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Thread: #Down with Codblackops2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitcho123 View Post
    Come guys!
    Join me to help save people from the Scammer Codblackops2
    I got him banned for two years!!!
    But he made a new one called Codblackops5
    What I need you to do is Bcast
    #Down with Codblackops2 & 5
    Now now, let's not create any drama.
    Smash that flag counter in the face

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wokko View Post
    Please tell that to MITCHO.
    Ummm... no reason to post that there Wokko. So here's how I see this thread for now..:



    This is what I'm getting from this thread. So may we please stop posting on here?
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