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    Exclamation From the Support Desk

    The support desk staff gets a lot of the same kinds of questions from many different people. They are happy to answer your questions, of course, but I thought that maybe posting some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) here might save everyone some time. Click the FAQ to be taken to the answers.

    - - -

    If you have additional questions that you think might be helpful to add here, you can post them in this thread: To The Support Desk
    If you don't find the answer to your question here, you can contact with support desk directly.

    - - -
    UPDATED Is my casino illegal?

    Why does your game allow people to do horrible things?

    What exactly are the forum rules?

    Why did my 2 year ban become a permanent suspension?

    Can I make a START world translation?

    Why won't you ban that guy I reported?

    I updated my device/the game and my account is reset!

    I didn't get the gems I ordered!

    My credit card is being charged without my permission!

    My item got scammed! Please get it back!

    Why didn't I get picked to be a moderator?

    How do I change the email on my GrowID?

    Someone keeps swearing at me!

    Why did I get punished for swearing? I thought it wasn't against the rules!

    What do I do if I've been "hacked"?

    But what if they picked my lock?

    I gave my password to a gem hack site and now I've been hacked! HELP!!

    What happens if I own/talk about/use a password phishing site?

    What if I get caught in someone else's ban?

    Why aren't you responding to my emails?

    I'm going to hurt myself if I don't get what I want.

    How do I report a glitch?

    How do I report another player for _________?
    (scamming, hacking, swearing, bullying, something in real life, world banning, impersonating another player, using the forum incorrectly, reporting me)

    What's with the gangs?

    Will you break this lock for me?

    My Dragon Hand just DISAPPEARED for no reason!

    Why was I banned/taped/cursed?

    Why did you punish me for reporting a drop game?

    What will <EVENT> be like? How much will <ITEM> cost?

    I saw a moderator breaking a rule!

    - - -
    I will update this list as needed, so please check back occasionally. And please... be nice to the support desk staff. They work hard, answering hundreds of emails a day, to make your Growtopia experience the best one possible. They deserve your respect. Thanks. Play nice, kiddies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EasyE View Post
    It seems that rules are enforced only after a continues chain of problems or complains occur. For example drop games became illegal only when the problem became noticeable. I think there's a great lack of thinking ahead and educating players so that they could potentially behave more appropriately to some degree.
    Dude. We can't predict the future, nor can we guess all the crazy/inappropriate things people are going to come up with before they actually come up with them. Prior to it happening in the game, I never would have guess that we would have to deal with
    *slave trading (have we learned NOTHING from the real world??) or
    *drop games (I seriously can't believe we're still dealing with this one) or
    *an endless stream of people saying "p*nis" (ok... I kinda could have predicted that one).

    I mean, really... would YOU have guessed that at some point we were going to get an email accusing us of killing someone's chicken?
    Because. That. Happened.

    One of the greatest things about Growtopia is that it has become a miniature version of our planet. It contains all the same wonderful human interactions found in the real world. By it's very nature, it also contains all the most horrific interactions found in the real world. I don't think anyone involved in the creation or even the first couple of months of the game would ever have guessed this.

    As with the real world, we have to adapt and evolve as the Growtopian world adapts and evolves. We adjust the rules as players come up with new and interesting ways to be horrible to one another. We change what we say and how we react to things as we determine what the players want and need (these two things are almost never the same) at any given time.

    My post wasn't an attack on players... it was an effort at sharing new information because I had discovered new problems. We have recently had a spat of these kinds of issues and in an attempt to prevent this problem from affecting more players, I posted about it. Isn't that EXACTLY what you are asking for?

    Quote Originally Posted by EasyE View Post
    You may have authority over players, but know that you can never control us.
    It is against my personal philosophy to attempt to control any other human being. Each and every player is welcome to make their own decisions about how they want to act within the game. However, we are fully capable of dishing out the consequences we deem necessary based on the decision players make within the game. Not only are we capable of it... it's our responsibility as the overseers of this microcosm.

    I've said this to other players before: The rules are put in place to protect the community and the individuals within the community. If you don't like our rules, maybe this isn't the community for you.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by GummiBear64 View Post
    Who is in the support team may I ask?
    Sorry... for their own protection, the identities of the support desk staff are kept secret. They often have to tell people things that they don't really want to hear, and we don't want players retaliating against them within the game.

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    I apologize to everyone who had a comment in this thread, but I feel that we can better share the information necessary from the support desk and allow more people to see what they really need to see if we limit posts here to actual information from the support desk. Thanks for understanding.

    I will be using this thread to try to answer some of the more commonly asked questions in an effort to better support the Growtopian Community.

    Growtopia LOVES you!

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    Question FAQ: I didn't get the gems I ordered!! Please send them right away!

    Although most of the gem orders go through without a problem, we do occasionally get emails about orders that failed. We are happy to help you fix this problem. If you follow the directions below, you can help us get your missing gems to you as quickly as possible. (NOTE: The support desk is NOT manned 24/7. We respond to emails AT LEAST once every day.)
    - - -

    * Your GrowID or in-game name (do NOT tell us your password!)
    We're not mind readers and we cannot credit the gems to the correct account if you don't tell us who you are. Make sure you type the name correctly or you might end up asking us to give someone else your gems!

    * A copy of any receipts from around the time of the order that failed.
    You'd be surprised how many people think they know exactly which order failed only to find out that it was a completely different one.
    - - -

    You should have an email receipt that was sent to you by GooglePlay or iTunes. You can simply forward that to us (ADD YOUR GROWID AT THE TOP!). If you can't find the email, you can follow the directions below:

    1. Launch iTunes on a computer
    2. Click on iTunes Store on the right hand menu
    3. Click on your email address on the upper left hand corner
    4. Click Account from the drop-down menu
    5. Enter your password for your iTunes account
    6. Scroll down to Purchase History and click Select All
    7. Find your receipts for the apps you downloaded

    You can get copies of your receipts by logging into your Google Wallet

    Please take a screenshot of the receipt and email it to the support desk (don't forget to include your GrowID!). The screenshot MUST be readable, MUST be of a reasonable size, and MUST include the entire receipt in one shot.
    - - -

    We cannot use (and do not want to see) the following information from you:
    * your password
    * your bank statement
    * the number off your gift card
    * a store receipt from when you bought a gift card
    * your credit card information

    In fact, you shouldn't be sharing that information with ANYONE!! It's not safe! Protect yourself from identity fraud!!
    - - -

    As much as we trust and love all of our amazing 'Topians, we will NOT be crediting any gems that can't be verified with a receipt. (Sadly, we have had people try to trick us into giving them gems that they never actually purchased! Shocking, I know) If you are having trouble following the directions provided, ask someone to help you in real life! I'm sure you know a tech savvy person who can help you make sure you have what you need to get your missing gems.
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    Question FAQ: My item got scammed! Please get it back!

    This is by far the most common email our support desk gets. There are many variations on it:

    "Someone asked to borrow my <SUPER VALUABLE ITEM> but now they won't give it back!"
    "I accidentally dropped my <SUPER VALUABLE ITEM> and someone took it!"
    "My backpack was full so my <SUPER VALUABLE ITEM> didn't go in and someone stole it!"
    "I was in a drop game and the host stole my <SUPER VALUABLE ITEM>!"
    "I had a whole bunch of <SUPER VALUABLE ITEM> on the ground in my world and when I let <OTHER PLAYER> in, she took them!"
    "I gave <OTHER PLAYER> access to my world and he took my <SUPER VALUABLE ITEM>!"
    "I was doing a Trust Test and someone took my <SUPER VALUABLE ITEM>!"
    "I gave <OTHER PLAYER> my <SUPER VALUABLE ITEM> in exchange for access to her world and she banned me!"
    "I paid <SUPER VALUABLE ITEM> in a parkour/dicegame/quiz/etc and the owner banned me!"

    These are all essentially the same problem.
    "I put something down or gave it to another player and instead of doing what they promised (or what I expected) they stole it from me."

    Sadly, this is the reality of playing with thousands of real people from all over the world. The internet brings out the worst in some people, and in our game, the worst often involves taking something that doesn't belong to them.

    Fortunately, we have given you all the tools you need to keep your items safe. You have an inventory to store items. You can buy locks of various sizes to lock different areas and even whole worlds. You can leave ANY world at ANY time and no other player can force you to take any action.

    They can, however, TRICK you into taking action. You have to be strong and refuse to let someone else bribe, lie, bully, or sweet talk you into handing over your <SUPER VALUABLE ITEM>. The best way to avoid getting scammed? If someone asks you to drop an item or give them something for a "promised"...


    It's that easy. You can't be scammed if you're not there.

    It is especially important to do this because we have NO WAY of getting your scammed items back for you. Once you drop an item, it's gone. Nobody can help you. This is why mods tend to ignore "I've been scammed!" messages. There's NOTHING they can do. The only one who can protect you from getting tricked into giving up your <SUPER VALUABLE ITEM> is YOU!


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    Question FAQ: Why didn't I get picked as a moderator?


    We have received hundreds of applications for moderator positions. Many times, after being told they haven't been chosen, people want to know why. Here are some of the most common reasons why people don't get chosen.

    Incomplete or Incorrectly Completed Application
    Completely the application correctly and meeting the requirements listed at the beginning of the application is the first step of the application process. You will be immediately disqualified if you do not meet the stated requirements (no matter how awesome you are!) or if you fail to complete the application completely.

    Too Many Applicants
    There are hundreds of people applying and we simply can't handle having hundreds of mods. It takes a lot of time and energy to train and monitor each mod. Not to mention that if we made EVERYONE a mod, there wouldn't be anyone left to just play the game.

    Not Currently Hiring
    Although choosing moderators is important, there are many other things we must also manage in order to keep Growtopia interesting and running smoothly. Sometimes we're simply not looking for new moderators. If your application interests us, we may keep it to look at again when we are looking for mods.

    Attention to Detail
    We are looking for players who are detail-oriented. When you fail to type your own email address correctly or you clearly didn't read the directions on the application, you show us you aren't that person.

    English Skills
    The people responsible for monitoring and directing the moderator speak English as their primary language. We require moderators who speak fluent English so that we can be sure there are no misunderstandings when it comes to communicating with our mods. If your application fails to demonstrate fluent English skills, including proper capitalization, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, and organization, we are not going to choose you.
    That isn't a reflection of you. We know there are BILLIONS of extremely honest, intelligent, capable people all over the world who don't speak English. However, WE speak English, so if you want to communicate with us, you have to as well.

    In-Game Time
    If you have only played the game for 4 hours, you simply don't have the experience we need in a moderator. We need someone who is VERY familiar with the various aspects of the game and you can only really gain that familiarity by playing. We do take time spent in-game into consideration when choosing mods. While there is no specific requirement... more is better.

    Technical Ability
    Every aspect of a moderator's job requires being comfortable with technology. You have to be able to use your device, your email, the forum, the internet, and behind the scenes commands in the game. We do not have the time to teach you how to do these things. If your application or your in-game history indicates that you are unable to use technology independently, you will not be chosen.

    Reasoning Ability
    Because we are moderating living, breathing human beings from numerous cultures and backgrounds, being able to problem solve and think logically about complex situations is a MUST. If your application or in-game history don't show an ability to think critically about problems and come up with reasonable, community-oriented solutions, won't be choosing you as a moderator.
    This includes your ability to protect yourself from being scammed and your ability to understand other player's perspectives.

    Moderators are given extremely powerful commands that can do a lot of damage if used incorrectly or dishonestly, so they MUST be able to keep their devices and their accounts secured from other people. This includes being able to keep your password secret and being able to prevent other people (cousins, friends, siblings, etc) from accessing your account. If you have allowed someone else to log in as you (either intentionally or through carelessness) you will not be chosen as a mod.

    While we do not ask about age (we have no way of verify how old you are anyway), we do expect our moderators to demonstrate exceptional maturity. Moderators are exposed to a depressing amount of abuse and an unending flow of frustrating situation. We must be able to trust that you will be able to respond to every message you get (no matter how irritating) in an appropriate manner. Moderators are, after all, representing the developers in the game. If you would do or say something that we would be embarrassed by, we cannot choose you to represent us.
    This includes being able to ignore people who are bullying or abusing you. It also includes being able to treat everyone - friend, foe or complete stranger - with the same level of respect and application of rules. Finally, it includes being able to control your own response to highly emotional situations. For example, you must be able to control your words 100% of the time.

    There are almost a million accounts in Growtopia. We have absolutely NO REASON to choose you as a mod if you have ever demonstrated an inability to be honest, kind, and appropriate.
    We would rather have no mods at all than give dangerous powers to someone who won't use them appropriately. If you want to be a mod... be a decent human being.
    We do a complete and thorough investigation of the things you have done and said in the game and on the forum. We take into consideration how you make other players feel, especially when you think nobody else is watching. We look for scams and swearing and bullying and lying and all kinds of things. We check ALL the accounts you have ever played on, and we check all the emails you have sent to the support desk.
    Everyone makes mistakes. We know this. But if you make "mistakes" over and over whenever you think you won't get caught... well, that tells us a lot about you, doesn't it? If you are currently taped, cursed, or banned for ANY reason... DON'T APPLY! Change your ways, play appropriately for 6 months and then send in your application.
    You may also want to note: If you are chosen as a moderator and you fail to maintain our exceptionally high expectation of appropriate behavior, you will be IMMEDIATELY removed from the position. Regular players are MORE than happy to tattle on moderators and we follow up on ALL reports made against moderators.

    If you have been told you were not chosen and you would like to re-apply, it is okay to do so AFTER 6 MONTHS. If you apply more often than once every six months, you will be flagged as spamming us and you will be removed from the application pool. We would love to see that you have changed your scamming ways or you have learned to control your temper, but you're going to have to PROVE it through 6 months of appropriate behavior. We can't just take your word for it.
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