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    You might be thinking, what's Worldsploiters? It's a group of 3 NPCs who come to your world and start placing a random set of items, like Dr.Destructo. You also obtain items from killing all 3 NPCs. The difficulty of them will depend on the amount of players in the world. 1-15 = Easy, pretty easy to kill.
    16-40 = Medium, they aren't as easy to kill.
    41-75 = Hard, not as easy as the others.
    76-100 = Impoppable. (got that from BTD lol) Extremely difficult and the chances of getting them all is extremely difficult.
    However, if the server lowers the amount of players in a world (Ex: 65-80) then the event will either not occur, or the difficulties will be nerfed because the lesser amount to kill.
    The NPCs will stay in an area where non-admins/non-owners have access to. If there's a house entranced world where everybody is trapped; the chances of the event occurring is very slim. That would make it unfair. Once the NPCs are destroyed, every player in the world will be gifted an item, on their contribution to killing the villains.

    Kranklitz is a mutant from Nargol, who was shot and experimented by the hospital. The chances of him surviving were so slim, that they had to use an emergency potion. He was given superpowers, and decided to form a club of evil, to form justice for every harm that people did to him.

    Lyra was abandoned by her family and decided to turn over a new leaf. She was a nice caring woman until she realized what she could do with being a villain, since she was a unique human, she used her superpowers to torture others.

    Grumpjaw was never a human, however, he was a common pet that most people had. After one kind of Grumpjaw made a mistake and ate a human; people discovered the dangers of owning a Grumpjaw. All Grumpjaws became evil. Every grumpjaw was killed, but one remained. He stays safe with his other two evil club members, Kranklitz and Lyra. (just to let you know, he was a unique pet, he could communicate with humans.)

    I can see this idea taking a while to be implented because it takes smart bots, but hopefully it gets added. They also drop public lava, like Dr. Destructo.
    This can be an event, or a pack that can be purchased and used at anytime. Any suggestions, or if this is a good idea or not?
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