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    Default >.< Art Trades Open >.<

    Yes, art trades are open! Please reply with a picture of your drawings.

    ~♢~♢~♢~♢~♢~♢~♢~♢~♢~♢~♢~♢~ ~♢~♢~♢~♢~♢~♢~♢
    What is an art trade? (For those who dont know)

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    1. Like I said... add a picture in your reply
    2. If I don't want to trade, please don't get dramatic and cuss me out.
    3. I may be busy with commisions so please try not to nag me.
    ~♢~♢~♢~♢~♢~♢~♢~♢~♢~♢~♢~♢~ ~♢~♢~♢~♢~♢~♢~♢
    Some of my artsu:
    Name:  IMG_20150801_144911.jpg
Views: 25
Size:  312.8 KB
    Name:  IMG_20150718_170633.jpg
Views: 18
Size:  494.5 KB
    Name:  IMG_20150716_151130.jpg
Views: 20
Size:  609.7 KB
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    Im new to the forums... ill draw your character if you send me a picture ^.^ but the style is anime sooo...
    IGN: hipanda

    Artsu of me:
    ^By Momo4ever
    ^By Growtobecool



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