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Thread: Is your world good enough to be a World Of The Day?!

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    The town has ran out of water. Find out where the water. Check the well, ask the town members, do your best!

    Name:  watersources.png
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    IGN: Fruitato
    Level: 72

    Here's a random video!

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    It is the night before valentines day. Julie, the protagonist, entered her boyfriend's house hoping to surprise him. She walks in on him with another girl! She runs away from his place where she is haunted by deep thoughts... She later decides to spend Valentines day with those who care for her.

    Name:  singleloves.png
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    ** I am not very good at pixelating but I tried. I had help by my admins since I am currently taking hard courses this semester. Without them, I wouldn't finish on time. Oh and her hair is messy because she is brokenhearted.

    Twibamboo composed "Sad Song" for world purposes.
    Niik0, Twibamboo, and Fielie helped with pixels/parkour (I give them directions).
    Twinzgt provided materials and tested parkour.
    (plus other people whom supported me)

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    Default HUNTERWAYS for WOTD ?

    My proposition is HUNTERWAYS. World is with a story about a Hunter, he was on a hunting with his friends and fainted then woke up in a Jungle with headache. Around he was hearing wild animals and one man, Keeny his mentor on the way which won't be easy. To get out of this he must go into the Jungle with just one ball in his gun.
    Everything is only because in his life huntings and friends were on the 1st place without family, wife and kids. After that he will know what should be the most important when you are father.
    World includes:
    •Punch and Zombie Jammers
    •Weather machine
    •Adventure items
    (I know it's Valentines, but after...)
    Name:  IMG_20180214_143919.png
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    Exclamation Q0V Cool Parkour

    Me and my friend made this cool parkour around a year ago and its just been unused and left. i think it would be cool if it won WOTD as it would give the world some shine, Its a really fun parkour with some from the world PARKOUR. The music is original and not copied my friend made that as im useless at it lol. Its new player friendly so its possible without wings and other parkour normal essentials. Would be really awesome if it won .
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    Hey it's me DOOLE!

    I built this world to my friend but soon he gave it to me!
    It will be nice if it will be WOTD, becouse it looks cool for players.

    Junglemistake is an adventure and jungle world.
    Parkour is fillied with Venuses .. Acid.. Everything dangerous that can kill you!!

    World have Challenge timer filled with World Locks, Give a try and if you are fast enough, you will get one!

    Maybe the Render doesn't look like any other pixel art world. You can enjoy completing the world!!

    Check Junglemistake


    Once upon time ago the miners entered this jungle but they never came back.. Who knows maybe

    are they eaten... I have heard the rumors that the cannibals are living inside this jungle. Maybe this
    all a lie, who knows.... You better do not enter this jungle. You will not survive it!
    Name:  RENDER.png
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    Red face Beyondbedrocks, sunsaver, and findandget FOR WOTD!

    Peace! i wanna show you my three nominated worlds for WOTDs:-


    i would like to nominate my world for WOTD, its a story+parkour world that takes place underground.
    the story is about a man (player) lost underground by his greed, searching for gold and minerals, after he lost he gets the will to return to his beloved family.
    the journey starts in a unique fun door puzzle, where the player have to go above the maze using the first line of the doors, and then fall toward the ground trying to catch the right door that leads him to the required adventure items, there are more than one door that leads to the same position (to make the first-half easier as required by seth).
    after they have gathered the required items they will enter a parkour, where they dodge spikes, enter stone piles, swim inside groundwaters, and climb the roots of the surface's trees, this parkour requires skill and thinking
    after they finish the parkour they will fae the "boss" of the world, after they passed him the player will returned to his family.

    the world is tested without wings, so new players can join

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    The story is that the sun is dying and the Player should save it by collecting the adventure items to create a magical spell to save the sun, once they have collected the 5 adventure items (from different themed parkours) the player will get to the lastest parkour for the last adventure item, the last parkour have the same difficulty (EASY) like the other five parkours, but with no checkpoints.

    the world is designed that the sun is located at the top-right of the world as the hub, where the spirit of the sun is located as well, the spirit of the sun is the guider for the player, where he teleports him to where the adventure items is located in the world, and the parkours is divided by the rays of the sun.

    this world is tested without wings, but wings make it a little bit easier, however.

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    This slightly fits valentine's week.
    It's a Parkour world which is unique to design and playing, where players enters this giant Peafowl and pass through doors to reach the next feather. When they gather the four adventure items they will move out to the last adventure item, where they should grab it and turn around the Peafowl without breaking it.
    This is the easiest world of those 3 which i nominated

    Name:  findandget.png
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    NOTE: i did add P+Z jammers, weathers, etc... on all of the following worlds

    I hope for the other nominators good luck as well!
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    The biggest maze ever made in growtopia can you find your way out? Note all blocks are made from secret passage Name:  woodenearth.png
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    What happend in a life of a gorilla? Find out in happend!

    Name:  happend.png
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    Default Valentine's world here!

    About world:
    This world was made with all of my heart, I detailed every single of it just for everyone's satisfaction. It's an adventure, social, pixel art world with moral lessons that everyone could understand each of it in that world. I designed it like that so people could see that the world is not rushed and to show the pure love of this world. I did not rushed and I spent hours of building, decorating, and editing, especially buying. So have fun in this world, this is also for my one TRUE LOVE! So I'd highly appreciated if you pick this today!

    Story of the world:
    There's a teddy bear named "Teddyboo" and the bear is not just a regular bear, but he's a guide to his secret way which is called the "Love treasure" and he gave this quest to everyone who dares to enter his world. The teddy bear is so nice and friendly to everyone, he made the world harlmess to everyone and designed it perfectly for everyone to learn more about love. But then, he has a secret that he don't want to be releaved or seen by everyone except him. He accidentally made it obvious at the end and he accepted that hiding a secret is not good and he learned some love from them! And of course, he gave a lot for you too! There's a hidden meaning of Toaskey, which is his world!

    Contents of the world:
    ☆Very easy parkour world
    ☆Nice owner and admin
    ☆Pixel art (Turkey and Toaster)
    ☆Weather machines and jammer
    ☆Well-detailed background and surroundings
    ☆Moral lessons
    ☆Easy to ready story
    ☆3 easter eggs
    ☆Music everywhere (birds)
    ☆Fun to read and social world
    ☆Pure Valentine theme
    ☆Some truth story and detailed story
    ☆Fun QnA boards

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    Hey Seth, this world showcases my advanced grammatical usage, as I illustrate a journey taken by a young man to bring his village out of its poverty. Enjoy, and I hope to get WOTD.Name:  Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 10.24.44 PM.png
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    Default Nominating FOURDISASTERS for WOTD!

    Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Amber. She lived a relatively ordinary life, but her life took a turn for the worse when her boyfriend was killed in a car accident. A while later, she decided to visit her boyfriend's grave late at night, but when she arrived at the cemetery she could see a man kneeling beside a gravestone a few rows down from Amber's boyfriend's. After confrontation, the man, whose name was Kyle, turned out to be the brother of the woman who was killed in the same car accident that killed Amber's boyfriend. However, Kyle was special. He had to ability to harvest his anger to manipulate time and matter, which meant he could sculpt the future in his eyes. Kyle immediately targeted Amber and sought revenge for what her boyfriend did to Kyle's sister. Frightened and scared, Amber starts her quest for survival as a crazed man is constantly terrorizing her. The question is, will Amber join her boyfriend or will she live to see another day?

    The world contains:
    -Punch and Zombie Jammers
    -Adventure items, Password Hunts, Challenging/Fun parkour, and much more!

    Name:  image.png
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    You can contact me if you have any questions or concerns, whether it be in-game or via forums. I'm commonly occupied with creating worlds and socializing with players!

    Growtopia Username: Lewius

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    Valentine's savoury sweetness!
    Brief introduction: This maze of love is ready to be indulged in! Take some routes, ask your lovely friends and figure out the way to the heartfelt's prize of affection!

    +Proofs: P&Z jammer, firehouse, weather, pine guard, etc...
    +Parkour: I made it simple this time to fit the light theme of valentine! Throw your brains away and enjoy the mindless mousetracking.
    +Outlook:Sweet to death! It's like the world is living and trying to slap two letters of "HAPPY VALENTINE!" into your face! Using newest blocks+weathers+ranges of unique hidden gate combinations! Got a bunch of arts also.
    +Theme: It's trying to be as "lighthearted" as possible! Got a "to-do" list in Valentine's, a soothing dance room with waltz, and a really nice piece of music!
    Name:  kindness.png
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    +To sspark and his friends: A huge thank from me for getting me back on the wotd building.
    I crave for attention so don't give me any

    goals i rly want people to read so i made a sentence with reverse psychology so that they do:

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    Finally, the weather machine has been destroyed. But do you think that was it? The explosion of the machine had caused outsiders to come to the scene. Their powers might be powerful than we thought, but a chance is better than not trying at all.
    Name:  digitaldescent.png
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    As the ship flies over a massive jungle, a hole opened below you on the ship and you fell into the jungle. With Arsenic Max being careless, his ship crashed into one of the towers. Now that he can't escape, you can find him and end him.
    Name:  thefinalaction.png
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    The time to meet the new dimension has come as excitement filled into you. Sadly, it wasn't like you expected. The portal system had broken down and had lead you into the deadly and random Distortion World, full with unknown dangers and undiscovered mysteries. No one have ever escaped before, but can you be the one?
    Name:  dimensionstravel3.png
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    Are ya good enough to beat my parkour for a few world locks? Well if you are a parkourist, stop wasting time. Go to ULTERIORHAZARD ( 1 Diamond Lock Prize ) to challenge yourself!

    IGN : Xyonites
    Level : 65
    WOTD Count : 10



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