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Thread: The Forum Manual!

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    Default Tips & tricks of the trade!

    Here is a place where I (and hopefully other forumers) will provide you with general tips and tricks, which could include information not within the other posts, or could be a summarized version of what they contain. At the end of every tip, if there is a relevant one, there will also be a link to a useful forum thread!

    1) Report the posts that violate the Forum Rules using the report feature - as shown here - don't add flame to the fire! Reasons for reporting include: Spam, inappropriate language or pictures, insulting/offensive comments, duplicate posts or threads, posts in the wrong sub forum.

    Thank you to all the people who already help the forum by doing this, and a huge thank you to everyone who helps out in the future. I, as well as others, really appreciate it!

    2) NOBODY who is a staff member of the game, Ubisoft, or any company/position related to the game (such as the Support Desk) will NEVER, EVER ask for your password - they don't need it, and they have no desire to ask for it, anyone who asks for it is not who they say they are, and they're trying to steal your items, and this is what is known as a phishing scam, don't fall for it! (More information here!)

    3) You cannot sell or buy accounts, so advertising that on the forum isn't the smartest thing to do (or you could just NOT try to sell your account!). As well as this, you cannot sell items in-game, both will result in the permanent ban of your account, keep trading to in-game items!

    4) When arguing/debating with one another, KEEP IT CIVIL! In my opinion, it is entirely possible to have a meaningful discussion, full of opposing opinions, without ever having to be spiteful to one another. You'll actually look more professional if you manage to keep a level head.

    5) When you want to report a bug, you can also email if you think it's easier, game breaking or won't be seen on the forum. If you want to post it on the forum, you should do so in the Bug Reports & Problems sub-forum; you can either create a new thread, or simply post it on this collaborative bug report thread. I recommend reading this thread by Sam Richardson (AV8R) before posting any bug reports; " [READ BEFORE POSTING HERE] Tips on what we CAN and CAN'T help with."

    6) Posting here about punishments will NOT help you - us regular players do not have the ability to know what happened within your punishment, nor what went on prior, all we know is the information you tell us within your complaint thread and we all know that the information there will not always (if ever) be reliable; email instead, they can actually help you where as we can't!

    I will constantly update this specific post if there are new tips I think of, or any of you forum members provide any valid ones!
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