HUGE NEWS, YO! Ubisoft is acquiring Growtopia

Ok, here's the deal. We've known for a while that Growtopia needed more developers, more mods, more marketing, more merch, more everything.

The two of us alone just can't take Growtopia to the incredible heights that we believe it's capable and we weren't cut out to be bosses, we just want to work on our games.
We finally found a company that not only "gets" Growtopia, but is allowing us to continue to be part of the game for years to come while at the same time stay at our own companies and be indies. This is amazing, best of both worlds for us.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME, A PLAYER? No big changes. The only thing you should notice is improved modding, quicker customer support, and eventually, even better updates. Seth will still show up to spawn lava everywhere and troll people as he does, Hamumu will still be cranking out weird items and updates.

DOES THIS MEAN YOU GUYS SOLD OUT AND ARE LEAVING?! Well, we certainly sold something, but not out. We aren't planning on leaving any time soon. We will continue to do Growtopia updates ourselves as we help their developers understand the code base so they can pitch in too.

The idea is that eventually some time down the road they will be able to take over the programming duties and we can move to a more advisory and design position. Ain't nobody leaving.

DOES THIS MEAN THE GAME WILL BE RUINED WITH PAY2WIN OR ADS OR WHATEVER ELSE? What? Why would you even ask that?! Geez. One of the reasons that we've partnered with Ubisoft (besides the awe inspiring development, marketing, and legal muscle) is that they share the same long term vision for this special game and its community as we do.

We all want to see Growtopia reach its full potential. So let's do it together.

- Seth and Ham