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Thread: Price of Fairy Skirts?

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    Default Price of Fairy Skirts?

    Most people don't sell or buy Fairy Skirts but I'm buying 25 of them and I don't know how much they are.
    If I don't get enough fairy skirts I will just buy Disco Ball seeds instead and splice them. (I would rather get the skirts instead of the disco ball seeds). So if you know the price of Fairy Skirts Please help a fellow growtopian out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indicative View Post
    2 per wl.
    Thx I have been feeling sad because one of my post there were haters. I didn't know about the mini mod thing lol. I was just showing what type of scams there were. Some Kids Don't Like it. Eh thx bro nobody knew the price.



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