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    Thumbs up BETA BEHAVIOR!

    Hey guys,

    Yes, we all know that /beta is a fun time to test new items!

    We won't be punishing drop games / scamming on the beta server because everything you would scam/loose would be lost in the end, anyway!

    However, there are a few things that could risk you getting the boot on the beta, and potentially the real server.

    Content offenses will be punished in the beta. What do I mean by content?
    - Repeated profanity in broadcasts
    - Faking Growtopia System messages. (eg: saying in chat/in a sb: "AV8R ENTERED 10 OTHERS HERE"..etc.)
    - Abusive messages to moderators. Don't be a jerk.
    - Any form of hacking /advertising malicious websites.
    - Spamming lines and lines of the same thing

    Remember, beta is all about testing new stuff and having fun! Don't ruin that fun for everyone!

    Oh, and one other thing: We won't be punishing for this, but please try to keep everything you see on /beta out of the real server! Don't go broadcasting about things that the players who can't get in beta can't see, we've trusted you (the experienced players) with the information about what is to come, so keep it secret best you can!
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