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Thread: From the Support Desk

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    Exclamation From the Support Desk

    The support desk staff gets a lot of the same kinds of questions from many different people. They are happy to answer your questions, of course, but I thought that maybe posting some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) here might save everyone some time. Click the FAQ to be taken to the answers.

    - - -

    If you have additional questions that you think might be helpful to add here, you can post them in this thread: To The Support Desk
    If you don't find the answer to your question here, you can contact with support desk directly.

    - - -
    UPDATED Is my casino illegal?

    Why does your game allow people to do horrible things?

    What exactly are the forum rules?

    Why did my 2 year ban become a permanent suspension?

    Can I make a START world translation?

    Why won't you ban that guy I reported?

    I updated my device/the game and my account is reset!

    I didn't get the gems I ordered!

    My credit card is being charged without my permission!

    My item got scammed! Please get it back!

    Why didn't I get picked to be a moderator?

    How do I change the email on my GrowID?

    Someone keeps swearing at me!

    Why did I get punished for swearing? I thought it wasn't against the rules!

    What do I do if I've been "hacked"?

    But what if they picked my lock?

    I gave my password to a gem hack site and now I've been hacked! HELP!!

    What happens if I own/talk about/use a password phishing site?

    What if I get caught in someone else's ban?

    Why aren't you responding to my emails?

    I'm going to hurt myself if I don't get what I want.

    How do I report a glitch?

    How do I report another player for _________?
    (scamming, hacking, swearing, bullying, something in real life, world banning, impersonating another player, using the forum incorrectly, reporting me)

    What's with the gangs?

    Will you break this lock for me?

    My Dragon Hand just DISAPPEARED for no reason!

    Why was I banned/taped/cursed?

    Why did you punish me for reporting a drop game?

    What will <EVENT> be like? How much will <ITEM> cost?

    I saw a moderator breaking a rule!

    - - -
    I will update this list as needed, so please check back occasionally. And please... be nice to the support desk staff. They work hard, answering hundreds of emails a day, to make your Growtopia experience the best one possible. They deserve your respect. Thanks. Play nice, kiddies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EasyE View Post
    It seems that rules are enforced only after a continues chain of problems or complains occur. For example drop games became illegal only when the problem became noticeable. I think there's a great lack of thinking ahead and educating players so that they could potentially behave more appropriately to some degree.
    Dude. We can't predict the future, nor can we guess all the crazy/inappropriate things people are going to come up with before they actually come up with them. Prior to it happening in the game, I never would have guess that we would have to deal with
    *slave trading (have we learned NOTHING from the real world??) or
    *drop games (I seriously can't believe we're still dealing with this one) or
    *an endless stream of people saying "p*nis" (ok... I kinda could have predicted that one).

    I mean, really... would YOU have guessed that at some point we were going to get an email accusing us of killing someone's chicken?
    Because. That. Happened.

    One of the greatest things about Growtopia is that it has become a miniature version of our planet. It contains all the same wonderful human interactions found in the real world. By it's very nature, it also contains all the most horrific interactions found in the real world. I don't think anyone involved in the creation or even the first couple of months of the game would ever have guessed this.

    As with the real world, we have to adapt and evolve as the Growtopian world adapts and evolves. We adjust the rules as players come up with new and interesting ways to be horrible to one another. We change what we say and how we react to things as we determine what the players want and need (these two things are almost never the same) at any given time.

    My post wasn't an attack on players... it was an effort at sharing new information because I had discovered new problems. We have recently had a spat of these kinds of issues and in an attempt to prevent this problem from affecting more players, I posted about it. Isn't that EXACTLY what you are asking for?

    Quote Originally Posted by EasyE View Post
    You may have authority over players, but know that you can never control us.
    It is against my personal philosophy to attempt to control any other human being. Each and every player is welcome to make their own decisions about how they want to act within the game. However, we are fully capable of dishing out the consequences we deem necessary based on the decision players make within the game. Not only are we capable of it... it's our responsibility as the overseers of this microcosm.

    I've said this to other players before: The rules are put in place to protect the community and the individuals within the community. If you don't like our rules, maybe this isn't the community for you.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by GummiBear64 View Post
    Who is in the support team may I ask?
    Sorry... for their own protection, the identities of the support desk staff are kept secret. They often have to tell people things that they don't really want to hear, and we don't want players retaliating against them within the game.

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    I apologize to everyone who had a comment in this thread, but I feel that we can better share the information necessary from the support desk and allow more people to see what they really need to see if we limit posts here to actual information from the support desk. Thanks for understanding.

    I will be using this thread to try to answer some of the more commonly asked questions in an effort to better support the Growtopian Community.

    Growtopia LOVES you!

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    Question FAQ: I didn't get the gems I ordered!! Please send them right away!

    Although most of the gem orders go through without a problem, we do occasionally get emails about orders that failed. We are happy to help you fix this problem. If you follow the directions below, you can help us get your missing gems to you as quickly as possible. (NOTE: The support desk is NOT manned 24/7. We respond to emails AT LEAST once every day.)
    - - -

    * Your GrowID or in-game name (do NOT tell us your password!)
    We're not mind readers and we cannot credit the gems to the correct account if you don't tell us who you are. Make sure you type the name correctly or you might end up asking us to give someone else your gems!

    * A copy of any receipts from around the time of the order that failed.
    You'd be surprised how many people think they know exactly which order failed only to find out that it was a completely different one.
    - - -

    You should have an email receipt that was sent to you by GooglePlay or iTunes. You can simply forward that to us (ADD YOUR GROWID AT THE TOP!). If you can't find the email, you can follow the directions below:

    1. Launch iTunes on a computer
    2. Click on iTunes Store on the right hand menu
    3. Click on your email address on the upper left hand corner
    4. Click Account from the drop-down menu
    5. Enter your password for your iTunes account
    6. Scroll down to Purchase History and click Select All
    7. Find your receipts for the apps you downloaded

    You can get copies of your receipts by logging into your Google Wallet

    Please take a screenshot of the receipt and email it to the support desk (don't forget to include your GrowID!). The screenshot MUST be readable, MUST be of a reasonable size, and MUST include the entire receipt in one shot.
    - - -

    We cannot use (and do not want to see) the following information from you:
    * your password
    * your bank statement
    * the number off your gift card
    * a store receipt from when you bought a gift card
    * your credit card information

    In fact, you shouldn't be sharing that information with ANYONE!! It's not safe! Protect yourself from identity fraud!!
    - - -

    As much as we trust and love all of our amazing 'Topians, we will NOT be crediting any gems that can't be verified with a receipt. (Sadly, we have had people try to trick us into giving them gems that they never actually purchased! Shocking, I know) If you are having trouble following the directions provided, ask someone to help you in real life! I'm sure you know a tech savvy person who can help you make sure you have what you need to get your missing gems.
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    Question FAQ: My item got scammed! Please get it back!

    This is by far the most common email our support desk gets. There are many variations on it:

    "Someone asked to borrow my <SUPER VALUABLE ITEM> but now they won't give it back!"
    "I accidentally dropped my <SUPER VALUABLE ITEM> and someone took it!"
    "My backpack was full so my <SUPER VALUABLE ITEM> didn't go in and someone stole it!"
    "I was in a drop game and the host stole my <SUPER VALUABLE ITEM>!"
    "I had a whole bunch of <SUPER VALUABLE ITEM> on the ground in my world and when I let <OTHER PLAYER> in, she took them!"
    "I gave <OTHER PLAYER> access to my world and he took my <SUPER VALUABLE ITEM>!"
    "I was doing a Trust Test and someone took my <SUPER VALUABLE ITEM>!"
    "I gave <OTHER PLAYER> my <SUPER VALUABLE ITEM> in exchange for access to her world and she banned me!"
    "I paid <SUPER VALUABLE ITEM> in a parkour/dicegame/quiz/etc and the owner banned me!"

    These are all essentially the same problem.
    "I put something down or gave it to another player and instead of doing what they promised (or what I expected) they stole it from me."

    Sadly, this is the reality of playing with thousands of real people from all over the world. The internet brings out the worst in some people, and in our game, the worst often involves taking something that doesn't belong to them.

    Fortunately, we have given you all the tools you need to keep your items safe. You have an inventory to store items. You can buy locks of various sizes to lock different areas and even whole worlds. You can leave ANY world at ANY time and no other player can force you to take any action.

    They can, however, TRICK you into taking action. You have to be strong and refuse to let someone else bribe, lie, bully, or sweet talk you into handing over your <SUPER VALUABLE ITEM>. The best way to avoid getting scammed? If someone asks you to drop an item or give them something for a "promised"...


    It's that easy. You can't be scammed if you're not there.

    It is especially important to do this because we have NO WAY of getting your scammed items back for you. Once you drop an item, it's gone. Nobody can help you. This is why mods tend to ignore "I've been scammed!" messages. There's NOTHING they can do. The only one who can protect you from getting tricked into giving up your <SUPER VALUABLE ITEM> is YOU!


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    Question FAQ: Why didn't I get picked as a moderator?


    We have received hundreds of applications for moderator positions. Many times, after being told they haven't been chosen, people want to know why. Here are some of the most common reasons why people don't get chosen.

    Incomplete or Incorrectly Completed Application
    Completely the application correctly and meeting the requirements listed at the beginning of the application is the first step of the application process. You will be immediately disqualified if you do not meet the stated requirements (no matter how awesome you are!) or if you fail to complete the application completely.

    Too Many Applicants
    There are hundreds of people applying and we simply can't handle having hundreds of mods. It takes a lot of time and energy to train and monitor each mod. Not to mention that if we made EVERYONE a mod, there wouldn't be anyone left to just play the game.

    Not Currently Hiring
    Although choosing moderators is important, there are many other things we must also manage in order to keep Growtopia interesting and running smoothly. Sometimes we're simply not looking for new moderators. If your application interests us, we may keep it to look at again when we are looking for mods.

    Attention to Detail
    We are looking for players who are detail-oriented. When you fail to type your own email address correctly or you clearly didn't read the directions on the application, you show us you aren't that person.

    English Skills
    The people responsible for monitoring and directing the moderator speak English as their primary language. We require moderators who speak fluent English so that we can be sure there are no misunderstandings when it comes to communicating with our mods. If your application fails to demonstrate fluent English skills, including proper capitalization, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, and organization, we are not going to choose you.
    That isn't a reflection of you. We know there are BILLIONS of extremely honest, intelligent, capable people all over the world who don't speak English. However, WE speak English, so if you want to communicate with us, you have to as well.

    In-Game Time
    If you have only played the game for 4 hours, you simply don't have the experience we need in a moderator. We need someone who is VERY familiar with the various aspects of the game and you can only really gain that familiarity by playing. We do take time spent in-game into consideration when choosing mods. While there is no specific requirement... more is better.

    Technical Ability
    Every aspect of a moderator's job requires being comfortable with technology. You have to be able to use your device, your email, the forum, the internet, and behind the scenes commands in the game. We do not have the time to teach you how to do these things. If your application or your in-game history indicates that you are unable to use technology independently, you will not be chosen.

    Reasoning Ability
    Because we are moderating living, breathing human beings from numerous cultures and backgrounds, being able to problem solve and think logically about complex situations is a MUST. If your application or in-game history don't show an ability to think critically about problems and come up with reasonable, community-oriented solutions, won't be choosing you as a moderator.
    This includes your ability to protect yourself from being scammed and your ability to understand other player's perspectives.

    Moderators are given extremely powerful commands that can do a lot of damage if used incorrectly or dishonestly, so they MUST be able to keep their devices and their accounts secured from other people. This includes being able to keep your password secret and being able to prevent other people (cousins, friends, siblings, etc) from accessing your account. If you have allowed someone else to log in as you (either intentionally or through carelessness) you will not be chosen as a mod.

    While we do not ask about age (we have no way of verify how old you are anyway), we do expect our moderators to demonstrate exceptional maturity. Moderators are exposed to a depressing amount of abuse and an unending flow of frustrating situation. We must be able to trust that you will be able to respond to every message you get (no matter how irritating) in an appropriate manner. Moderators are, after all, representing the developers in the game. If you would do or say something that we would be embarrassed by, we cannot choose you to represent us.
    This includes being able to ignore people who are bullying or abusing you. It also includes being able to treat everyone - friend, foe or complete stranger - with the same level of respect and application of rules. Finally, it includes being able to control your own response to highly emotional situations. For example, you must be able to control your words 100% of the time.

    There are almost a million accounts in Growtopia. We have absolutely NO REASON to choose you as a mod if you have ever demonstrated an inability to be honest, kind, and appropriate.
    We would rather have no mods at all than give dangerous powers to someone who won't use them appropriately. If you want to be a mod... be a decent human being.
    We do a complete and thorough investigation of the things you have done and said in the game and on the forum. We take into consideration how you make other players feel, especially when you think nobody else is watching. We look for scams and swearing and bullying and lying and all kinds of things. We check ALL the accounts you have ever played on, and we check all the emails you have sent to the support desk.
    Everyone makes mistakes. We know this. But if you make "mistakes" over and over whenever you think you won't get caught... well, that tells us a lot about you, doesn't it? If you are currently taped, cursed, or banned for ANY reason... DON'T APPLY! Change your ways, play appropriately for 6 months and then send in your application.
    You may also want to note: If you are chosen as a moderator and you fail to maintain our exceptionally high expectation of appropriate behavior, you will be IMMEDIATELY removed from the position. Regular players are MORE than happy to tattle on moderators and we follow up on ALL reports made against moderators.

    If you have been told you were not chosen and you would like to re-apply, it is okay to do so AFTER 6 MONTHS. If you apply more often than once every six months, you will be flagged as spamming us and you will be removed from the application pool. We would love to see that you have changed your scamming ways or you have learned to control your temper, but you're going to have to PROVE it through 6 months of appropriate behavior. We can't just take your word for it.
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    Question FAQ: How do I change the email on my GrowID?

    Having a real email that you can access connected to your GrowID is very important because it's the ONLY way for you to change your password. If you need to change your email, you must first send us an email change request from the email address that is currently connected to your GrowID. This is because email is the only way for you to prove you own the account. You can edit the following form letter to make sure you are including all the necessary information!

    - - -
    Dear Support Desk,

    My GrowID is <GROWID NAME> and I would like to change the email connected to it. The current email is <CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESS>. I would like to change it to <NEW EMAIL ADDRESS>.

    Thank you,

    - - -

    ** We have had many people try to steal accounts by trying to change the email connected to them. It is for your own safety that we require this, so please don't yell at US if YOU chose not to use a real email to create your GrowID. There's nothing we can do about that. Kthx!
    ** <CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESS> must match the email on the GrowID in our logs AND the address you are sending this letter from!
    ** <NEW EMAIL ADDRESS> must be typed carefully! We will enter EXACTLY what you tell us and if you tell us the wrong thing, you might make it impossible to change the password in the future.
    ** At no time will we EVER ask you to share your password, so please don't include your password in the letter. We don't want to know!

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    Question FAQ: Someone keeps swearing at me!

    Not technically a question... but still an email we see quite often. There are two sides to this answer. You should probably read both just to be safe.

    It's not technically against the rules to use swear words, but we have given you some tools so that you don't have to see them unless you want to. If someone is bothering you you should...

    * Turn your swear filter back on!
    Everyone seems to disable the swear filter (yes, we CAN tell you've done that) and then get upset that they are seeing naughty words. If you're not going to use the tools we give you, we can't help you, folks!

    * Use the /ignore command.
    You can use /ignore to make it so specific people can't talk to you. You won't see their PMs or the things they are saying in the chat log or broadcasts by them (I'm actually not 100% certain about the broadcasts... I'll get back to you on it). They WILL see a message that says you are ignoring them, though. This resets each time you log in. To use /ignore type the command followed by the name you wish to ignore. For example:

    /ignore Spongebobby

    This would make it so I would no longer receive messages from the player named "Spongebobby"

    Overall, you have to remember that there are lots of idiots and bullies in the world. When you come across one, it's best to just ignore them, and go find someone worth your time to interact with. The bullies and idiots will either figure out how to act like humans... or they won't. Don't let them make that YOUR problem.

    While swearing is not technically against the rules, we have a very low tolerance for bullying, threats, racism, or abuse of any kind. We reserve the right to decide that you need to have some quiet time whenever it seems that you aren't able to control yourself. We're helpful that way.

    * If we see you standing in a world shouting profanity just for the fun of it we're going to tape you, because nobody needs that, dude.
    * If you are caught verbally attacking other players, you will get punished - tape, curse or ban will depend on the severity of the offense and the number of warnings you've had in the past. This applies to general chat, PMs, signs, bulletin boards, or any other form of communication you can think of in the game.
    * Any verbal abuse containing sexually graphic words will result in an immediate punishment (no warnings).

    It's really pretty simple. In general, if you wouldn't want your mom to see it (and on several occasions we HAVE been known to copy things from the logs and send them to parents who are wondering why their dear, sweet, innocent darling was punished...those players don't tend to come back ), then don't say it in our game.

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    Question FAQ: What do I do if someone has "hacked" me?

    The trouble with this question is that many people don't even know what they mean when they say they've been "hacked". For the purposes of this FAQ let's just assume that "hacked" means that someone has used your password to log into your GrowID.
    - - -

    First of all, we are not allowed to see your password at any point. The only way we would ever know your password is if you tell us... and we DON'T WANT YOU TO TELL US!

    - - -

    Secondly, the ONLY way for someone to mess with your account is to actually log into your account. The Growtopia server itself has never actually been "hacked", so if someone has logged in as you it's because of one of the following reasons:

    * You share a device with someone and forgot to erase your password when you logged off. In this case, anyone who picks up your device can simply click "enter" and log in as you!
    * You had an easy to guess password such as your name or 12345 or something else that everyone knows about you. Growtopia does lock out people who guess wrong a few times, so it's very rare this happens unless your password is VERY bad.
    * You gave your password to a player or website that promised free stuff. Usually they say the can give you 999999 gems or unlimited gems. These are ALWAYS scams. They just log on as you and steal your stuff.
    * You trusted someone with your password. You'd be shocked how often the "hacker" turns out to be the best friend or the cousin or the sibling. Don't trust ANYONE with your password!

    - - -

    If someone is making changes to your account, accessing worlds that you have world locked, spending your gems, or you think someone is logging in as you for any other reason, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD RIGHT AWAY! Visit and enter your information! (PLEASE NOTE: the password changing page has been changed slightly in the recent past. Please make sure you are reading the labels and entering the correct information into each box.) If you enter the correct information the system will send you an email to your address with a URL to click.


    If you do not get an email from us within a few minutes, be sure to check your spam filter. Many email programs delete emails from our server without telling you. You can prevent this by adding us to your "white list".

    - - -

    Finally, it is YOUR job to keep your password secret and to keep your items securely locked up. We CAN NOT restore stolen items. If someone gets your password and steals your items, they will be gone forever, so BE CAREFUL! It's a good idea to change your password fairly regularly, especially if you often play around other people. You never know when someone might happen to glance the right way just as you type in your password.

    - - -
    OH! One more super important thing... Sometimes people will randomly PM account names and passwords to other people. We've seen that reported several times. You should be aware that those people are hackers and they know full well that you will be BANNED when we see that you have logged into the account they have shared with you. They are trying to trick you into getting banned. If someone tells you a password just ignore it! If you're feeling helpful, you can take a screenshot of the message they sent and email it to the support desk so we can investigate.
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    Default FAQ: No... I meant that someone picked my lock!!

    No they didn't.

    There are situations where it might seem like that happened... but it didn't. We have investigated hundreds of these claims it it's ALWAYS something else. Sometimes the reporter is lying because they want us to give them something that they never had or that they dropped or that they allowed to be stolen by sharing their password with someone. Sometimes it just looks like someone got past the lock because of lag, but they really didn't. Other times someone did get in, but only because they had access or logged into an account that had access. We have found ZERO evidence of anyone actually being able to "pick a lock".
    - - -

    One of the greatest things about Growtopia is that you are interacting with real, live people from all over the globe. It's an amazing opportunity to get to know people you would never meet otherwise, and it's a chance to learn things about many other cultures. Unfortunately, in every culture, there are people who would rather think about themselves than anyone else , so real, live people from around the globe can be one of the biggest dangers of Growtopia as well.

    If you are going to be successful in Growtopia, you need to learn to have some healthy skepticism when it comes to other people. You have NO IDEA who the person controlling that other avatar is, so you have to be a critical thinker. If they say something that sounds too good to be true or they promise to give you something in the future if you give them something now... THEY ARE LYING TO YOU! Knowing that other people are most likely liars and scammers doesn't have to ruin the fun, though! There are TONS of great people to get to know. You can still be friendly and play together. You just have to be careful HOW you play.

    Some tips to keep your stuff secure:

    * NEVER tell anyone (even your best friend or the developers of Growtopia) your password for any reason.
    * Always erase your password after you log off if you share a device with anyone or if there's a chance someone else might pick up your device.
    * Never give out the name/password to anyone or website claiming to get you "free gems"'s a LIE! (Except for TapJoy, found in the in-game store... that is real.)

    * Don't store your stuff in someone else's world! It's SUPER easy to make your OWN world and lock it with a small lock. (See the world ONESMALLLOCK for an example.) If you put your valuables where someone else can access them or kick you... they will soon be someone else's valuables.
    * Always make all brown door IDs very complicated... if they are too easy people can use them to sneak in and steal your stuff when you're gone.
    * Always verify that your locks are securing the areas you think they are. Look carefully for the dotted lines!
    * Never give people access to your locks...this allows them to enter your world and take your stuff when you're gone.

    * Never pay someone for "entrance" or to "buy a world"...they usually plan to world ban you and steal your stuff
    * NEVER play "Drop to win" type games... they plan to world ban you and steal your stuff
    * Many quizzes, parkours, and other games are scams... if they ask you to give them items, they're scamming you.
    * Don't let people "borrow" your items. At least not if you actually want them back.
    * Don't break blocks or do other work for someone unless you want to. They are probably not REALLY going to pay you.
    * "Giveaways" are usually a scam to get you to stand in their world for a long time to raise it's popularity. If you don't want to do that... just leave.

    * Never "drop trade"...we can't track dropped items... WE CAN track and fix cheating in the trade system
    * Always look carefully at your system trade items before clicking accept... people will switch items at the end. If you have to click accept again, they changed something!!

    * Make sure you have room in your inventory before you break a tree or smash a lock.
    * Even if you are all alone in a world, don't drop items unless you are someone safe. You never know who's going to pop through that white door!

    In general, you have to use your brain. You don't need a moderator to keep you safe. (And they will most likely ignore you if you msg them about a scam because they can't help you!) You have all the tools you need at your disposal (locks, passwords, your own common sense), all you have to do is USE THEM! Just say "no" and leave the area if you feel you are about to be scammed!

    It is YOUR responsibility to keep your items secure from other players. Stolen items WILL NOT be returned.

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    Question FAQ: What if I get caught in someone else's ban??

    This is something that used to happen a lot. It almost never happens anymore because we have made some adjustments to how we apply punishments.

    That being said, if you share your device with someone who breaks rules, there's a good chance that your account will get punished, too. If that happens, you'll be stuck waiting out the punishment just like the offender, so you might want to have a friendly chat with your friend/cousin/sibling/child and let them know that you expect them to be a good Growtopian Community Member, just like you.

    - - -

    But WHY won't you unban my account if it was my cousin/friend/child/sibling who broke the rule?? THAT'S NOT FAIR!

    Calm down, dearie. Don't get your undies in a bundle. We can't unban you because everyone who has ever been punished has accused someone else of being the bad guy. We would love to believe you, but we just can't take the chance. So if you don't want to be in trouble... don't break the rules, and don't share a device with someone who does.

    - - -

    FYI: If you get punished on one account, you are NOT allowed to come back into the game on a different account. If we find out that you are "evading" a punishment, your punishment will be increased. Take some personal responsibility and accept your punishment with maturity.

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    Question FAQ: Why aren't you replying to my emails? Do you hate me??

    Before you yell at the support desk for not replying to your emails, please be sure to check your spam filter. They often have interactions that go along these lines:

    Customer: I have a problem. It's this and this. Please help.
    Support Desk: Here's the answer.
    Customer: I have a problem. You never answered. Please help.
    Support Desk: We did answer. Check your spam filter. Here's the answer again.
    Support Desk: *sigh*
    (end scene)

    They respond to 99.9% of the emails we get (if you simply type "hi" or a string of profanity or nothing at all, they don't bother to reply) within 24 hours.
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    Question FAQ: I'm going to hurt myself if I don't get what I want.

    The support desk staff have had several very immature people using "I'm going to kill myself" as a way to try to get something. I thought it might be a good idea to let you all know exactly what support staff has been told to do if someone says that phrase in an email to them:

    Customer: I want that very expensive item that I haven't earned and if I don't get it right now I'm going to kill myself.
    Support Desk: If you truly feel as though you need to hurt yourself you need to talk to a trusted adult in real life. If you don't have a trusted adult in your real life, here is a website that provides information about suicide hotline around the world: Now, because of the seriousness of this kind of threat, I am no longer allowed to respond to any emails that you send. Best of luck...
    Customer: I was just kidding...
    Support Desk:
    Customer: I need information about how to change my password.
    Support Desk:
    (end scene)

    Suicide is a very real problem and we do not want ANYONE to hurt themselves, which is why we offer the suicide hotline link. If someone is really in danger of self-harm, we want to provide whatever information we can to prevent it from happening. However, our support desk staff are not trained to deal with things like suicide threats and once a suicide threat has been made they will no longer respond to ANYTHING that person sends. So please... think twice before using something as serious as the threat of self-harm just to get your way in a game.

    One last thing about this:
    It is important that you take a break from playing any video game. Getting so upset over anything that happens in a game is a good sign that you're spending too much time playing it. Make sure you are balancing online life with real life. Go play outside. Get some fresh air. Talk to someone face to face. Go for a jog. Pet your cat. Hug your grandma. Read a book. Games are fun, but Growtopia will be here when you get back. You will never have a chance to redo the real life moments you are missing right now!

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    Question FAQ: How do I report a glitch?

    Just like in any game, there is the occasional glitch in Growtopia.

    If you think you have discovered a new glitch, you are encouraged to report it so we can check it out. Most likely, we already know about it and have already taken steps to deal with it, but we have had players report things we didn't know about.

    The best way to report a suspected glitch:

    1) Take some screenshots showing what's happening.
    2) Send a ticket to support desk.
    3) Go on with your life.

    There are some minor, harmless glitches that have been reported but are so low on the priority list that they haven't been tracked down and fixed. There are some glitches that have been repaired but left behind seeds or other evidence. These aren't things to worry about. Any glitch that has a chance of causing trouble is IMMEDIATELY dealt with.
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    Question FAQ: How do I report another player for ________?

    So it turns out that one of the favorite aspects of Growtopia is to tattle on other players for various real and imagined infractions. Here are some of the most common things people try to "tattle" about and our general reactions.

    * Scamming *
    We can't fix most scams, which is why we've given you all kinds of tools to help prevent them: locks, passwords, bigger locks, backpacks, even BIGGER locks, and most importantly, FREE WILL. You can avoid most scams simply by refusing to fall for someone else's tricks and lies. There's more information about scams here.

    You can report a scam to the support desk, but most likely they will tell you "Sorry, but we can't fix scams" and send you the information I just linked to.

    * Hacking an Account *
    There is information about password hacking HERE and lock picking (not a real thing!) HERE.

    If you think you've been hacked, you can report it to the support desk, but they will probably point you to the links above and tell you to change your password. We do NOT return stolen items. We try to check the logs and ban people who have hacked others, but with almost a million accounts we don't really have the time to investigate every instance of hacking. Keep your password secure and you won't have to worry about it.

    * Swearing *
    I have explained about swearing here. Can't be bothered to click and read? Here's the summary: We don't like swearing but it's not against the rules. Turn on your swear filter and use the /ignore command. We may choose to tape/curse you if you evade the swear filter or use excessive profanity, however. So be civil.

    * Bullying *
    We have a very low tolerance for bullying, which we define as excessive and/or repeated abuse of another player. This obviously leaves lots of room for interpretation and we have given our moderators permission to take action if they feel someone is bullying another player. Bullying can include racist or sexist remarks, excessive or filter evading swear words, threats, sexual content, or anything else that is said simply to hurt or scare another player. Depending on the severity of the bullying, you can be taped, cursed, or banned from the game for varying lengths of time.

    If someone is being rude to you, here's what you do:

    1) Do NOT respond to them in any way. Use /ignore and go to a different world. This is not only the best way to stop the bullying, it's also the best revenge. Bullies HATE to be ignored.

    2) If the bullying continues, take a screenshot and email it to the support desk. Include the names of the players involved and tell us where and when it happened. You will be told to use /ignore and go to a different world. They will investigate and if they find evidence that there is bullying happening (excessive and/or repeated abuse), they will take action. They will NOT tell you what action, if any, they have taken.

    3) Go on with your life. Make friends with some of the hundreds of thousands of incredibly kind people who are playing Growtopia. Forget about the couple of jerks. They're not worth the time and energy it takes to be keep worrying about or hating them.

    * Something in Real Life *
    If you are being bullied or harassed in real life... don't report it to the support desk! This isn't because we don't care. It's because we DO care and we want you to be safe. We can't control what people to, especially not in real life, and it's important for you to have a real person you can go to if you need help. This is probably a parent, but it can also be a teacher, a coach, or even a police officer. REAL LIFE PROBLEMS REQUIRE REAL LIFE ADULTS.

    * World Banning *
    World locks allow you to ban other players from your world. Just use the wrench tool on a players name and click on "world ban". This is a handy tool when someone is misbehaving in your world.

    You can be world banned by another player for ANY reason. They can world ban you for swearing or punching or wearing the wrong color hair. That's their right as the owner of the world. If you don't like their rules... go play in a different world. As of this moment, there are over 12 MILLION worlds. Go find one that doesn't have a problem with your hair color. Better yet, make your OWN world, world lock it, and ban whomever you want yourself!

    Do NOT report world banning to the support desk. We don't care. Sorry.

    * Impersonating Another Player *
    There are lots of names that look similar to other names. Someone might use an "l" in place of an "I" or use a similar non-GrowID name so that they get to have "Froglips_822" when someone else is just "Froglips". This might be because someone else had the same awesome name idea as you. It might be because they actually have the same name as you. "M1chael" isn't necessarily trying to upset "Michael". There are LOTS of Michaels out there in the world. It's NOT a big deal.

    There are some name imitators who are trying to confuse people for their own benefit however. This is not something we can fix. If someone is imitating you, just make sure your friends know to be very careful about who they are talking to and trading with. You don't have to worry about someone with a similar name getting you into trouble. We have other ways of making sure we are punishing the right person. (Which means all those people who post in the forum about how they were punished because of something someone else did... yeah, they're not being 100% honest with you, folks! I know. I'm shocked, too!)

    Do NOT email the support desk about someone imitating your name. We can't do anything about it. You don't own the name or the variations on the name. Sorry.

    NOTE: We do make an exception for moderator names. If someone is clearly imitating a mod to try to scam people we will forcibly rename them. Most people do not love the names we pick for them. Once you've been forcibly renamed, you don't get to pick your own name ever again. So don't imitate mod, mkay?

    * Using the Forum Incorrectly *
    Seriously. We get this all the time. Honestly, we're a little jealous that there are people out there whose lives are so relaxed and boring that they have nothing better to do than get up in other people's faces about putting a forum post in the wrong thread. We kind of think that if you have that much free time on your hands, you might want to consider volunteering with the elderly. Or taking your dog for a walk. Or reading a book. I hear the Harry Potter series is pretty good.

    We don't like a bunch of forum clutter any more than you do, and we have mods who keep an eye on things. But most of what is cluttering up the place is hundreds of post saying "This is in the wrong thread" or "Your grammar needs work" or "Someone already asked this".

    Every time you post something like that, a Forum Fairy loses its wings! SAVE THE FORUM FAIRIES! If you don't have something useful to say... don't say anything at all. Skip the pseudo-modding and start an actual conversation about something interesting.

    In case it's not already clear... Do NOT report forum stuff to the support desk. If you see a thread that has profanity or sexual content which hasn't already been dealt with, you CAN send a forum PM to Seth or Hamumu or any other mod.

    * Reporting Me *
    We do NOT punish people based on player reports. We ONLY punish people if we find evidence of rule breaking in our own logs. So if you haven't done anything wrong, you don't need to worry about someone reporting you. We'll check the logs, see that you did nothing wrong and ignore the report. If it makes you feel better, we also investigate the reporter and if we see that THEY did something wrong, we punish THEM. They hate that.

    You do NOT need to report someone for reporting you. Then they report you for reporting them for reporting you. Then you report them for reporting you for reporting them for reporting you... It's an Inception-like rabbit hole of madness and we want no part of it.
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    Default FAQ: What's with all the "gangs"?

    I don't know. When you let people have the freedom to do and say what they want, you get all kinds of interesting results. This is one of them. So far, we haven't seen anyone breaking any rules, so it's all good. It doesn't change anything about keeping your stuff safe. A couple of reminders:

    * ANYONE with access can take your stuff!! So don't give your "gang members" access unless you're ready to donate your most valuable items to them.

    * We have a very low tolerance for bullying, so keep your trash talk and gang rivalries on the friendly side.

    It's just like everything else that's come up in the game: if you don't want to be a part of it, all you have to do is go to a different world.

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    Question FAQ: Will you break a lock so I can have <WORLD NAME HERE>?

    If it's locked, that means that someone else got to it first. It wouldn't be fair of us to remove someone's lock just because you think you could do something better with their world. You'll have to find a world that isn't already owned. Lock up a world and then we'll refuse to break your lock when someone else thinks they can do something better than you.

    Follow up FAQ: But what if that person hasn't been active since <DATE HERE>?

    Still no. That person you think is inactive was probably playing today. Just because you don't see someone online doesn't make them inactive. It just means they play at different times than you. You'll have to find your own world.

    If an account has been inactive for 180 days, their locks will become breakable. This applies to small, big, and huge locks ONLY. It does NOT apply to world locks. It also does not apply to locks that have more than one person with access.

    In summary: If a lock is removable, YOU can break it yourself. If you can't break it, neither can we.
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    Question FAQ: My Dragon Hand just disappeared for no reason! Give it back!

    Short answer:
    No, it didn't.

    - - -

    Long answer:
    We have gotten at least a dozen of these reports this week. I don't know who decided that we were dumb enough to just hand over a dragon hand because someone said it disappeared, but we're not.

    When we get reports like this - reports that are trying to say that our game is glitching in a way that caused item loss - we do a thorough investigation. We look through the logs very carefully to find out exactly what happened. This is because if there is an actual glitch we want to take care of it right away.

    You know those dozen reports we've gotten this week? Guess how many were not a glitch at all, but actually someone dropping or trading or recycling their dragon hand?

    Really... guess... I'll wait...



    You are right! Every one of them turned out to be a lie. Because of this thorough investigation, we can easily see exactly where and when and to whom you dropped your dragon hand. There were no "glitches". Every time, the player who owned the dragon hand allowed it to get stolen or traded it away or recycled it and then - when they realized that they had made a mistake - they decided to report it as a flaw in the game.

    Which is a HUGE waste of our time. Time we could have spent making awesome things for everyone to play with. So from now on anyone who tells us the game "magically" deleted their <insert expensive item here>, will be warned that we will investigate, but any evidence showing that they are lying to us (and know exactly how they lost their item) will result in their account being punished for wasting our time - usually with a ban of some kind.

    Don't lie to the support desk. They hate that.

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    Question FAQ: Why was I banned/taped/cursed?

    Most of the time people know EXACTLY why they were punished and are just hoping that if they complain enough, we'll set them free. Unfortunately for rule breakers in Growtopia, I used to be a 5th grade teacher , so I am immune to whining, and I have trained the support staff to be immune as well. Whining is more likely to get your punishment doubled than removed!

    If you really don't know why you were punished, we are happy to look it up and tell you. Just create a support ticket asking why you were banned (be sure to include your in-game name). Here are some things to keep in mind when emailing:

    * BEFORE you email, you should re-read the /rules and the /news. Often that will help you understand what you did wrong so you can avoid if for the future. We do not accept "I didn't know that was a rule" as an excuse.

    * Do not bother asking about a punishment that was applied to someone else's account. It would be inappropriate for us to discuss another player with you, and we won't do it.

    * If you challenge a punishment, we can and will search the logs for proof. There are some times when the log search has shown that a punishment was due to a misunderstanding. In that case, we will remove the punishment. HOWEVER, most of the time our mods were exactly right. If you ask us search the logs and we find proof that they were right, we WILL double your punishment.

    * Just because something isn't specifically listed in the /rules as "not allowed" doesn't mean that it's OK to do it. If you are acting in a way that we think is detrimental to our community, we WILL remove you from the game. Be nice, and you have nothing to worry about.
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    Question FAQ: I tried to report a drop game and got cursed/banned!! NOT FAIR!

    We don't WANT you to be a drop game reporter. We WANT you to stay away from drop games. Completely. Don't go near them for ANY reason and if you find one GET AWAY FAST! Here are some reasons you might get punished of you are reporting a drop game:

    You are welcome to tell a /mod about a drop game once time. They are very busy and might not be able to get to it right away or even respond to you. If you insist on sending messages over and over they may decide to tape you because you are being more disruptive than helpful.

    If you are in a box or standing around watching when the mod gets there to deal with a drop game, you will probably end up cursed for 60 minutes. The ONLY reason drop games still exist is because people keep going to them. We do NOT want you there and we will give you a time out if you insist on being a part of the drop game culture.

    Any form of broadcasting is advertising for the drop game host. DO NOT BROADCAST ABOUT DROP GAMES. You WILL be banned just like the host.

    There is no point in emailing to complain about these punishments. We have posted warnings all over the game and if you are STILL doing these things, you clearly aren't reading the rules. You will NOT be unbanned until your punishment expires.

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