Av8r has been removed as a moderator because his account got hacked. The hacker stole a bunch of things from different players, which we have successfully restored at this point. If you have been affected by this and not been helped yet, please email support@growtopiagame.com for help. Please be aware we actually check the logs, so don't waste our time with made-up stories (we punish players who do!).

This is an important lesson for people! AV8R downloaded an untrusted file from a dangerous website. Never download any file you don't trust! This is why windows gives those obnoxious warnings about "This file can harm your computer!" - because if you don't know for sure what the file is, it could be anything, including a virus that steals your growtopia account, or maybe your bank account. This is important stuff you can't mess around with.

Also, of course, never tell anyone (including us!) your password, and never leave a password typed into a device that other people use. As you can see, even the moderators who are very conscious of their security can run into these things if they just make one slip-up.