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Thread: It's been a pleasure.

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    I will re live your honor. Shrek is BLYoshi conf1rmed.

    No seriously, good luck in life!
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    Before you gone, get that Heart Monitor on Styx world will ya,
    Anyways, Well, I have no idea what to say, since we technically have an employer and employee relationship in the beginning. *awkward* In truth, I was way richer than I appeared I was back when I want to work for you, because I was so amazed at your lockstreet world. So I pretended to be poor to perhaps say a hi or two, just to make acquitance with you but it ended up a flop because I was the only one there working and you logged off right after you employed me.
    I think your head has some brilliant ideas. I admire you for that. I don't know how long this retirement going to last, but if it's forever, I hope to see your youtube channel to be converted into a gaming channel so I can still stalk you.
    Pray you have a good life outside Growtopia and I'm glad we cross path.
    Stay safe~
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    Dood, your story. It just makes me feel happy that someone has started working from the low depths of Growtopia to a decent player with decent wealth. I've admired you, not because you were pretty nice, but the fact that you've done everything to get involved with the community (i.e.: LOCKSTREET/That one world where you got to get the most Chickens). Hope you'll have a good time off of Growtopia. Like I said, you were one of those people that I've admired for a long time
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    This honestly made me kinda sad, you've sorta been that person who A ton of people looked up to (including me :3). Sadly it was mostly me working for you with a bunch of your stuffs (Help break, pcasino, ect). I'm fairly sure some of my first posts were on your Wotd, uh, the computer themed one ( :^ ).

    Q: Any regrets?
    Another Q: What does BL actually stand for?

    It'll be a sad forums without ya, bai.
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    NUUUUUUUU bai yoshi

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    Well, though you do not know me (well…you probably do), I will tell you that you were a great person to have around. While sometimes I frowned upon times you may have come off as boastful and arrogant, I know that it was not your intent. Hopefully your impression shall last as an influential player, but even the wealthy Rubie is not a common topic anymore. The greats lose luster; your friends and fellow forumers will not forget you though.

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    I barely knew you but gl with the future.

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    It saddens me when I see people go, especially the one(s) i've respected and admired. I won't forget ya Yoshi, I won't. For all the good things you have done to the forum community and in-game, I won't forget that. Honestly, you're the other guys I admired besides Zero and Jake.

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    Whoa! I'm back, physically but not in spirit.
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    Awww nuts

    Bye Yoshi. Happy trails!

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    Good luck, Yoshi.
    Seems like my GT username didn't age well...

    Retired from Growtopia
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    Cya dude. Enjoy life.
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    I quit for a really long time. Just came back, we shall see if I stay lol

    Yall are awesome. Remember that. Life is Good so ENJOY IT. (Video Games APPROVED)

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    Cya! Also i'm leaving together with you, but i quit for longer.

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    Dang, I remember the time my cousin (Mangausteen) bought your world FIGHTS. And tbh I use to fanboy you lol
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    Before you go can I get you to place a heart monitor in one of my worlds..?

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    Default Farewell Yoshi, you will be missed

    Although I only got to meet you a few times, I always admired how nice you were to everybody. The day before you quit you were running around the world MARKET and bought all my and OceanDolphin's pickaxes for 36 world locks I thought you were just being the general nice person you always were. I wish I had a chance to talk to you and become friends, you seem like such a great guy. If this really is the end I wish you all the best with the rest of your life and if you ever chose to return to this wonderful community I hope you will be accepted with open arms.

    Also that was a crazy story, haha I guess I got super lucky having OceanDolphin already played a little while to explain me everything hahaha. I'm pretty sure everybody farmed grass seeds at one point or another in their noob life hahaha.


    I hope we cross paths again someday


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    Quote Originally Posted by proman340 View Post
    Er, that's creepy. But thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by King902 View Post
    You were one of my best fwiends in game, sad to see you go. Upcoming holidays won't be the same without you Bye Yoshi, i wuv u.
    Will miss ya King. Thanks for all the fun times.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bejewled View Post
    I'll see you around then
    (Insert long sappy paragraph here)
    Cya Bej.

    Quote Originally Posted by Reciful View Post
    Sad. But at least there were those times in TIMED...

    Goodbye. It was nice meeting you and watching you grow.
    Hey Rec, still remember ya. TIMED was fun while it lasted

    Quote Originally Posted by Pyroworld View Post
    Oh the bromance.

    Anyways, bye man. You were one of the oldies.
    Hah, I have too many of em. Cya Pyro.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheSphere View Post
    Probably the most legit person in GT.

    I love how innocent you are,Yoshi.I always see you try doing an amazin act for GT,or something entertaining. But you put so much trust into the participants that it ruins it. Aboslutely ruins it. And you don't hate. You've probably never hated.

    You remember me,eh? I fangirled you. I'd always try be linked to you,I'd always try participate and work with you. Reply to your posts,appreciate you. I'll be honest,that hasn't really worked out. But I guess it did with a lot of other people.

    This is why I like you Yoshi.

    K Questionid you use Caps and Punctuation when you first started? And I feel you should govern wls to who has helped you the most along the way.

    It's gonna be different without ya Yoshi. Real different,for me included.
    Yes, I've always used proper grammar since the beginning (if I recall correctly). Thanks for this post mate.

    Quote Originally Posted by ASAD View Post
    I remember when I joined the Game on September 2013, I was pretty new then and the harvest festival had just ended, Seediary was filled with gems. And someone used a Songypeon on me : D
    I was lost, entered a random world and the Guy gave me access at his lock and I didn't know how to trade and he taught me it.
    I by mistakenly took his small lock. And didn't know how to give it to him. So I dropped it in the area, and forgot to cover it :P so some people came in and took the lock I was pretty sad then.

    I invited my brother to this game and he loved it. Then I left the world, (Skipping to the part when I made my first world)
    I wanted my world to be a carnival type fun world, so I named it Funworld0, its quite abandoned now. It got griefed atleast 4 times lol. So I started to host fake quizzes and scammed Stuff, until a guy comes to me and tells how horrible it is and how his sister cried, when she got scammed her first Dragon. So I felt bad and stopped hosting Fake quizzes. And farmed other stuff like sugar cane and Corals.

    Im sure I skipped Alot of parts but I can't recall those.
    It's really sad to see you go : (
    I figured someone would quote the whole OP hah. Thanks for sharing man, cya.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Will View Post

    I hate to see ya go
    Bye Girrafes, your races were a blast

    Quote Originally Posted by Hans View Post
    Bye, man.

    You were so casual, chill and laid back. All the more "cool", I could say.

    I have one more thing to do, though. Before I completely leave the game and go inactive in forums. It might take a while. I'm going to build my first ever, and (maybe) last WOTD before I leave. And you have inspired me to do so. (Alongside with many other people. I had a real big dream back then.)
    Go for it man! Try something no one else has done before. It might work out, or it might fail miserably. I've experienced both.

    Quote Originally Posted by pronexus View Post
    Attachment 90659

    Bye Yoshi

    Quote Originally Posted by Aram Sevag View Post
    Changed my name to fit the Summer theme, then ended broke and couldn't change the name back, haha.

    Anyway, I won't bid farewell because I know that our paths will cross again.

    Have fun.
    Well, I sure hope so. Cya around Aram.

    Quote Originally Posted by IceKane View Post
    Search up the song, "Verge" by Owl City.

    Bye Yoshi! Dang, I'm a fan of the Super Mario Bros Series.
    Lol, never heard of that song. Only song I've listened to from Owl City is Fireflies. Cya man.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Guswanto View Post
    Nice story u have there , never get to know you, as im not as 'high' as you yet , make sure you come back one day , i'll be as high as you then
    You have my respect
    Yep, it's really high up here.

    Thanks for reading, good luck!

    Quote Originally Posted by g1281737 View Post
    Respect. I liked that you had many creative ideas, not just copy others like most people do.
    Thanks man.

    Quote Originally Posted by initialG View Post
    Dem , i saw you couple times and talk to you sometime and your dat "Nice Guy" imo.
    Its sad to see a leaf fell , but well . life goes on no matter what.
    GL with reallife.

    Anw how bout PORTAL2?
    Sorry, really wished I had time to finish that. Not sure man.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gooseneck View Post
    Good bye whoever you are.
    Cya Goose, your location ain't far from mine.

    Quote Originally Posted by smartsmile View Post
    I have always admired you since I started forums and I would constantly stalk you all the time. Before you leave for forever please I beg of youto tell me what the BL stands for in your name? I need to know.

    heck I would even take pictures in your world for my profile pictures
    Attachment 90667Attachment 90668

    also some screenshots i thought would be worth sharing
    Attachment 90669Beating your pinball parkour<Attachment 90670<breaking into your survival games<Attachment 90671Attachment 90672Attachment 90673the anulot stalking you days

    I really miss all of this rest in rek blyoshi

    Also on a sad note i guess we know who is going to get the world YOSHI now...
    RovSpy? Nah, I won't let him. I remember those moments in the screenshots as well, how cool.

    BL? It's from another game. No more clues.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Bowe View Post
    You were a great forumers, a great world-builder and an overall nice guy, but every dog has is day; sad to see you go so soon, though! Thanks for all your community worlds, and your positive impact on us Growtopians, BLYoshi, you'll be remembered for all your positivity!

    Thanks for the small note, by the way.
    Appreciated Jack. You're a great guy, truly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tempting View Post
    I'll remember you. I think. When I shoot my BLYoshi's Dirt Gun? It was nice getting to know you.
    Nice knowin you bud.


    I'll respond to the other messages later, still trying to think about what to do with my 2k wls.

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    i've never got to meet you in game but you seem like a great guy on the forums. Good luck on your real life yoshi .

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    You too? D:

    You were always an amazing friend. I was completely speechless when you went out of your way to buy that world for me. You were fun to hang around with. All good things must come to an end however.

    It's been a pleasure, Yoshi.
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    Default cri

    Everyone is quitting :c

    I loved your WoTDs, I especially loved WEBDESK.

    You're a funny and friendly guy both in-game and in the forums. Your sponsors were legit!

    It was nice having you in-game. At least you're staying in the forums, right?
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