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Thread: Needing advice for Next Harvest

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    Default Needing advice for Next Harvest

    So i have a few songpyeons and balance cakes which I will use to make zeus lightning bolt but It won't be possible for me to make right now since balance/songs are getting rare and are high in demand so from the 3 options below (w/ explanation)which in your opinion would be the best ???

    Option 1. Save the balance/ songpyeons you have and wait for next year
    Option 2. Sell the balance/songpyeons you have and just make zeus next year
    Option 3. Sell the balance /songpyeons and buy zeus lightning bolt

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    lol it might be a bit late but you can sell the songpyeons and invest on items that are useful for the next event!

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    Wait 3 months, sell balance and songpyeons, buy zeus on next harvest.

    But i think you should save up those wls if you sell them, and buy something more useful
    Quote Originally Posted by TIMTAM
    I had this dilemma last year around harvest festival. Here is my thread from last year

    It was pretty much 50/50, some had valid reasons to pick it up, others had valid reasons not to.

    In the end, i couldnt help myself and I picked it up...

    This was my biggest regret in growtopia. Like the item is cool and all, but at the time I made it, it was worth around 700wl but about 2 months after it was worth around 1500wls. So I had a 1500wl item that I couldnt trade or drop, so im stuck with it for the rest of my growtopia life. When I first picked it up, it was like the coolest thing ever, then a week later, I started to regret it...

    I mean it was cool back then a bit after harvest festival because not many people had it, so everyone would always be like "OMG WHAT IS THAT?!?!?" but eventually it got boring explaining to everyone. The worst part is it doesn't really have any mods that are useful, like it has the same mod as the boxing glove but let's be honest, when do we ever need to have a strong punch? I would way prefer it to have the same mod as the pickaxe, that way you could farm with it.

    Also, if you are wanting profit from it, it may seem like since theres so many right now, it will never go up in price, this is how I felt last year, but trust me, in like 5 months, there will be none in worlds unless from owners that have quit. Most people that wear them now will either quit or not be bothered wearing it in like 6 months, so then again if you do have one people will think you're really cool, but if you have an unpicked up one, you could get really rich.

    After having it for a year, I only really use it to show off on day to day bases, I can't be bother changing my hand item after farming.

    So yeah, personally, I wouldn't pick it up, but it's up to you.
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    Wait for the price of the Sonyppeon & Balance mooncake to rise, then sell 'em.

    OPTION 2.

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    I say option 3. It's still possible to buy a Zeus bolt for a fair price. Alternatively, buy songpyeons and balance cakes, then make it yourself. Enough people still sell them, for now.
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