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    My friend had trouble posting this on the forums, so here is the message he wanted to post:

    Hey guys, after the four years I've been playing this game, I've decided to go for my very first WOTD. First of all, thanks to my admins and friends for helping because this wouldn't of been possible without them. I started working on this world in early 2016 during valentines, but I kept on quitting everytime I worked on it. Finally after my 6th attempt, I said enough is enough and brought the project back up in March, getting a 5- admin team to help me finish the job in two weeks. I think I've put enough dedication and spending many hours gathering resources and thinking of design.
    I feel I deserve wotd since it has been my main focus ever since I started playing this very game in early April of 2013.
    I dedicated this world to @MysteriousCultist back in 2014 when I saw him at OneEye's wotd, HALLOWEENFRIGHTS, and decided to give it a little backstory on how he came to be!
    Storyline: You startout in Growganotown where a guide tells you about a man who wanted to be reunited with his ancient cultist ancestors, so he performed exorcists, capturing the demons to give him the power and ultimate resemblance of a cultist. He did get these powers and used them for good things, making his own purple scholor robes to show his dedication. However, everything went wrong and the demons overpowered his soul and took over his body and began to wreck havoc on innocent people. You read a story of a homeless man named Richard who becomes a victim of the Mysterious Cultist who only comes out at night. After hearing of this wretched creature, you decide to end it yourself, researching it's only weakness, eggshells. You ask the government for funding but they decide it's not so much big of a deal until you take it on your hands yourself with a destructive eggfight that ends with only one victor. Are you up to the challenge to destroy this mythical creature?
    World name: MYSTERIOUSONE
    - Punch and Zombie Jammer, so you don't have to get annoyed by all of those pesky trollers
    - a HUGE pixel art of a jack o' lanturn, personally my favorite block :3
    - a spooky storyline/backstory of the one and only Mysterious Cultist
    - a thrilling parkour, sure to give you the creeps
    - a grand adventure with adventure items scattered throughout the world
    - a Sungate room, where you need a team of 1-7 players to power all magestic 7 obelisks
    - more parkour! (not hard don't worry)
    - a maze, whom one must find a banana and return back to the adventure gate
    - my six awesome admins (Lewius not shown)
    - a great experience for new coming WOTD Winners
    - a victor's room where you can celebrate on achieveing the victory/defeat against the Mysterious Cultist

    Thank you for the recommendation, it has been an HONOR to serve my peeps
    - VTAR
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    Wooooooo! Good Luck dude!
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