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    Default HUNTERWAYS for WOTD ?

    My proposition is HUNTERWAYS. World is with a story about a Hunter, he was on a hunting with his friends and fainted then woke up in a Jungle with headache. Around he was hearing wild animals and one man, Keeny his mentor on the way which won't be easy. To get out of this he must go into the Jungle with just one ball in his gun.
    Everything is only because in his life huntings and friends were on the 1st place without family, wife and kids. After that he will know what should be the most important when you are father.

    And here is link to the render vvv
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    I love the world, how long did it take to build?
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    Quote Originally Posted by YellowPepper View Post
    I love the world, how long did it take to build?
    Ow, thanks ! I started it before Winter fest came and then upgrading and upgrading as I could. When I wanted to try, there were always few things that I did wrong so I had to fix them and now...I think I'm done xD So it took me over about 3months but could be done in 1. I had a lot time so I didn't have to do it so fast 😂



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