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Thread: Free vend spot world(details inside)

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    Default Free vend spot world(details inside)

    So I made a world and its basically the vend slot thing, but you don't pay for the slot like the other worlds. You pay for the vends in the slot and the display blocks.
    This is how it would go
    If you buy a 1 vend slot- 5 wls
    2 vends per slot- 10 wls and so on
    Display blocks- 2/wl.
    Would you be interested in this? Basically it would be a free service, with sbs here and there. No profit.


    Warning- Since it's basically free(you can sell vends at any time, don't spam admin or owner to sb)
    You're limited up to 10 vending machines in the world and 2 slots.

    I'm making a poll also, if a lot of people are interested in this then I will buy the vending machines and then start giving slots out.
    I will start in 20 days around if we have enough people who what to do this.

    NOTE- Reservations have closed

    Spots are for sale starting December 23rd.
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