it's a public forum, meaning everyone who isn't banned has a right to use it.

    Don't repeat another users post/thread - always read through the thread and posts before replying to it. Sometimes I see a thread and numerous people have responded to the question at hand with a VERY similar response, they don't need telling 32 times, read the posts of the thread before being repetitive. However, you are free to clarify or add information to an already created post WITHOUT EXACTLY OR ALMOST PARROTING ITS POINT - you can quote their post and then add to it, or elaborate it a bit more, that is no problem.

    Don't publicly report another player of Growtopia - if you have an issue with a certain user, don't make a thread about it. That's just being rude, if you have an issue, PM a forum moderator with the said issue and they will be more than happy to look into it for you.

    Don't bash other players - bashing and giving criticism are different things! To bash one said user is to insult them, make them feel bad, and basically bully them, this isn't criticism, this is something which isn't tolerated. To give criticism it to point out bad things in somebodies post or something, to actually help them improve, better to be given in the form of constructive criticism, it's more polite. Bashing players = Bullying = Not tolerated = A violation of rules = Punishment.
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