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Thread: Is your world good enough to be a World Of The Day?!

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    Default SHAPEMAZE for WOTD?

    Theme: Adventure, parkour, story
    Synopsis: You were in your bedroom, when suddenly the room went dark. You then knew, that you were transported to an unknown world in a blink of an eye. You're trying to get out!

    P Z Jammer
    VIP Room for winners
    Fun (wut?)
    Warp weather
    Noob friendly

    PS: I don't copy the world

    Special thanks to those who helped me!
    Name:  shapemaze-4.png
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    "Don't work hard. Work smart."

    IGN: NatSubaru
    People call me Nats or Nabs (Only LittleFella call me Nabs)
    I'm a lazy person.

    WOTD Count: 1


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    Default My First WOTD Attempt

    For my first WOTD attempt, I made a world called 'ETERNALREGRET' after some months and hard work. This couldn''t be done without the support from my friends!Anyways here's the render:

    Name:  eternalregret.png
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    Jungle weather
    Zombie Jammed
    Punch Jammed
    Some background missing because of music notes

    Hope you will consider about this

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    Good day.

    I'd like to present my world output.


    You suddenly wake up one morning to a loud explosion. You decide to look through the window to see what's going on. After seeing where it happened. You venture to the place. This is a start of a New Magical and Heroic journey. Things you never encountered before awaits...

    The World offers players...
    • Punch and Zombie Jammer for safety and enjoyable play.
      Music for accompaniment while playing
      An interesting fantasy plot to suit your imaginations...
      Parkour as we venture
      Provided a Jungle Weather Machine for added feels

    The world has things to offer. Throughout the play imaginations would display, decision making will be tested, parkour skills will be manifested and the story shall catch your interests.

    Here is the render of the world:
    Name:  illuminant.png
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    IGN: Turdy



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    Default I nominate


    Name:  firefighterquests.png
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    I am big believer in acts of kindness no matter how small...

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    Default For Wotd?

    4Elements Parkour (Nub-Friendly)
    This world is my FIRST wotd Attempt
    After failing one of my other worlds as trying to get WOTD.. I made A Other Version Of my old world which was Better.I just hope You Guys Can give Me a chance and let Me win WOTD!!
    World Includes:
    Pz jammer
    Jungle weather machine
    4elements parkour

    Heres the render:
    Name:  oelemento (1).png
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    My only chance to prove my friend wrong to get WOTD!!

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    Welcome to Forbiddenidol
    You are a archaeologist who wants to find the forbidden idol that was buried in a cave centuries ago. The reason why the idol was buried because the people believed that the idol was cursed so they buried it and forbid everyone to find it. Now that people have forgotten that it was cursed everyone went to search for it because it would give you good fortune. Your goal is to retrieve the idol

    -Z jammer
    -P jammer
    -Easy obstacles

    Name:  forbiddenidol.png
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    The Return

    LemonJews (xlightswitch) returns with a new adventurous installment to his series of punny worlds. This time, you have been assigned to take down the mechanical Pun Bot, and shut his system down for good. Infiltrate his system, crack his codes and survive from your endless cringes.

    BEPUNISHED is a sequel to LemonJews' first World-of-the-Day, THATSPUNNY.

    Discord: GummiBear64 🍋#1913

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    Theme: Aquarium Cave

    This world presents a massive aquarium showcasing the different types of fishes in GT
    The specialty of this world involves the use of paints to bring out the brilliant colours in GT never seen before
    Adventure is beginner friendly and is very easy to complete

    Name:  legendarycave.png
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    Name:  legendarycave_screens.png
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    The world has:
    -pz jammers
    -pine guard
    -ghost charm

    Name:  giantturtle.png
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    Name:  trainrobbery.png
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    Name:  stalker.png
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    IGN - Irkalla
    My sole purpose of existence is to create controversy on the forums. I an trying to create a toxic forum full of toxic people.

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    World: DeceasedIsland

    World includes:

    Zombie and Punch jammers
    Jungle weather
    New adventure items and adventure doors
    A storyline/narration
    Complex adventure door quest system!
    And an enjoyable experience!

    World: CringeKingdom

    My Newest WOTD Attempt Is A Cross Between My Main World/Parkour And An Adventure World!

    World Includes:
    Zombie And Punch Jammers
    Arid Weather Machine And Fire House
    3 Different Parkours. Cave, Waterish... And Normal
    Adventure Items And Doors
    A Castle!
    A Fun Adventure!

    World: DeceasedChurch

    World includes:
    Punch and Zombie Jammers
    Spoooooooooky weather
    Adventure items
    Mystery doors
    Spoooooky blocks
    Certified Balloon Wars pro (3x MVP in 2 wars)
    IGN: MrMine8 (XBOX)

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    ]The sequel to CONFUSED is WINDSTATION. Once you found out your identity, you are set on a task to fix the windstation in a dying town, as it is the only thing powering this small village. Again, puzzles are here and only your logic skills will you help you (along with a short parkour)! Can you fix the windstation and revive the town?

    After a long while, I've finally completed Snakehead.

    Your name is Alyssa, a vigilante seeking justice. Your objective is to steal the Yellow Diamond from Snakehead's special Chateau. You were expected, though. Snakehead had prepared multiple traps and puzzles to keep you at bay, away from the diamond and even further away from freedom. You've got to skillfully make your way through the huge chateau, in order to get the Yellow Diamond and out to freedom. Will you succeed?

    This world is filled with puzzles and some are pretty hard.

    Antigravity Generator,
    Pine Guard
    self composed (low quality) song

    Enjoy! And good luck. This world is NO walk in a park.

    THETOWERBLOCK by Spherical and skylord120

    This world is a memorial to the Grenfell Tower tragedy that took place on the 14th June 2017. It simulates the life of a firefighter during the event, and also includes some puzzles and a quiz at the end.
    The world is quite empty, but we really couldn't add anything else without making it seem unrealistic. We tried to emphasise the tower's height and you know make it seem tall and whatnot.


    Not my world, but a friend's. A painting has been robbed! The patchwork painting is lost, and has been stolen by thieves! You must chase them down, in an attempt to get back the beloved painting. Will you get it back?

    Want to see some Event related Goals and Daily Quests?
    Click here!

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    Sheesh everyone's sending parkours.

    Someone make a party world or something?
    Gone with the wind, faded from records

    I've finally caught up with you


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    After destroying the energy ball above his main base, Artificial Tech X, looks like the evil manager had invented a Weather Controller, filling the whole world in chaos. Now, it is time to destroy the controller with something magical.
    Name:  extraterrestrialstorm.png
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    Finally, the weather machine has been destroyed. But do you think that was it? The explosion of the machine had caused outsiders to come to the scene. Their powers might be powerful than we thought, but a chance is better than not trying at all.
    Name:  digitaldescent.png
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    The time to meet the new dimension has come as excitement filled into you. Sadly, it wasn't like you expected. The portal system had broken down and had lead you into the deadly and random Distortion World, full with unknown dangers and undiscovered mysteries. No one have ever escaped before, but can you be the one?
    Name:  dimensionstravel3.png
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    Are ya good enough to beat my parkour for a few world locks? Well if you are a parkourist, stop wasting time. Go to ULTERIORHAZARD ( 1 Diamond Lock Prize ) to challenge yourself!

    IGN : Xyonites
    Level : 65
    WOTD Count : 10

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    Default For Wotd?

    Oelemento have 4 elements Parkour (Nub-Friendly)
    Just hoping to get wotd as my old attempt failed
    I upgraded my world and this is how it looks like
    Name:  oelemento (1).png
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    World includes:
    Pz jammer
    4elements parkour(nub friendly)
    Jungle weather machine
    Hoping to prove my friends wrong that i'll get Wotd!

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    Hangout place mostly! Let the love seep in your life!

    +Pretty upbeat song
    +Cooly constructed maze
    +Entertaining gameplay, mostly for minuscule relaxation
    +premade jammers

    Name:  kindness.png
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    I crave for attention so don't give me any

    goals i rly want people to read so i made a sentence with reverse psychology so that they do:

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    Walk straight towards the sun and you'll see



    Credits to @pinkzies for helping edit, but also helping with the story.

    Information: PZ jammer, NO wings possible, Story/Adventure, Medium, Gigantic Pixel

    (Changed one spot)
    Story: While I believe that happiness brings people together, I also believe that sadness does the same thing. Yes sadness can separate people and it's normal, but so can happiness.. Not long ago, deaths has began. Millions of people lost their own life or someone they love which is really painful. Tons and tons of people came together to recognize that lives has been lost, while they mourn Together. It's nice to know that there are people who will be there by your side, to give you comfort during your weakest moment.. Whenever someone tells me that being sad won't do you any good, and that only being happy will, I tell them, "You're wrong."

    Within this world there are points that prove that not only happiness can bring people together, but also sadness.

    Improvement of more depth and more parkour
    Name:  cryingeyes.png
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    Don't be afraid to show your true colors.
    It's not about that they think, it's about
    What you believe. I believe in love.
    Doesn't matter if you try, as long as you're
    doing it for you and no one else.
    Insta: OneStyle_Gt

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    I'd like to suggest a few worlds for WOTD


    FSC - Fredis Small Cafe
    It's a calm and relaxing little place. The cafe is known for it's nature theme. Rumours say there're some hidden rooms. The world isn't a nornal parkour world furthermore are some of the Mannequins which are supposed to be some growtopia friends who I met throughout the years, giving clues to help you to get further in the story. Some of them only want to talk while others are willing to help. Enjoy the world

    Tonight you'll be able to see thousands of shooting stars, so you've decided to have a picnic while watching them, but before you can start to eat you have to set up everything, turn on the grill and find the perfect place to have your meal with a perfect view at the shooting stars.

    Welcome to growtopias most futuristic city. The world isn't really a parkour world it's much more a place to explore. You're able to visit the highest and most advanced skyscrapers and also read some informations about each of them. I hope you'll like the world.

    Chaosenergy is a wizard themed world, the story is about you being a wizard who learns some magic spells which you probably have to perform later on in the story.

    My my newest world DEFIES is finished. The world is adventure world about a son who keeps defying his mom. After another dipsute with her he decides to leave home to run into a dark forest. He meets a strange person who will changes his life completly.
    Special thanks to TrishaxKris who build the third collaboration world with me, she made up the story and helped me with the design! She's a very creative person.
    Another thank you to my sister badamtss for transcribing her first song in my world. It's amazing considering it's the first song she ever made in growtopia.

    The world FERRARI is a huge race world because the brand is closely related to a lot of different car races such as the formula 1 for example. It's probably the longest race world I've ever build. It took me quite some time and world locks to finish it so I'd be glad if you'd give it a visit.

    The world is about you being on vacation in a nice skiing-area. You can either relax and enjoy the beauty of the different mountains or you can try to find the missing keys of the different Hotelrooms. Either way make sure to have some funtimes.


    Welcome to one of Growtopias Zoos. The Zoo offers a high variety of difference species and each of them got it's own description written on guestbooks. From Lions to Great White Sharks to Butterflies they all found home in this zoo. Feel free to visit them.

    Once again I think the world looks way better in game than on the render so feel free to visit it

    Welcome to growtopias most colourful wonderland! Feel free to relax there. The world doesn't particular got a story but you can run around and explore every tiny bit of the world. You'll be able to unlock new areas step by step.

    You're living in a small village called DarkSprings when a giant dragon attacks the village and almost destroys everything. Given the size and strength of the dragon it'd be useless to fight it. So your only chance to survive is to flee through the flames.


    As you're waking up next to a sunken ship you find yourself at a strange and creepy place full of snakes, traps and skeletons. Whether the ship is yours or not and how you even got to the place which somehow looks strangely familiar is unkown and will be revealed later on in the story. I hope you'll like the world.

    The area you're in is known for it's gruesome laboratory. Stories about crazy scientists performing weird animal tests have been told about the place. The laboratory got shut down due to financial problems, but according to rumors it's just a lie to keep the laboratory out of the spotlight. It's said that the scientists still perform their tests on innocent animals. You've decided to check the place out to see whether the laboratory really got shut down or not.

    The world looks way better in game and I recommend reading all the guestbooks to get deeper into the story

    Feel free to join my discord server by clicking on this link:

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    Default OVERSPOOKY and more for WOTD!? By OVEROLL


    Name:  overspooky.png
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    The story - “A boy wakes up from his bed, he hears distant noice of his mother calling him to eat dinner he goes downstairs and he see’s a Un human like man, who called himself the Devil. The boy gets a quick flash and he finds him self in a dark cave, where he hears and see’s bunch of souls. A unknown voice tells him that in order to go back home you have to pass through all the test and circumstances I through at you, and this test is to determine the boys will of fire , Bravery, and skill. So let the Adventure begin of The Boy who faced the Devil’s test. It's awesome parkour i use all jammer, spooky weather, ghost charm and song.

    Level : 100


    Name:  murdered.png
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    Hi, i made a story parkour world with spooky theme, it's about game for find out who is the killer, it's like a detective game. If you smart enough, you can find who is the killer. I use P Jammer, Z Jammer and Spooky weather. The parkour not too hard tho.

    Level : 100


    Name:  omnipresent.png
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Size:  835.8 KB

    Hi, i just made an adventure world with spooky theme, the story, I heard about something in my dream, the dream drove me back to the past, it was a windy day, and i was all alone, this is how is started, i was just walking back from school, i went to take a nap, i magically appear in a jungle fulfilled area, the sound of the wind, it's familiar to a bear, i wonder why... to be continue. Yes right, read more story on there. This world newbie friendly, i already record my self tried this world without wings, shoes, parasol, etc. I use Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Fire House, and Spooky Weather.

    Level : 100


    Name:  jungleroll.png
Views: 127
Size:  1.23 MB

    Hi, I made Jungle Blasted World hope can be WOTD, i use alot of adventure items in here, so atractive and so fun, the story about Lost In The Big Jungle, World is newbie friendly, everyone can play without wings or air rob or parasol, of course i use Pineapple Guardian, Punch Jammer and Zombie Jammer. Everyone should check this out, so you can feel how awesome the adventure items working. Thank You

    Level: 100


    Name:  goldenbunny.png
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Size:  542.3 KB

    Hi, I made Easter theme adventure parkour world. The story about "Why The Easter Bunny Brings Eggs". Once upon a time there is a King who had a very powerful magician at his court, one day the magician gave The King a hen that laid a beautiful eggs for a present. The King liked the eggs, but he was greedy and he told his magician that he would like the hen better if the magician could lay eggs of gold. Does The King get what he wants? The story more interesting, you all can read full story on there. World is so fun, i use some adventure items on there, also newbie friendly, so all people can play. Sure i use Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer and Snowy Weather. Thank You So Much.

    Level : 100


    Name:  overthebeach.png
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Size:  584.5 KB

    I made this during Summerfest, the story about the boy called Rollie who really loved going to the beach, but suddenly something bad coming, he is very sad. Can he be happy again? . I use Beach Blasted, P and Z jammer. This world is easy and atractive, i use some adventure items and many different trick parkour in different level, so fun and newbie friendly, all people can play without wings. Hope y'all enjoy this Summer. Thank you so much.

    Level : 100

    See how i play without wings, shoes, parasol on JUNGLEROLL

    See how i play without wings, shoes, parasol on OVERTHEBEACH

    See how i play without wings, shoes, parasol on OMNIPRESENT

    Thank you for choosing my world ROLLZOMBIE to be WOTD Winner on August 2, 2017.
    I am very happy and so glad that i will continue to make more good adventure world for everyone.
    Thank you so much.

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    Months building it, i tryed to do the most complete Dino world i could.

    **** Features ****
    -A Complete Museum/tutorial with all you need to know about Fossils and Dinos. It has even a public DNA extractor, to everyone who needs it.
    -All Dinos! And plants! I made even a Raptor's Cage in the parkour to show all raptors.
    -Original Song, made by mixing up 2 diferents piano sheets i found on Internet.
    -A thematic Parkour, with a really cool design. Possible with no wings, and still challenging.
    -Some Dino Arts, and a huge Jurassic Park Simbol that is used as Victory Hall.
    -I made a Mini-game Called Indominus Rex Race, where you do a Huge Jump over the angry dino in full speed.
    -Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer and Jungle Weather.
    -Fun! Lots of it!

    Name:  jurassicpark.png
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Size:  949.4 KB


    Arts in the Great Deku Tree:
    Princess Zelda
    Majora's Mask
    Hylian Shield
    Chicken (they really evil)
    Ocarina of time

    Also a Parkour with:
    The Old Man - Because, you know, it's dangerous to go alone.
    Lost woods - First challenge, a Door maze that people can help each other to go through
    Zora's Kingdom - A Water spike parkour, with a Zora NPC and the Lake Hylia's Fishing Pool with his own Fishing Championship
    Goron's Mountain - A Lava Parkour
    Hyrule Field - A Spike parkour, simple and fun.

    (No need of Wings)
    Has Punch Jammer and Z Jammer, and Spooky weather because the moon looks like Majoras Mask's moon!

    Name:  zeldauniverse.png
Views: 178
Size:  323.2 KB
    -JUMPLIST - A parkour list sorted by dificulty, with only cool adventures in it. Come Visit and Play.
    -RPGMUSIC - Game/medieval songs, just for fun and to bring the spirit of Adventure.
    -ANTIGRAVITY - I will finish Rebuild it, and then make it a Serie of Parkours. Already got the Names.
    -Building now: DEMONCLOWN - Probably next WOTD Try =D



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