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Thread: Recent hax scare and how to keep your GT account safe and secure

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    Default Recent hax scare and how to keep your GT account safe and secure

    Online safety isn't just about Growtopia, but all games, your bank information, paypal, Twitch, youtube, and so on. Learn how to keep your stuff safe!

    I think by now everybody knows they shouldn't run weird .exe's, or enter their password into a weebly website for any reason.

    But there is another way people can get your password you may not realize and it doesn't involve those things.

    Do you use the same password in many different games/websites? If so, you're at risk!

    If someone knows your email address, they can scan a list of previously compromised websites and look for a password, and then try it on GT or anything else and just hope it works.

    The solution? Use a different password everywhere! I know, it's a hassle, and you'll probably end up with a big text file of passwords or a password utility, but it's the way to go.

    For a quick check to see if your email is associated with any leaked passwords from various sites, you can visit to see which sites. (keep in mind this won't show everything)

    For example, my email is public. Very public. Anybody can put it into that site and see that there are four websites that have had password leaks that I was/am a member of.

    Generally after a hack, a site resets passwords forcing people to choose new ones.

    Now imagine there is a website like this that also gives you the leaked password, and lets you search by other things rather than email. (IP address, handle, ect) This allows anybody to get information to try to logon with.

    I use unique passwords on every site so even though "Android forums, Patreon, Nexus Mods, vBulletin forums" potentially have leaked my password, I know it won't work in GT or my bank's website.

    So to protect yourself, make sure your GT password is unique to GT! You can change it here as long as you've entered a valid email when you made your GrowID.

    In addition, don't forget the stuff like never running an .exe from an untrusted source, not ever giving out your password, etc. Also, don't run an Android App (.apk) from an untrusted source, if your phone is rooted, they could do something evil.

    Stay safe.

    PS: Mods always delete any posts/threads with "hacker" names/websites, the point is not to give them attention or anything kids can google to go get in trouble.
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