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Thread: Chaos Cursed Wand!

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    Default Chaos Cursed Wand!

    Lots of people asking for help about dropping their freeze or fire wand to get Chaos Cursed Wand and heres the answer. If you want profit you go for Fire/Freeze wand because they are very rare and their getting rarer because most of people dropping it to get Chaos Cursed Wand. If you want cool item that you could use always and not only one time you get Chaos Cursed Wand, Very simple answer. So yeah, theres your answer Happy Halloween and Goodluck!

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    I Do not have any wands haha Sad life~

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    Yes that is true, because if you drop chaos wand u can sell them for 90-110 only but if u keep your fire and freeze wands u can get much more profit from it if u have patience to wait....

    That's all, happy Halloween and a blessed day to you guys and keep playing and supporting GrowTopia!



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