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Thread: Making YouTube videos

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    Default Making YouTube videos

    Hi, I'm making a YouTube videos of cool/nice worlds.
    I can make it to anyone for free, but
    • you'r world has to look nice
    • you have to be a nice person
    • and there should be something to record

    And that's all.
    Comment you'r world name below and tell me what is there.
    Maby I'l make a video of you'r world ,too.

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    Default Here try this one.

    MTGROW I have worked on it for a few months now an it's old news but yea check it out its about a mountain that will erupt if scamming doesn't stop and soon it will explode and destroy GT so if ya want check it out also there's a bunch of other stuff try it out if ya want like I said.
    Check out my worlds STARTX2 and MTGROW!

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    Try the daily wotd's.
    They are always interesting.
    Mostly parkour

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