My country Finland is today 100 years old. This day is day is one of the most important days in Finlands history. Growtopia is also full of Finnish players, and our world SUOMI is the most popular world in Growtopia which isn’t a place to buy things (example TRADE etc.) SUOMI is currently 14. Most popular world of all time, beating TURK and INDONESIA. Keep in mind Finland has 5,5 Million citizens and Indonesia 261 million (2016.) What is Growtopia doing during one of the most important day to us?

Balloon wars. Yep balloon wars. We can celebrate by throwing balloons at each other. Finnish people are divided to different teams, just like our civil war!

I would have been happy with a small mention. We didn’t even get that. We got nothing.
I can’t even show my nationality of a country i love because in front of my name is now a sign of team Grow.

Well. At least i can go to SUOMI to celebrate this day with others right? No. Today the limit of worlds is 70 people, while hundreds try to get in.

If someone has made a world of this day, please just give it a WOTD. Our world SUOMI deserves it too.

Thank you