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Thread: Checking in

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    I like to think of this as a token have to visit 2 areas when you could have just stayed at one.
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    It's more organized now.[IMO] I can sell my items faster than before and buy things faster. Mostly when you are jsut selling and buying a specific item in a thread.

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    Default Before, all of them are together

    I would prefer to have buying and selling together, because most people browse the forums to see what to buy. IMO, the buying section will be hard because very little people will go to WTB to find a buyer, instead , it would be easier to just post at WTS section and wait for a buyer to find you. As you can see, the WTS section always have more "currently
    viewing" than the WTB section.

    Advantages of mixing- When people browse marketplace, They might sometimes run across something that they are interested in, (never think of buying it in the first place). Then again, when finding something to buy, they will also stumble on a buying post of something they dont need and want to sell them.

    People can also have just one "Buying and Selling thread" instead of "Shopping list" amd "Selling list".

    So, finally,IMO I think the old marketplace is more effective

    Thanks for reading XD.

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    From the votes and the comments it's pretty clear that the majority of the Growtopia players who use the marketplace for buying and selling prefer to have those threads combined. Therefore, we have combined those threads. Thanks for the input everyone. Have fun buying and selling!



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