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Thread: Cloner Worlds / Pixel Worlds / GT Clones mega thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evets1 View Post
    Gotta admit, that gave me a laugh.

    I adore this game almost much as I adore GT. Nothing can compare to Growtopia but this game isn't bad at all.
    some may beg to differ, evets.

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    It's honestly not a bad game, sure it is based off the concept of growtopia. But that doesn't mean that it's a carbon copy of it, sure some aspects of the game are similar for example: splicing in growtopia vs CrossBreeding in Pixel Worlds. Also the developers aren't doing anything wrong to get a lawsuit against them. They haven't exactly copied anything, they've only took the idea and changed it to were its legal. I really like the style of Pixel Worlds more than growtopia, and how my character looks on pw I see is better than growtopia.

    This isn't hurting growtopia, it's just others wanting to branch off the ideas and concepts of growtopia to help this type of genre grow and become a more outstanding style of gaming. It'll help gt.
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