Please , Don't break any rule. (

1.Keep language and Content family friendly
2.Don't be bigoted or racist
3.Never give out Your password
4.Players with "@" in front of Their names are Growtopia Moderators , listen to them
5.All chat is Logged
6.Don't pretend to be a Moderator or Admin! <
7.Don't lie about Moderators or Admins
8.Detection of a hacked client! <
9.General Scams & lies are not exactly illegal , but be warned that Moderators can still punish You
10.'Drop Games' are not allowed , so don't host/play one!
11.Breaking rules on purpose to try to get muted or Duct-taped results in a ban instead! <
12.Bots and Macroing programs will result in a ban
13.Don't broadcast about or from inappropriate world names - /msg a Mod instead (/Mods , to see who's on)
14.Be aware that bans/mutes apply to Your location and Your device, not just the account! <
15.There is NO WAY to duplicate / copy items in Growtopia! <

For technical support , IAP issues or to report a player , please email

Thanks for Reading!

~ Andrew911