OMG, you have NO idea how many times people have emailed asking about Valentine's Day. We've been dealing with dozens of emails a day since last April! I have no idea why everyone is obsessed with Valentine's Day... it's not even a very good holiday in real life (Old Person advice : If you love someone, don't wait until Feb 14 to tell them!)! But, boy oh boy, is it popular in Growtopia!

No matter what holiday or item you are wondering about, the answer is going to be the same:

We aren't going to tell you anything about the holiday event or the items before the fact. You, like everyone else, will have to wait until the event happens to see what it will be like. Even the mods aren't told anything about the events ahead of time. That's just the way it is.

The One and Only Exception:

We have been telling people since about April of last year that we intend to bring Angel Wings back next Valentine's Day. They will be exactly the same as they are now. Use that information as you will.

We will not ever again share information about a future holiday, event, or item. So don't bother asking.