Today, since we accidentally removed XP-gain from picking up ATM gems during yesterday's balance patch, we're actually doing a complete overhaul of XP gain. It turns out there are a lot of activities that didn't give any XP at all previously, which really should've. We also feel that leveling is slower than it should be, so this update is meant to notably improve your leveling speed (how much you gain really depends on what you do, though! But the option is now there to gain much much faster than before).

The bad news: Picking up gems, for any reason, no longer grants XP!

The huge list of good news:

* Like taking care of silkworms? Silkworms now give 10 XP each time you feed/water them (was 1).
* Got lots of Growtokens? Experience Potion is doubled to 10,000 XP.
* You do a lot of farming? We doubled the XP from tree harvesting...
* ...and raised the block-smashing XP from 1 per block, to being dependent on rarity, so up to 20x more (or more, but who is farming Game Graves?).
* Surgeons? You now get 50 XP per successful surgery (instead of zero)
* You like to fish? You get 1 XP per 10lbs your catch weighs (minimum of 1 XP)
* Parkour expert? 50 XP for finishing a Wolfworld.
* New agey? 20 XP for shattering a Harmonic Crystal.
* Firefighter? 1 XP per fire put out.
* Radioactive? 10 XP for every geiger find.
* Hate clothes? 1 XP for every clothing item compacted.
* Fun and games? 5 XP per Carnival game won.
* Heroic quester? 100 XP for each Ringmaster quest step completed.
* Smithing in your blood? 100 XP for every successful use of the Forge.
* Handy with a needle? 20 XP for every successful sewing project.
* Dressed like Santa? No more -XP when Sack o' Joy drops gems.

So yeah, lots more ways to get XP, and lots more XP from them!

Update: Just to clarify, since there is a lot of confusion and rage, this update results in a lot more XP for everybody, unless your only source of XP was ATMs. ATMs provide a ton of gems for very little effort, so we decided they don't need to also be a better source of XP than all the fun stuff. Once again, this update is a large buff in XP gains. This is not something to rage about, it's happy fun times for all.