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Thread: Is your world good enough to be a World Of The Day?!

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    Default New Adventure world - NUKEDFROM

    NUKEDFROM - the adventure about one little scammer Charlie and his grandpa James. One day, when Charlie did a drop game, grandpa happened to see that. Grandpa with Charlie went to world that was NUKED FROM THE ORBIT, but way to that world isn't so easy. James want to show Charlie, why scam is so bad and what happened to people that was scammed.
    Name:  nukedfrom.png
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Size:  355.9 KB
    The world includes:
    • Original story made by owner!
    • Punch and Zombie Jammers and Fire house to protect people from the chaos!
    • Weather machine - Rainy City to add a world more atmosphere!
    • 3 ways of ending, depending on player's choice(Can You complete 'em all?)!
    • Different places from village to the town!
    • People don't need wings or air robs so EVERYBODY can complete the adventure!
    • Adventure items and doors to make world more interesting!
    • Funny secret!
    • Some paint buckets to make world more beautiful!

    Name:  nukedfrom 1img.jpg
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Size:  147.3 KB
    So it's time to choose your way between the scammer or not! What way will You choose?
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    A world who has been built by Kerstmen and FabPiano.
    Story: News Flash! Hello everyone and welcome back to GBC (Growtopia Broadcast) It's winter! But something terribly has happened! Santa claus has been missing during Winter! Our investigators have tried to find him but no clue! Don't tell the children otherwise they might stop to believe in Santa!
    World info:
    •P&Z jammer, Fire House.
    •Song made by FabPiano (Kill 'em with kindness ~ Selena Gomez)
    •World supplies are mostly bought/made by Kerstmen.
    •World has been mostly built by FabPiano (me)
    •A mansion to escape!

    Can you try to rescue Santa or will it be a black christmas?

    Name:  Screenshot_2016-12-17-11-40-28.png
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    "I can see a rainbow. In your tears as they fall on down. I can see your soul grow. Through the pain as they hit the ground". ~ Sia.

    Changed name to FabPiano
    I'm a boy, please don't say that I am a girl..
    Want some fabulous songs? TUNESONGS
    Instagram: FabPianoGT

    Read my first story! The beginning of FabPiano
    Join my Discord: *Maintenace*

    Quote Originally Posted by M1tch View Post
    BlackIce was nuked from orbit!

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    This world is about chirstmas day santa prepare to send gift in Chirstmas night.
    Santa have lovely pet is Reindeer.It help santa to send Chirstmas gift to people in the town.
    You can help santa send gift visit this world.

    World render
    Name:  rein.png
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    This world is about the man he visit this Forest and he lost from his friend.
    he want somebody come to help him go out this can come this world and help him.
    visit this world

    World render
    Name:  losthe.png
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Size:  566.0 KB

    LVL 62

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    I'd like to suggest a few worlds for WOTD

    Chaosenergy is a wizard themed world, the story is about you being a wizard who learns some magic spells which you probably have to perform later on in the story.

    The world is an adventure world about an old man who hates everyone and everything until he has a bad accident in which he almost died. His heart almost stopped beating that's why the doctors implanted an heart of the tiger. His life changes drastically after the surgery, he becomes a way nicer human, because his heart is bigger now.

    My my newest world DEFIES is finished. The world is adventure world about a son who keeps defying his mom. After another dipsute with her he decides to leave home to run into a dark forest. He meets a strange person who will changes his life completly.
    Special thanks to TrishaxKris who build the third collaboration world with me, she made up the story and helped me with the design! She's a very creative person.
    Another thank you to my sister badamtss for transcribing her first song in my world. It's amazing considering it's the first song she ever made in growtopia.

    FREDI is my new main world. The world displays every world I've built during my journey through the growtopia universe, it features some holiday and specific themed rooms which display my items and achievments. I tried to design something special in my main world since it's a world I'll be in pretty often, I made some references to my old worlds and a trophyception in which the trophies are displayed in 2 huge trophy pixel arts, the trophy pixel arts are supposed to be the towers of the palace, which is a pixel art of the taj mahal, as well.
    You can try to find the 4 adventure items in order to get to the holiday rooms, you can explore the world reading the signs or you can just hangout there and relax. Hopefully you'll like and enjoy the world.


    The world FERRARI is a huge race world because the brand is closely related to a lot of differebt kind f carraces such as the formula 1 for example. It's probably the longest race world I've ever build. It took me quite some time and world locks to finish it so I'd be glad if you'd give it a visit.


    Welcome to the Tibetan Plateau the worlds highest Plateau! The signs are giving some facts about it. You might want to memorize them(you may need them in the parkour who knows). Visit the beautiful scenery, the cute little sheep and the buffalos which are slightly bigger than the sheep. Thee small houses and fireplaces can warm you and make you feel comfortable if it's too cold outside. Have fun in the world.


    The world is about a cat called Saddy and her owner Jim who had to leave her. He uses tracking devices to search for his cat which now has to find food in trash cans at the subway. The people who play the game can choose between a sad or happy ending. Have fun!

    Feel free to join my discord server by clicking on this link:

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    Default Can it win?

    The winterfest is delayed due to the barrels! Sadly, they kidnapped PewDiePie. The
    santa for the year. And yes, you decided to find em'. Using PewDiePie's world of thingy
    , you will need to at least reach PewDiePie so that he is safe. But of course, we have
    challenges as always. Firstly, this cliff. It's too high for you to climb up so i'm sorry
    if you left your rope on your house. And there was barrels to attack you. The slippery ice,
    The dark cave, sungates and more! And at last, reaching out for PewDiePie. Takes place
    on the laborwtory where 2 toxic barrels will try blocking you way.

    Name:  santapewds.png
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    A song
    Ducks again?
    PnZ jammers!
    Ghosts? To make it more harder.
    IGN : Elyxial
    Level : 75
    Visit my page for more informations...
    Goals :

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    Default GiftSharing

    Hello i made a christmas world

    World includes :
    Snowy Weather
    P and Z Jammer
    Christmas Song
    Unique puzzle
    Christmas Pixel Art
    and more

    Name:  giftsharing.png
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    nominating puffly for wotd

    Name:  puffly.png
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Size:  561.0 KB

    edit, w machine added to get into the festive mood
    IGN - Pences

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    Post Browy

    Hello Growtopians
    I would like to recommend my world Browy for next World of the Day. Browy is an adventure world. Story about a boy who find something Magical - A wooden Cave!

    Browy world features :
    Wooden Background (10k blocks)
    Mission Blocks (~3k)
    Punch and Zombie Jammer
    And alot of Plants

    Name:  browy.png
Views: 250
Size:  251.0 KB

    Thank you for your time!
    Best Wishes

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    Default TURTLERESCUE for WOTD!

    I nominate my world TURTLERESCUE for WOTD!!

    Once upon a time there was a wizard,
    By men he was called Eiar,
    By turtle he was called Xuanwu,
    He was the wizard of the seasons,
    With his staff he could start summer,
    With his ice-turtle winter.
    In this way he could change the seasons,
    But now his staff has been lost...

    -good song: Up and up, Coldplay
    -6 parkour parts, all possible without wings
    -some pixels
    -funny storyline
    -random paint

    PS: weather is snowy night Normally, but if I use snowy night for render, half of the world is covered in clouds
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    Default Two good worlds for WOTD?

    Good day Seth,

    My two friends have created some really nice worlds which I'd think would make great WOTDs!

    Here's the first one
    Players can go around, chat and have fun exploring the world! It's a nice winter themed parkour with a cool design ;D

    Here's a picture of the world!

    The second one

    The main goal for this world is to hunt for all the hidden letters around the map! If people don't feel like doing so, they can simply relax and chat in this tropical world!

    Thank you!

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    WINTERQUEST was made by me and my good friend Freakr.
    We made this world as I always wanted to win my first WOTD.
    Freakr has been a great help to me and designed most of the world.

    WINTERQUEST is about you and your family, who live in a wooden cabin, up near the Snowy Mountains.
    One day, out of nowhere, your Mom down came with a rare illness called the 'Growchies'.
    The illness made her weak, pale and gave her weird moodswings that changes her from happy to angry, randomly.
    You called up for your personal family Docter out of distress and he said that there is only one cure...
    that can be found only from a rare tree that can be found at the tops of Mount. Growerest.
    But the journey will not be easy, as the angry Yeti called the, GROWCH, watches over the plant,
    keeping it hidden away from villagers.
    You have to find the plant quick and make peace with the Growch as the illness is FATAL!
    The world has 11 levels that are fairly easy, they are also noob friendly.
    We made sure to include the GROWCH in the world.

    The world includes a nice song, P and Z jammers and a snowy machine to fit the mood.
    You start off your journey at your cabin then enter the snowy mountains to fulfill your WINTERQUEST.
    I hope that I can get a shot at WOTD, this Winter.

    Special thanks to Freakr for helping me with the world, I really couldn't have done it with out him!
    Renderworld image:

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    Default Growspolis - sequel to Reyx for my 2nd wotd (updated!)

    So after my first wotd success, I would like nominate my second wotd attempt - Growspolis. This time, I want to discuss more about trust.

    "In the kingdom of Growtopia there is a greedy man. now you are playing as a Growtopian named Marcus, a young man who cannot trust anyone in this world. The story take place 1 year after Reyx incident. Set in a futuristic city named Growspolis, Marcus meet a man who will change his life, however Marcus must overcome the trial between trust or betray. The second part of deep and mindblowing story begin!"


    -P jammer, Z jammer, firehouse, and a weather machine
    -Noob friendly parkour
    -Copied music, BUT again its original theme
    -VIP room in the real ending
    -Original story

    Unique features:
    -Contain moral value: There is still someone who we can trust in this world, but becareful with who we trust
    -Interesting story: Contain character development, plot twist, multiple ending (bad end and real end)
    -Less tricky spot
    -Secret ending

    -To seth: Just like before, I dont want this world win just because of the design. The story itself are far better than the design
    -To all: Thanks all for the support and hate. Its okay for those who have not play part 1 because the world itself already retell the story of part 1, however I recomended playing the first part to enjoy this series to the fullest
    usual active time in Growtopia:
    -Friday: 16:00-22:30
    -Saturday: 09:00-18:30, 20:30-22:30
    -Sunday: 12:00-22:30

    Wotd count: 2 (Reyx, Growspolis)

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    Tired of the same old boring wotds? Want something different? Why not give a unique race world wotd? I think I have found the perfect race world that will get you in the winter fest spirit. The world is BOPNAVIDAD! BOPNAVIDAD is an original race world that features a winterfest theme and Jose Feliciano's Feliz Navidad playing in the background. Since I am not the owner I can't provide a render but what I have are some screenshots of me enjoying the race.
    Name:  IMG_0016.PNG
Views: 250
Size:  1.33 MBMe anticipating the race!
    Name:  IMG_0017.PNG
Views: 245
Size:  1.04 MBLooking the the tree decorations!
    Name:  IMG_0018.PNG
Views: 229
Size:  579.1 KBStruggling through the maze!
    Name:  IMG_0019.PNG
Views: 248
Size:  1.51 MBClimbing the tree!
    Name:  IMG_0020.PNG
Views: 228
Size:  691.9 KBWandering through the candy canes!
    Name:  IMG_0022.PNG
Views: 249
Size:  1.37 MBCelebrating a big win!

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    Default WOTD

    Name:  searchingsanta.png
Views: 248
Size:  300.5 KB
    You are in a place you've never been. It's a nightmare! You can't wake up until you find Santa Claus. You have to go forward to take the adventure items and you have to go backward to enter the door. You will see Santa Claus ahead but you must have all five adventure items. Once you meet him, you will be awake from your nightmare.

    World Info:
    - P&Z Jammer Installed
    - We Wish You A Merry Christmas song in Minor and Major, time sig. 3/4 + 4/4
    - Pixel arts of the head of a monkey and a head of Santa Claus
    - Snowy Night weather machine

    I don't think someone ever made a reverse parkour before so I might be the first one who make it. The song is original and first in Growtopia.

    Facts about me:
    I made a lot of songs in Growtopia.
    I didn't take piano lessons at all.
    I'm 13 years old.
    I can play the piano really well without taking lessons.
    Last edited by CuzyCat GT; 12-18-2016 at 08:50 PM.

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    Name:  thelastxmas.png
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Size:  317.4 KB

    Hey Seth
    i wanna nominate my world thelastxmas for wptd the theme is wintrfest and wintrfest is coming my world is abt resuceing a dog name Lulu as a character of polar bear one day this polar bear lulu went into an evil santa claus house and u hv to imagine u are LULU mothers and u hv to complete an adventure to rescue her............................................... .........................

    I rebuilded the entrance to an more intresting entrance and added mlre parkour to it and spme backgrd

    world includes
    PZ jammer installed
    jingle bell song
    world useed snowyrovk
    and snowman pixel art
    and growch pixel art
    and polar bear
    tried it without wings an acess as my firend test it for me everything is possible without wing

    I hope u would select my world as a wotd

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    Default Going for WoTD!

    Just a world Before christmas
    World name:B4CHRISTMAS
    Come Visit!
    Name:  b4christmas.png
Views: 233
Size:  467.0 KB
    Have Fun!

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    NOTE: If The Jammers/Weather Machine isn't in the world when it wins. I will place them there when it does to prevent me spending 100's of worldlocks of loads of jammers :P

    World: DinoAF

    Have you ever wanted to go back in time? Well now you can with RiaJr's Latest WOTD attempt. You will explore the world the dinosaurs lived in.

    World includes:
    Punch & Zombie Jammers
    Arid Weather Machine
    Password game
    Adventure items
    Dinosaur pixel arts
    Possible With and Without wings

    World: VisitSanta

    Have you ever wanted to visit Santa and explore the christmas wonderland? Well now you can with BDubz latest wotd attemp!

    World Includes:
    Zombie & Punch Jammers
    Snowy Weather
    Adventure Items
    Christmas themed quests


    This world is a gift for my good friend BDubz. Its a winter themed wotd based on a game called starbound. I hope you pick the world!

    World Includes:
    Zombie And Punch Jammers
    Winter Weather Machine
    Adventure Items
    Slide Parkour

    WOTD: Cringemas

    Merry 'Cringe'mas growtopia! Come and celebrate Cringemas at my newest WOTD attempt! :O

    World Includes:
    Christmas Song!
    Punch And Zombie Jammers
    Winter Weather Machine
    Password door quiz!
    A Maze
    Christmas themed items!
    Certified Balloon Wars pro (3x MVP in 2 wars)
    IGN: MrMine8 (XBOX)

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    Sineral is a word I made up because I couldn't get any other good world name so I went with my ideas :3

    Storyline : You had a bad day so you decided to go online and try out some creepy awesome halloween spells since it is "was" October.
    But.. Something goes horribly wrong when one of the spells you used wasn't so good.. Sending you to a hell type nightmare. Do you got what it takes to escape the evil souls that holds you down?

    • Parkour
    • Mindwrecking Puzzles
    • No music
    • Horror theme
    • A bit of illusion

    Name:  sineral.png
Views: 210
Size:  361.2 KB

    WARNING: Please don't take the buildings or pixel arts in the world religion offensive..It's my world, my buildings and I can believe in whatever I want has freedom of speech. And plus It's just for fun


    I'm That Crazy Funny Guy That Will Always Make Ur Day Awesome B)


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    Default EarthJump

    Name:  earthjump.png
Views: 227
Size:  357.1 KBEarthjump is a parkour world which we have spent 6months building. I thinks its worth wotd because its unique idea and i havent seen anyonr make a world like this.

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    Beside you ;)

    Smile There was minor changes!

    You're a member of the Arctic town. And there lives Santa! Yearly, a new Santa comes
    In the town. For tuis 2016 it was our YouTube king 'PewDiePie'. Sadly, while he was setting
    up for the next day, he got kidnapped. Guess who? By his mortal enimies, barrels. No, not
    the Barrel King. The barrels decided to have their community free and do what they want.
    They still hate PewDiePie though. So their plan was to kidnap him and they did it! All based
    on their plans. The news went all over the town but everyone's afraid of attempting to get
    PewDiePie back, except you? I hope. So you did. You went through the cold night of winter.
    Sliperry surface became a challenge. Almost everything was frozen (The trees are not, magic!)
    . Luckily you found this mini-statue beside the 23-percent-frozen lake. He was named, Stephano,
    PewDiePie lucky pal. He saw where did they go of course. They went above the cliff and stated
    that he can sense there was a underground thing they went. You followed his directions and
    you ended up in a cave, with laboratory! There was a entrance portal, barrel gate it's called, and
    only barrels can enter. And I forgot to say that the laboratory was frozen too (Spoiler : It's Elsa)
    . But somehow you made a way to enter this gate. It's surely broken cause you teleported in
    a very dark cave. You kept on walking (Jumping then) and you heard this manly voice that
    screams. So loud! And there goes a non-frozen lake. You swam up (Is it right? I mean the word)
    You found the Barrel King! It was so hugee! When I say huge it's really freakin' huge. You asked
    him what happened. Just read it there. So the Barrel king said that he was jailed on the 2nd
    lab. The once you we're in last time. But you have to pass through the 1st lab. Sadly, inside those
    labs, there's toxic barrels, the once that produces acids. They did splat some acids. But you still
    made it through! In ghe 1st lab. A idol-locked-door was used in PewDiePie's cell. The idol was
    Being guarded by a toxic barrel but you made it also. And that was the end! You reached PewDiePie.

    Name:  santapewds.png
Views: 210
Size:  421.0 KB
    PnZ Jammer!
    Snowy Night. That really fits on the story line
    Existence of Ducks!
    The PewDiePie's story
    Barrel King's pixel art.

    Sorry the last one was rushed xD
    IGN : Elyxial
    Level : 75
    Visit my page for more informations...
    Goals :



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